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Please help me get som things in order on my site - 1M hits/year


I have run this site since 2003 and there are a couple of things I never got working and have asked here a couple of times over the years I have used Piwigo but still with no solution.

1. Some kind of integrated blog/text area to the right where I can place some small news items
2. Advice on image placement and organisation. Today it is VERY simple, but not very eye catching on first site

3. Other general advice on loading time, security, server configuration.

I can do a lot of things, but so far I have refused to add custom code to Piwigo's core due to security and compatibility with future upgrades. The site is expanding, slowly but securely, and with new stuff coming out the interest is growing.

Piwigo version: 2.9.5
PHP version: 7.1
MySQL version:
Piwigo URL:


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