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Facebook preview -- now you don't see it, now you do?

Greetings fellow Piwigans...

I'm running latest version, after being dormant for a few years (I confess, I was slightly enamoured of SmugMug for awhile). Anyway, I'm back and uploading on to my site like crazy.

When I finish an album, I want to share it to FB...but when I do, it doesn't show me the album image thumbnail preview, just the "link" preview box. In other words, "now you don't see it".

But here's the wonky part...if I delete the preview, and repaste the link into the status window, it reloads the link preview, and this time? It shows the preview image too. (Hence the "now you do" in the subjct line).

So as long as I'm willing to paste, delete, repaste, then sharing on FB works fine. Even the FB plugin allows me to do that. Same with images even. Nothing at first, but if I paste a second time, voila, there's the image.

I don't know if it is a Piwigo problem or a FB problem. I found this thread where he was having a similar problem back in the day, but it just started working again for him, no idea why.

Anyone have any thoughts




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