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2// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
3// | Piwigo - a PHP based picture gallery                                  |
4// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
5// | Copyright(C) 2008-2009 Piwigo Team         |
6// | Copyright(C) 2003-2008 PhpWebGallery Team |
7// | Copyright(C) 2002-2003 Pierrick LE GALL |
8// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
9// | This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  |
10// | it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  |
11// | the Free Software Foundation                                          |
12// |                                                                       |
13// | This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but   |
14// | WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of            |
16// | General Public License for more details.                              |
17// |                                                                       |
18// | You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License     |
19// | along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software           |
20// | Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, |
21// | USA.                                                                  |
22// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
24$lang['%d association'] = '%d association';
25$lang['%d associations'] = '%d associations';
26$lang['cat_inclu_part1_S'] = '%d category including ';
27$lang['cat_inclu_part1_P'] = '%d categories including ';
28$lang['cat_inclu_part2_S'] = '%d physical';
29$lang['cat_inclu_part2_P'] = '%d physical';
30$lang['cat_inclu_part3_S'] = ' and %d virtual';
31$lang['cat_inclu_part3_P'] = ' and %d virtual';
32$lang['%d category moved'] = '%d category moved';
33$lang['%d categories moved'] = '%d categories moved';
34$lang['%d group'] = '%d group';
35$lang['%d groups'] = '%d groups';
36$lang['%d member'] = '%d member';
37$lang['%d members'] = '%d members';
38$lang['%d tag'] = '%d tag';
39$lang['%d tags'] = '%d tags';
40$lang['%d user comment rejected'] = '%d user comment rejected';
41$lang['%d user comments rejected'] = '%d user comments rejected';
42$lang['%d user comment validated'] = '%d user comment validated';
43$lang['%d user comments validated'] = '%d user comments validated';
44$lang['%d user deleted'] = '%d user deleted';
45$lang['%d users deleted'] = '%d users deleted';
46$lang['%d user'] = '%d user';
47$lang['%d users'] = '%d users';
48$lang['%d waiting for validation'] = '%d waiting for validation';
49$lang['%d waiting pictures rejected'] = '%d waiting pictures rejected';
50$lang['%d waiting pictures validated'] = '%d waiting pictures validated';
51$lang['Actions'] = 'Actions';
52$lang['Activate'] = 'Activate';
53$lang['Add/delete a permalink'] = 'Add/delete a permalink';
54$lang['Add a tag'] = 'Add a tag';
55$lang['Add a user'] = 'Add a user';
56$lang['Add group'] = 'Add group';
57$lang['Add selected elements to caddie'] = 'Add selected elements to caddie';
58$lang['Add'] = 'Add';
59$lang['Allow user registration'] = 'Allow user registration';
60$lang['Apply to subcategories'] = 'Apply to subcategories';
61$lang['Are you sure?'] = 'Are you sure?';
62$lang['Associated'] = 'Associated';
63$lang['Association to categories'] = 'Association to categories';
64$lang['Batch management'] = 'Batch management';
65$lang['Caddie management'] = 'Caddie management';
66$lang['Caddie'] = 'Caddie';
67$lang['Categories authorized thanks to group associations'] = 'Categories authorized thanks to group associations';
68$lang['Categories manual order was saved'] = 'Categories manual order was saved';
