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Personal “Cloud”: Virtual FreeNAS & Piwigo realistic/possible?

Hello all, newcomer here,

From looking at a couple posts, I think my idea was unrealistic, but perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions...maybe some code or plugins might help?

I’ve taken several hundred thousand pictures, and am wanting to use VMware ESXi to create a FreeNAS host, and use a Piwigo install (...or maybe there’s something more appropriate?) to use the many, many images (including raw) as a datastore.

The idea was/is to let the backup/internal website, serve as a place where I can rate and categorize my images. 

The catch: I was hoping to separate the database onto something fast (500gb NVMe), and the images would reside on two mirrored 8 tb hard drives....the FreeNAS System would receive 16gb of 2400ghz ECC RAM, and the host running Piwigo (ubuntu server?), would be living with 8gb of same RAM.

I’m working with an Intel Xeon E3-1225v5 3.3G, 8M cache.

Assuming that the above is unlikely to work out, as Piwigo wants to ingest/process/store the images itself....could I maybe accomplish this in reverse? 

Could I have Piwigo somehow take advantage of an NVMe or two for the database, and the FreeNAS drives as its storage? 

As long as the images are accessible, and on a ZFS mirrored system....I think I’m good.

Thanks in advance for reading, and providing feedback as appropriate.

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