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#1 2017-12-29 21:56:13


rv sitemap - http and not https

I've just installed rv sitemap on two of my websites. Both are secure, my UK website forces https through an ht access file, my German website does not.

My sitemap runs fine on my UK site, however on my German site the results are all http and not https, despite me being logged into the administrator console as https.

I tried the force https plug in but that crashed the whole piwigo installation and I had to delete it through my ftp program.  Is there any way of getting rv sitemap to produce https results without forcing https on the whole site. ( I recently tried forcing https on the whole site and again it crashed the site. )

My Piwigo is the latest version,

all I know about Apache is they used to ride horses , hunt Buffalo and didn't like Custer very much  ;o)


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