69$lang['Categories ordered alphanumerically'] = 'Categories ordered alphanumerically';
70$lang['Category elements associated to the following categories: %s'] = 'Category elements associated to the following categories: %s';
71$lang['Check for upgrade failed for unknown reasons.'] = 'Check for upgrade failed for unknown reasons.';
72$lang['Check for upgrade'] = 'Check for upgrade';
73$lang['Comments for all'] = 'Comments for all';
74$lang['Controversy'] = 'Controversy';
75$lang['Current name'] = 'Current name';
76$lang['Database'] = 'Database';
77$lang['Deactivate'] = 'Deactivate';
78$lang['Delete Representant'] = 'Delete Representant';
79$lang['Delete selected tags'] = 'Delete selected tags';
80$lang['Delete selected users'] = 'Delete selected users';
81$lang['Deletions'] = 'Deletions';
82$lang['Deny selected groups'] = 'Deny selected groups';
83$lang['Deny selected users'] = 'Deny selected users';
84$lang['Description'] = 'Description';
85$lang['Display options'] = 'Display options';
86$lang['Dissociated'] = 'Dissociated';
87$lang['Does not represent'] = 'Does not represent';
88$lang['Edit all picture informations'] = 'Edit all picture informations';
89$lang['Edit selected tags'] = 'Edit selected tags';
90$lang['Edit tags'] = 'Edit tags';
91$lang['Elements'] = 'Elements';
92$lang['Email administrators when a new user registers'] = 'Email admins when a new user registers';
93$lang['Email administrators when a valid comment is entered'] = 'Email admins when a valid comment is entered';
94$lang['Email administrators when a comment requires validation'] = 'Email admins when a comment requires validation';
95$lang['Email administrators when a picture is uploaded'] = 'Email admins when a picture is uploaded';
96$lang['Empty caddie'] = 'Empty caddie';
97$lang['Environment'] = 'Environment';
98$lang['Form'] = 'Form';
99$lang['Gallery URL'] = 'Gallery URL';
100$lang['Gallery description'] = 'Gallery description';
101$lang['Gallery title'] = 'Gallery title';
102$lang['Grant selected groups'] = 'Grant selected groups';
103$lang['Grant selected users'] = 'Grant selected users';
104$lang['Group name'] = 'Group name';
105$lang['Groups'] = 'Groups';
106$lang['Guests'] = 'Guests';
107$lang['History'] = 'History';
108$lang['Informations'] = 'Informations';
109$lang['Install'] = 'Install';
110$lang['Link all category elements to a new category'] = 'Link all category elements to a new category';
111$lang['Link all category elements to some existing categories'] = 'Link all category elements to some existing categories';
112$lang['Linked categories'] = 'Linked categories';
113$lang['Lock gallery'] = 'Lock gallery';
114$lang['Maintenance'] = 'Maintenance';
115$lang['Manage permissions for a category'] = 'Manage permissions for a category';
116$lang['Manage permissions for group "%s"'] = 'Manage permissions for group "%s"';
117$lang['Manage permissions for user "%s"'] = 'Manage permissions for user "%s"';
118$lang['Manage tags'] = 'Manage tags';
119$lang['Members'] = 'Members';
120$lang['Metadata synchronized from file'] = 'Metadata synchronized from file';
121$lang['Move categories'] = 'Move categories';
122$lang['Move'] = 'Move';
123$lang['Name'] = 'Name';
124$lang['New name'] = 'New name';
125$lang['New parent category'] = 'New parent category';
126$lang['New tag'] = 'New tag';
127$lang['No tag defined. Use Administration>Pictures>Tags'] = 'No tag defined. Use Administration>Pictures>Tags';
128$lang['Number of comments per page'] = 'Number of comments per page';
129$lang['Number of rates'] = 'Number of rates';
130$lang['Number of thumbnails to create'] = 'Number of thumbnails to create';
131$lang['Only private categories are listed'] = 'Only private categories are listed';
