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#1 2018-01-13 00:14:35


Add reference/info about sub-categories to description


I am thinking about a feature that I would really like to have:
In the description of a category, you can put a text and also an image is shown, but I would like to know which sub-categories are contained (maybe even with a small preview thumbnail or at least the name).

This would really help transparency because I have a huge category tree.

In the year 2017 I travelled to Belgium, Canada, and France and visited 4 places in each country. As I take a lot of photos, each place gets its own category. So my category tree looks like this:
2017 (3 sub-categories)
2017 > Belgium (4 sub-categories)
2017 > Belgium > Place 1
2017 > Belgium > Place 2
2017 > Belgium > Place 3
2017 > Belgium > Place 4
2017 > Canada (4 sub-categories)
2017 > France (4 sub-categories)

I imagine it like this:
So there would be little thumbnails below the description that show the sub-categories od that category, if there are any.
It would show only one level of sub-categories (so no sub-sub-categories)... and maybe even a limited number of categories. For example: If there are 9 sub-categories, it shows the first 5 thumbnails and the text "...and 4 more"

Maybe a workaround would be to manually put the links/pictures in the description but that would be a lot of work...

What do you think? Maybe there even is a plugin already for that?


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