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Piwigo turns 20!

Piwigo turns 20

Do you believe that? On April 15, Piwigo celebrated its 20th anniversary.

This is not getting any younger... Whether you're an old timer or a newbie, you can be proud to be part of the community!

And since you are part of the community, there is a birthday gift that would make us very happy. And it will only cost you one or two minutes of your time.

This gift is your testimonial. We would like to know why and how you use Piwigo. Especially if you use Piwigo in an organization (university, company, administration, charity...).

No need to be Shakespeare, it only takes a few lines to give us your opinion!

Some testimonials (if you agree), will be published on the testimonials page.

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Piwigo 13 available in beta: we need your feedback!

On March 30th, we announced the release of Piwigo 13 in beta version.

In this new version, you will discover improvements and redesigns for various features: history search engine, plugin installer, related album selecter, tag renaming, API explorer, album list and album editing.

We decided to try something new for this version 13: Pierrick presents you all the new features, including the ones that are still in development, in a video. We want to get a maximum of feedback from the community!

Piwigo 13 beta on video

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So take the time to watch this video, and above all, give us your opinion in comments!
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