132$lang['Operating system'] = 'Operating system';
133$lang['Options'] = 'Options';
134$lang['Order alphanumerically'] = 'Order alphanumerically';
135$lang['Other private categories'] = 'Other private categories';
136$lang['Page banner'] = 'Page banner';
137$lang['Parent category'] = 'Parent category';
138$lang['Path'] = 'Path';
139$lang['Permalink'] = 'Permalink';
140$lang['Permalink_%s_histo_used_by_%s'] = 'Permalink %s has been previously used by category %s. Delete from the permalink history first';
141$lang['Permalink_name_rule'] = 'The permalink name must be composed of a-z, A-Z, 0-9, "-", "_" or "/". It must not be numeric or start with number followed by "-"';
142$lang['Permalink %s is already used by category %s'] = 'Permalink %s is already used by category %s';
143$lang['Permalink history'] = 'Permalink history';
144$lang['Permalinks'] = 'Permalinks';
145$lang['Permission denied'] = 'Permission denied';
146$lang['Permission granted thanks to a group'] = 'Permission granted thanks to a group';
147$lang['Permission granted'] = 'Permission granted';
148$lang['Picture informations updated'] = 'Picture informations updated';
149$lang['Plugins'] = 'Plugins';
150$lang['Position'] = 'Position';
151$lang['Preferences'] = 'Preferences';
152$lang['Properties'] = 'Properties';
153$lang['Random picture'] = 'Random picture';
154$lang['Rate date'] = 'Rate date';
155$lang['Rating by guests'] = 'Rating by guests';
156$lang['Rating'] = 'Rating';
157$lang['Reject All'] = 'Reject All';
158$lang['Reject'] = 'Reject';
159$lang['Representant'] = 'Representant';
160$lang['Representation of categories'] = 'Representation of categories';
161$lang['Representative'] = 'Representative';
162$lang['Represents'] = 'Represents';
163$lang['Save order'] = 'Save order';
164$lang['Save to permalink history'] = 'Save to permalink history';
165$lang['Select at least one category'] = 'Select at least one category';
166$lang['Select at least one picture'] = 'Select at least one picture';
167$lang['Select at least one user'] = 'Select at least one user';
168$lang['Show info'] = 'Show info';
169$lang['Site manager'] = 'Site manager';
170$lang['Status'] = 'Status';
171$lang['Statistics'] = 'Statistics';
172$lang['Storage category'] = 'Storage category';
173$lang['Sum of rates'] = 'Sum of rates';
174$lang['Tag "%s" already exists'] = 'Tag "%s" already exists';
175$lang['Tag "%s" was added'] = 'Tag "%s" was added';
176$lang['Tag selection'] = 'Tag selection';
177$lang['Take selected elements out of caddie'] = 'Take selected elements out of caddie';
178$lang['The %d following tag were deleted'] = 'The following tag were deleted';
179$lang['The %d following tags were deleted'] = 'The %d following tags were deleted';
180$lang['Unable to check for upgrade.'] = 'Unable to check for upgrade.';
181$lang['Uninstall'] = 'Uninstall';
182$lang['Use default sort order']='Use the default image sort order (defined in the configuration file)';
183$lang['User comments validation'] = 'User comments validation';
184$lang['Users'] = 'Users';
185$lang['Validate All'] = 'Validate All';
186$lang['Validate'] = 'Validate';
187$lang['Validation'] = 'Validation';
188$lang['Version'] = 'Version';
189$lang['Virtual categories movement'] = 'Virtual categories movement';
190$lang['Virtual categories to move'] = 'Virtual categories to move';
191$lang['Virtual category name'] = 'Virtual category name';
192$lang['Webmaster cannot be deleted'] = 'Webmaster cannot be deleted';
193$lang['You are running on development sources, no check possible.'] = 'You are running on development sources, no check possible.';
194$lang['You cannot delete your account'] = "You cannot delete your account";
