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Piwigo NG 1.0.0 for Android

After almost a year of development, we are proud to release the first stable version of Piwigo NG on Android. It becomes the official mobile application on Android. Piwigo NG follows the iOS app, in terms of design and features.

Piwigo NG 1.0.0 includes:
  • Upload of photos and videos
  • Browse and manage albums
  • View and manage photos
piwigo NG 1.0.0

The iOS application is still ahead of course. The goal is to catch up to offer a similar experience on Android. So there are still a lot of features to implement, compatibility bugs to deal with because the Android ecosystem is very varied, and obviously a lot of operating bugs to fix... For the occasion, we have created a page on piwigo.org to learn more about the mobile applications.

Piwigo 12

Piwigo 12 has been released a few months ago and most of you have already updated their photo library. We now have nearly all plugins/themes compatible with this version and if you haven't done it yet, it's really time to appreciate new features!

piwigo 12

Piwigo 12 release notes

The latest version is now 12.2.0 which brings more stability after bugs were reported by the Piwigo community.

From the blog

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