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Direct Access to Pictures - Not resolved Yet

This is an old question without an effective answer.
I wish to block the direct access to pictures by using the direct URL.

I have read the forum extensively and tried;

1. "$conf['original_url_protection'] = 'images';" in the localfiles editor. Then .htaccess files with "deny from all" in the galleries and upload folder
Effect: Doesn't work, still lets me access direct images when I am not logged on.
If I put the .htaccess file in /_data/i/ then it won't let me see any images at all. Even when I am logged on.

2. … 53#p155153 suggested I should place $conf['derivative_url_style'] = 2; and make a .htaccess deny from all file in /_data/i/. Doesn't work.

3. I have tried both together and again either no change or no images at all.

I am not skilled enough to do all the apache configuration that is suggested in some posts.

This is an excellent gallery software, but surely there is a solution to this thta simple folk like me can use? Other galleries do it, why not Piwigo?

Piwigo 2.9.5
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 5.6.40 (Show info) [2019-04-15 21:26:32]
MySQL: 10.2.23-MariaDB [2019-04-15 22:26:32]
Graphics Library: External ImageMagick 6.7.2-7



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