195$lang['You cannot move a category in its own sub category'] = 'You cannot move a category in its own sub category';
196$lang['You need to confirm deletion'] = 'You need to confirm deletion';
197$lang['add tags'] = 'add tags';
198$lang['adviser'] = 'Adviser';
199$lang['associate to category'] = 'associate to category';
200$lang['associate to group'] = 'associate to group';
201$lang['authorized'] = 'Authorized';
202$lang['cat_add'] = 'Add a virtual category';
203$lang['cat_comments_title'] = 'Authorize users to add comments on selected categories';
204$lang['cat_error_name'] = 'The name of a category should not be empty';
205$lang['cat_lock_title'] = 'Lock categories';
206$lang['cat_private'] = 'Private category';
207$lang['cat_public'] = 'Public category';
208$lang['cat_representant'] = 'Find a new representant by random';
209$lang['cat_security'] = 'Public / Private';
210$lang['cat_status_title'] = 'Manage authorizations for selected categories';
211$lang['cat_upload_title'] = 'Select uploadable categories';
212$lang['cat_virtual_added'] = 'Virtual category added';
213$lang['cat_virtual_deleted'] = 'Virtual category deleted';
214$lang['category'] = 'Category';
215$lang['conf_access'] = 'Access type';
216$lang['conf_comments_title'] = 'Comments';
217$lang['conf_confirmation'] = 'Information data registered in database';
218$lang['conf_display'] = 'Default display';
219$lang['conf_history_title'] = 'History';
220$lang['conf_gallery_url_error'] = 'The gallery URL is not valid.';
221$lang['conf_main_title'] = 'Main';
222$lang['conf_nb_comment_page_error'] = 'The number of comments a page must be between 5 and 50 included.';
223$lang['config'] = 'Configuration';
224$lang['confirm'] = 'confirm';
225$lang['Date'] = 'Date';
226$lang['delete category'] = 'delete category';
227$lang['dissociate from category'] = 'dissociate from category';
228$lang['dissociate from group'] = 'dissociate from group';
229$lang['edit category permissions'] = 'edit category permissions';
230$lang['editcat_confirm'] = 'Category informations updated successfully.';
231$lang['editcat_uploadable'] = 'Authorize upload';
232$lang['elements per page'] = 'elements per page';
233$lang['elements'] = 'elements';
234$lang['enabled_high'] = 'High definition enabled';
235$lang['file'] = 'File';
236$lang['filesize'] = 'Filesize';
237$lang['first element added on %s'] = 'first element added on %s';
238$lang['forbidden'] = 'Forbidden';
239$lang['conf_general'] = 'General';
240$lang['global mode'] = 'global mode';
241$lang['group "%s" added'] = 'group "%s" added';
242$lang['group "%s" deleted'] = 'group "%s" deleted';
243$lang['group "%s" updated'] = 'group "%s" updated';
244$lang['group'] = 'group';
245$lang['group_add_error1'] = 'The name of a group must not contain " or \' or be empty.';
246$lang['group_add_error2'] = 'This name is already used by another group.';
247$lang['groups'] = 'Groups';
248$lang['instructions'] = 'Instructions';
249$lang['is_high_disabled'] = '';
250$lang['is_high_enabled'] = 'High definition';
251$lang['jump to category'] = 'jump to category';
252$lang['jump to image'] = 'jump to image';
253$lang['leave'] = 'leave';
254$lang['lock'] = 'Lock';
255$lang['locked'] = 'Locked';
256$lang['manage category elements'] = 'manage category elements';
257$lang['manage sub-categories'] = 'manage sub-categories';
258$lang['manage'] = 'Manage';
259$lang['maximum height'] = 'maximum height';
260$lang['maximum width'] = 'maximum width';
261$lang['nbm_background_treatment_redirect_second'] = 'Execution time is out, treatment must be continue [Estmated time: %d second].';
262$lang['nbm_background_treatment_redirect_seconds'] = 'Execution time is out, treatment must be continue [Estmated time: %d seconds].';
