Piwigo 2.8.0 Release Notes

Downloads Piwigo 2.8 or NetInstall
Released on March 8th, 2016
Focus Major feature enhancements
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After more than a year without major change and a move to Github, Piwigo comes back with version 2.8 and awesome new features. Authentication keys in notification emails will make life easier for your users. Multiple format feature extends the possibilities of use for companies and pro photographers. Compatibility with PHP 7 marks our commitment to the future. We hope you’ll love this new version!


User features

Technical features


Each notification email sent by Piwigo will contain its own automatic authentication key on links. Authentication keys are valid for 3 days. This duration can be changed with configuration setting $conf['auth_key_duration'] or deactivated. For security reason, authentication keys do not work for administrators.

Simply said, authentication keys mean your users won't have to remember their password anymore. They will access your private content directly and securely. Piwigo 2.8 makes life easier for you and your users!

When notifying an album by email, Piwigo 2.8 gives you the power to select users, not only groups.

Multiple format

Piwigo 2.8 supports multiple format. It means you can provide several versions of the very same photo. For example a RAW file, a TIFF, a CMYK profile and a zip. In Piwigo 2.8, multiple format is only available on synchronization. We will make web upload compatible in next versions of Piwigo.

On advanced search, the "search for words" can be applied on tags. If you search for "night moon", it may match tags {moon, moonlight, night, knight} and all photos associated with these tags will match your search.

On the quick search, the search field of the menubar, you can now search for a specific author with the "author:paul" syntax.

Orphan photos

When you delete an album, some photos may become orphan. Piwigo 2.8 will make them obvious and let you deal easily with them.

Vertical repeat watermarks

It is now possible to repeat the watermark on several lines. It's the "Y repeat" setting.

User edition

User details are no longer opening inside the users list, you get a simple form, focused on a single user. Piwigo 2.8 also fixes a few bugs like user list update once user is edited or check on invalid email address.

Dynamic favicon on upload

During web upload, the favicon gets animated and shows you the current state. This way you can browse the web on another tab and see how your upload is going on!

Technical features

Please note that more detailed documentation is available about Technical changes in Piwigo 2.8. Please read it to make your extensions compatible with Piwigo 2.8.

PHP 7 (details)

Piwigo 2.8 was modified (mainly Smarty update + class constructors) to be compatible with PHP 7. It does not mean you can use new features of PHP 7, because Piwigo 2.8 is still compatible with PHP 5.2. It only means that Piwigo 2.8 can be installed on a server running PHP 7 and benefit from the huge speed improvement. Our tests show Piwigo 2.8 is crazy fast with PHP 7!

Logger (details)

Piwigo 2.8 introduces an unified set of methods to log message from your PHP code (be it in the core or in plugins). It's as simple and clean as $logger->debug('message').

Process file on upload (details)

Piwigo 2.7 introduced the “any file type upload” feature. Piwigo 2.8 brings the “handle any file type” feature for developers. Very useful to create the pwg_representative of a RAW file (such a plugin to support RAW files should be released soon).

Chunk size on upload

The HTML5 upload form, introduced in Piwigo 2.7, splits your photos into chunks before flying over the internet to your Piwigo. By default the size of chunks is 500 kilobytes, which is perfect for the average internet connection. If you're lucky and have a high speed internet connection, increase $conf['upload_form_chunk_size'] to 5000 (ie 5 megabytes). Your photos will be transfered much faster!

IPTC keywords separator

New configuration setting $conf['metadata_keyword_separator_regex'] let you describe how your photo editing software separates keywords in IPTC.

Updated libraries

Smarty 3.1.29, jQuery 1.11.3.

Proxy support

If your server is behing a proxy, you can't use the very handy install/update features for plugins or themes. Now with Piwigo 2.8 you can configure a proxy with $conf['use_proxy'], $conf['proxy_server'] and $conf['proxy_auth'].

API improvements

  • pwg.images.setRank can set the rank of all album photos at once (less API requests)
  • pwg.categories.getList gets a new parameter thumbnail_size to let you decide which size you want to display in your remote application for the album thumbnail
  • pwg.categories.setInfo also gets a new parameter status so that you can turn an album public or private. This option, combined with existing pwg.permissions.*, let you manage permissions outside Piwigo administration screens.
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