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Piwigo install seems broken


I have upgraded one of my piwigo galleries to 2.9.4 (from 2.7) via the manual upgrade documentation, and everything seemed to be OK when performing the tests.

However I have now discovered that there are some areas that are not working:

* I can create new albums, but when trying to add photos via web-form, it just says: Your browser doesn't have HTML5 support. (Chrome 71, Firefox 63, Safari 12).
* My "users" admin entry also seems empty, but I can create a new user and login as him, but I'm not able to see any users in the webinterface. When querying the DB the user actually exists as expected.
* I can add a group, but I'm not able to add users to groups.

I have tried to perform all options under the maintenance menu, but nothing has helped.

I have another piwigo running on the same webhost (just another vhost on apache) which is working fine and without problems.

There are no errors in the errorlog on apache, and there are no errors in the webinterface, so I'm kinda lost to what the problem may be.

Hope somebody has any pointers.

Piwigo version: 2.9.4
PHP version: 7.2.13
MySQL version: 5.5.5-10.3.11-MariaDB
Piwigo URL:



#2 2019-01-08 01:05:51


Re: Piwigo install seems broken

Did you try searching the forum? The missing users and HTML5 message are common problems.



#3 2019-01-08 08:43:08


Re: Piwigo install seems broken

I did try and search, but didn't use the forum search button, but the site search, and it apparently did not find the relevant links...

I found which described the same problem, so I tried to perform a manual upgrade (again) but instead of following the documentation, I did this:

* downloaded 2.9.4 zip file
* extracted to piwigo_new in my webroot directory (where the current install is called piwigo)
* removed the following from the zip file: galleries, upload, local, _data
* moved these dirs from piwigo/ to piwigo_new/: galleries, upload, local, _data
* moved piwigo/ to piwigi.backup/
* moved piwigo_new to piwigo/
* ran a chown recursively in piwigo to change owner to my webserver (www).

Now I can upload pictures and I can see the users... Apparently there are some stale data in the plugins, themes or template-extension dirs that shouldn't be allowed when upgrading.



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