263$lang['nbm_break_timeout_list_user'] = 'Prepared time for list of users to send mail is limited. Others users are not listed.';
264$lang['nbm_break_timeout_send_mail'] = 'Time to send mail is limited. Others mails are skipped.';
265$lang['nbm_col_check_user_send_mail'] = 'To send ?';
266$lang['nbm_col_last_send'] = 'Last send';
267$lang['nbm_col_mail'] = 'email';
268$lang['nbm_col_user'] = 'User';
269$lang['nbm_complementary_mail_content'] = 'Complementary mail content';
270$lang['nbm_content_byebye'] = 'See you soon,';
271$lang['nbm_content_goto_1'] = 'Go to ';
272$lang['nbm_content_goto_2'] = '.';
273$lang['nbm_content_hello_1'] = 'Hello ';
274$lang['nbm_content_hello_2'] = ',';
275$lang['nbm_content_new_elements'] = 'New elements were added ';
276$lang['nbm_content_new_elements_single'] = ' on ';
277$lang['nbm_content_new_elements_between_1'] = 'between ';
278$lang['nbm_content_new_elements_between_2'] = ' and ';
279$lang['nbm_content_subscribe_by_admin'] = 'The webmaster has subscribed you to receiving notifications by mail.';
280$lang['nbm_content_subscribe_by_himself'] = 'You have subscribed to receiving notifications by mail.';
281$lang['nbm_content_subscribe_link'] = 'To subscribe';
282$lang['nbm_content_problem_contact'] = 'If you encounter problems or have any question, please send a message to ';
283$lang['nbm_content_pb_contact_object'] = '[NBM] Problems or questions';
284$lang['nbm_content_unsubscribe_by_admin'] = 'The webmaster has unsubscribed you from receiving notifications by mail.';
285$lang['nbm_content_unsubscribe_by_himself'] = 'You have unsubscribed from receiving notifications by mail.';
286$lang['nbm_content_click_on'] = ', click on ';
287$lang['nbm_content_unsubscribe_link'] = 'To unsubscribe';
288$lang['nbm_info_send_mail_as'] = 'With blank value, gallery title will be used';
289$lang['nbm_item_notification'] = 'Notification';
290$lang['nbm_msg_error_sending_email_to'] = 'Error when sending email to %s [%s].';
291$lang['nbm_msg_mail_sent_to'] = 'Mail sent to %s [%s].';
292$lang['nbm_msg_n_mail_sent'] = '%d mail was sent.';
293$lang['nbm_msg_n_mails_sent'] = '%d mails were sent.';
294$lang['nbm_msg_n_mail_not_send'] = '%d mail was not sent.';
295$lang['nbm_msg_n_mails_not_send'] = '%d mails were not sent.';
296$lang['nbm_no_mail_to_send'] = 'No mail to send.';
297$lang['nbm_no_user_available_to_send_L1'] = 'There is no available subscribers to mail.';
298$lang['nbm_no_user_available_to_send_L2'] = 'Subscribers could be listed (available) only if there is new elements to notify.';
299$lang['nbm_no_user_available_to_send_L3'] = 'Anyway only webmasters can see this tab and never administrators.';
300$lang['nbm_no_user_to send_notifications_by_mail'] = 'No user to send notifications by mail.';
301$lang['nbm_object_news'] = 'New elements added';
302$lang['nbm_object_subscribe'] = 'Subscribe to notification by mail';
303$lang['nbm_object_unsubscribe'] = 'Unsubscribe from notification by mail';
304$lang['nbm_param_mode'] = 'Parameter';
305$lang['nbm_redirect_msg'] = 'Processing treatment.'."\n\n".'Please wait...';
306$lang['nbm_repost_submit'] = 'Continue processing treatment';
307$lang['nbm_send_complementary_mail_content'] = 'Complementary mail content';
308$lang['nbm_send_detailed_content'] = 'Add detailed content';
309$lang['nbm_send_mail_as'] = 'Send mail as';
310$lang['nbm_send_mail_to_users'] = 'Send mail to users';
311$lang['nbm_send_mode'] = 'Send';
312$lang['nbm_send_options'] = 'Options';
313$lang['nbm_send_submit'] = 'Send';
314$lang['nbm_subscribe_col'] = 'Subscribed';
315$lang['nbm_subscribe_mode'] = 'Subscribe';
316$lang['nbm_title_param'] = 'Parameters';
317$lang['nbm_title_send'] = 'Select recipients';
