#1 2018-03-17 00:07:49


Arriving at Piwigo

Hello all.

I've been around most of the photo hosting sites, including Wordpress, Zenfolio etc. Trouble with places like Zenfolio is they just can't provide that level of customisation that Piwigo can. Wordpress, well OK until a plugin goes wrong. I'm interested in photography, pure and simple. Yes I've been a commercial photographer/film maker but now I'm seeing it as a vocation.

I'm published in many countries (most recently in Inspired Eye issues 55 and 22) but have never felt satisfied in terms of  a website (which surely/unfortunately is "where it is at" these days), until coming back to Piwigo. So I put our 4,000 family photos on, then I set about creating a minimalist site for my own work. Here it is.

Still plenty more photos to go on. Hail Piwigo!




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