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Call for donations - €1 for Piwigo

The day before yesterday, the piwigo.org website was unreachable for 36 minutes.
Not because of a technical problem, an attack on the server or negligence on our part: no, it's a lot more stupid than that...

The problem is that the Paypal account of the Piwigo association was dry.

plus un sou

So, when our web hosting provider OVH wanted to debit the payment of its last bill, the payment was refused. And the site was taken offline. It's as simple as that.

And that's why we're asking for your help today.

Lets be clear : Piwigo is free and it always will be. But the association needs €2500 a year to finance its expenses (hosting of the site piwigo.org, licenses ...). Piwigo is used for free by millions of people and thousands of organizations. If only a very small part of you make a donation, even a small one, the expenses of the association will be financed.

plus un sou

We are counting on you!

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