318$lang['nbm_title_subscribe'] = 'Subscribe/unsubscribe users';
319$lang['nbm_unsubscribe_col'] = 'Unsubscribed';
320$lang['nbm_updated_param_count'] = '%d parameter was updated.';
321$lang['nbm_updated_params_count'] = '%d parameters were updated.';
322$lang['nbm_user_change_enabled_error_on_updated_data_count'] = '%d user was not updated.';
323$lang['nbm_users_change_enabled_error_on_updated_data_count'] = '%d users were not updated.';
324$lang['nbm_user_change_enabled_false'] = 'User %s [%s] was removed from the subscription list.';
325$lang['nbm_user_change_enabled_true'] = 'User %s [%s] was added to the subscription list.';
326$lang['nbm_user_change_enabled_updated_data_count'] = '%d user was updated.';
327$lang['nbm_users_change_enabled_updated_data_count'] = '%d users were updated.';
328$lang['nbm_user_not_change_enabled_false'] = 'User %s [%s] was not removed from the subscription list.';
329$lang['nbm_user_not_change_enabled_true'] = 'User %s [%s] was not added to the subscription list.';
330$lang['nbm_user_x_added'] = 'User %s [%s] added.';
331$lang['nbm_warning_subscribe_unsubscribe'] = 'Warning: subscribing or unsubscribing will send mails to users';
332$lang['nbm_send_html_mail'] = 'Send mail on HTML format';
333$lang['nbm_send_recent_post_dates'] = 'Include display of recent pictures group by dates';
334$lang['nbm_info_send_recent_post_dates'] = 'Available only with HTML format';
335$lang['no_write_access'] = 'no write access';
336$lang['path'] = 'path';
337$lang['permissions'] = 'Permissions';
338$lang['private'] = 'private';
339$lang['properties'] = 'Properties';
340$lang['public'] = 'public';
341$lang['purge never used notification feeds'] = 'Purge never used notification feeds';
342$lang['purge sessions'] = 'Purge sessions';
343$lang['randomly represented'] = 'randomly represented';
344$lang['registration_date'] = 'registration date';
345$lang['remote_site'] = 'Remote site';
346$lang['remote_site_clean'] = 'clean';
347$lang['remote_site_clean_hint'] = 'remove remote listing.xml file';
348$lang['remote_site_generate'] = 'generate listing';
349$lang['remote_site_generate_hint'] = 'generate file listing.xml on remote site';
350$lang['remote_site_local_create'] = 'Create this site';
351$lang['remote_site_local_found'] = 'A local listing.xml file has been found for ';
352$lang['remote_site_local_update'] = 'read local listing.xml and update';
353$lang['remote_site_test'] = 'test';
354$lang['remote_site_test_hint'] = 'test this remote site';
355$lang['remote_site_uncorrect_url'] = 'Remote site url must start by http or https and must only contain characters among "/", "a-zA-Z0-9", "-" or "_"';
356$lang['remove tags'] = 'remove tags';
357$lang['repair and optimize database'] = 'Repair and optimize database';
358$lang['selection'] = 'selection';
359$lang['set to'] = 'set to';
360$lang['singly represented'] = 'singly represented';
361$lang['site_already_exists'] = 'This site already exists';
362$lang['site_create'] = 'Create a new site : (give its URL to create_listing_file.php)';
363$lang['site_created'] = 'created';
364$lang['site_delete'] = 'delete';
365$lang['site_delete_hint'] = 'delete this site and all its attached elements';
366$lang['site_deleted'] = 'deleted';
367$lang['site_err'] = 'an error happened';
368$lang['site_err_remote_file_not_found'] = 'file create_listing_file.php on remote site was not found';
369$lang['site_local'] = 'Local';
370$lang['site_remote'] = 'Remote';
371$lang['site_synchronize'] = 'synchronize';
372$lang['site_synchronize_hint'] = 'update the database from files';
373$lang['status'] = 'status';
374$lang['storage'] = 'Directory';
375$lang['sub-categories'] = 'sub-categories';
376$lang['synchronize metadata'] = 'synchronize metadata';
