Piwigo 2.8.2 Release Notes

Downloads Piwigo 2.8.2
Released on July 8th, 2016 (2016-07-08)
Focus bug fixes
md5sum 0772c52bf56bf9424cf67402b8fed6db

Note: the list of major changes is described on Piwigo 2.8.0 release notes. This page only describes what changes between release 2.8.0 and release 2.8.2.


5 languages have been updated: Breton (Brezhoneg), Danish (Dansk), French (Français), Bahasa Indonesia, Romanian (Română).

Bugs Fixed

  • 479: There is no suitable CSPRNG
  • 476: http redirect for forbidden guest access
  • 430: [Batch Manager] edit author/title may use the placeholder
  • 415: download link fails on non picture files
  • 270: [template] Missing password.tpl into smartpocket theme


Recommended method: follow the automatic upgrade procedure. If you're currently running Piwigo 2.2+, the Automatic Upgrade will tell you which plugin may be not compatible with Piwigo 2.8 before upgrade.

If you're running Piwigo 2.8.* you can also download the 2.8.x_to_2.8.2.zip archive that contains all new and modified files. Once you have extracted the files, transfer them onto your web server with a FTP client (like FileZilla) over your Piwigo 2.8.x installation. No database upgrade is required.

If you are running a version older than 2.8 and do not want to use the automatic upgrade, then follow the manual upgrade.

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