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#1 2020-02-02 20:41:10


Running Piwigo in a HA-Cluster/Kubernetes


Currently I am running Piwigo on a standalone Server with 16GB RAM and 6 CPU with around 21k Images in full resolution.

When upload a new project (~300 Pictures) and generating the different image sizes, I quite often put my server under pressure.

As the server is nearing its end of life and I am thinking of migrating my IT-Projects (piwigo, mail, chatserver, ...) to a new home, I am thinking of setting up a kubernetes cluster with centralized storage.

And although I found some information about running a docker container with piwigo, I seem unable to find any kubernetes or other high availability/Cluster documentation.

Did anyone try setting up piwigo in kubernetes? How does the workload (especially when generating new image sizes in bulk) distribute?


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  •  » Running Piwigo in a HA-Cluster/Kubernetes

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