377$lang['synchronize'] = 'synchronize';
378$lang['target'] = 'target';
379$lang['thumbnail'] = 'Thumbnail';
380$lang['title'] = 'title';
381$lang['title_categories'] = 'Categories management';
382$lang['title_configuration'] = 'Piwigo configuration';
383$lang['title_default'] = 'Piwigo administration';
384$lang['title_edit_cat'] = 'Edit a category';
385$lang['title_groups'] = 'Group management';
386$lang['title_liste_users'] = 'User list';
387$lang['title_picmod'] = 'Modify informations about a picture';
388$lang['title_thumbnails'] = 'Thumbnail creation';
389$lang['title_update'] = 'Database synchronization with files';
390$lang['title_upload'] = 'Pictures waiting for validation';
391$lang['tn_all'] = 'all';
392$lang['tn_alone_title'] = 'pictures without thumbnail (jpeg and png only)';
393$lang['tn_err_height'] = 'height must be a number superior to';
394$lang['tn_err_width'] = 'width must be a number superior to';
395$lang['tn_format'] = 'for the file format';
396$lang['tn_no_missing'] = 'No missing thumbnail';
397$lang['tn_no_support'] = 'Picture unreachable or no support';
398$lang['tn_params_GD'] = 'GD version';
399$lang['tn_params_title'] = 'Miniaturization parameters';
400$lang['tn_results_gen_time'] = 'generated in';
401$lang['tn_results_title'] = 'Results of miniaturization';
402$lang['tn_stats'] = 'General statistics';
403$lang['tn_stats_max'] = 'max time';
404$lang['tn_stats_mean'] = 'average time';
405$lang['tn_stats_min'] = 'min time';
406$lang['tn_stats_nb'] = 'number of miniaturized pictures';
407$lang['tn_stats_total'] = 'total time';
408$lang['tn_thisformat'] = 'for this file format';
409$lang['unit mode'] = 'unit mode';
410$lang['unlocked'] = 'Unlocked';
411$lang['unset'] = 'unset';
412$lang['up'] = 'Move up';
413$lang['update categories informations'] = 'Update categories informations';
414$lang['update images informations'] = 'Update images informations';
415$lang['update'] = 'Synchronize';
416$lang['update_cats_subset'] = 'reduce to single existing categories';
417$lang['update_default_title'] = 'Choose an option';
418$lang['update_display_info'] = 'display maximum informations (added categories and elements, deleted categories and elements)';
419$lang['update_err_pwg_version_differs'] = 'Piwigo version differs on the remote site';
420$lang['update_err_pwg_version_differs_info'] = 'Version of create_listing_file.php on the remote site and Piwigo must be the same';
421$lang['update_err_remote_listing_not_found'] = 'listing.xml file was not found';
422$lang['update_err_remote_listing_not_found_info'] = 'listing.xml file was not found on the remote site. This file is generated by choosing the "generate listing" command in the Site manager';
423$lang['update_error_list_title'] = 'Error list';
424$lang['update_errors_caption'] = 'Errors caption';
425$lang['update_infos_title'] = 'Detailed informations';
426$lang['update_missing_file_or_dir'] = 'File/directory read error';
427$lang['update_missing_file_or_dir_info'] = 'The file or directory cannot be accessed (either it does not exist or the access is denied)';
428$lang['update_missing_tn_info'] = 'a picture filetype requires a thumbnail. The thumbnail must be present in the sub-directory "thumbnail" of the category directory. The thumbnail filename must start with the configured thumbnail prefix and the extension must be among the following list :';
429$lang['update_missing_tn_short'] = 'missing thumbnail';
430$lang['update_nb_del_categories'] = 'categories deleted in the database';
431$lang['update_nb_del_elements'] = 'elements deleted in the database';
432$lang['update_nb_elements_metadata_available'] = 'images candidates for metadata synchronization';
433$lang['update_nb_elements_metadata_sync'] = 'elements informations synchronized with files metadata';
434$lang['update_nb_errors'] = 'errors during synchronization';
435$lang['update_nb_new_categories'] = 'categories added in the database';
436$lang['update_nb_new_elements'] = 'elements added in the database';
437$lang['update_nb_upd_elements'] = 'elements updated in the database';
438$lang['update_part_research'] = 'Search for new images in the directories';
439$lang['update_research_added'] = 'added';
440$lang['update_research_deleted'] = 'deleted';
441$lang['update_result_metadata'] = 'Metadata synchronization results';
442$lang['update_simulate'] = 'only perform a simulation (no change in database will be made)';
443$lang['update_simulation_title'] = '[Simulation]';
444$lang['update_sync_all'] = 'directories + files';
445$lang['update_sync_dirs'] = 'only directories';
446$lang['update_sync_files'] = 'synchronize files structure with database';
447$lang['update_sync_metadata'] = 'synchronize files metadata with database elements informations';
448$lang['update_sync_metadata_all'] = 'even already synchronized elements';
449$lang['update_used_metadata'] = 'Used metadata';
450$lang['update_wrong_dirname_info'] = 'The name of directories and files must be composed of letters, numbers, "-", "_" or "."';
451$lang['update_wrong_dirname_short'] = 'wrong filename';
452$lang['upload'] = 'Upload';
453$lang['user "%s" added'] = 'user "%s" added';
454$lang['user_status'] = 'User status';
455$lang['user_status_admin'] = 'Administrator';
456$lang['user_status_generic'] = 'Generic';
457$lang['user_status_guest'] = 'Guest';
458$lang['user_status_normal'] = 'User';
459$lang['user_status_webmaster'] = 'Webmaster';
460$lang['username'] = 'username';
461$lang['users'] = 'Users';
462$lang['virtual_category'] = 'Virtual category';
463$lang['waiting'] = 'Waiting';
464$lang['is_default_group'] = 'default';
465$lang['toggle_is_default_group'] = 'Toggle \'default group\' property';
466$lang['Advanced_features'] = 'Advanced features';
467$lang['Elements_not_linked'] = 'Not linked elements';
468$lang['special_admin_menu'] = 'Specials';
469$lang['Duplicates'] = 'Files with same name in more than one physical category';
471$lang['Overall'] = 'Overall';
472$lang['Year'] = 'Year';
473$lang['Month'] = 'Month';
474$lang['Day'] = 'Day';
475$lang['Pages seen'] = 'Pages seen';
476$lang['Pictures'] = 'Pictures';
477$lang['time'] = 'Time';
478$lang['user'] = 'User';
479$lang['IP'] = 'IP';
480$lang['image'] = 'Element';
481$lang['section'] = 'Section';
482$lang['tags'] = 'Tags';
483$lang['conf_history_guest'] = 'Save page visits by guests';
484$lang['conf_history_user'] = 'Save page visits by users';
485$lang['conf_history_admin'] = 'Save page visits by administrators';
486$lang['cat_options_title'] = 'Properties';
487$lang['An information email was sent to group "%s"'] = 'An information email was sent to group "%s';
488$lang['Send an information email to group members'] = 'Send an information email to group members';
489$lang['Group'] = 'Group';
490$lang['[%s] Come to visit the category %s'] = '[%s] Come to visit the category %s';
491$lang['Hello,'] = 'Hello,';
492$lang['See you soon.'] = 'See you soon.';
493$lang['Come to discover the category:'] = 'Come to discover the category:';
494$lang['mail_content'] = 'Mail content';
495$lang['none'] = 'none';
496$lang['high'] = 'high';
497$lang['other'] = 'other';
498$lang['Element type'] = 'Element type';
499$lang['User'] = 'User';
500$lang['Image id'] = 'Image id';
501$lang['Summary'] = 'Summary';
502$lang['%d line filtered'] = '%d line filtered';
503$lang['%d lines filtered'] = '%d lines filtered';
504$lang['%d guest'] = '%d guest';
505$lang['%d guests'] = '%d guests';
506$lang['Hour'] = 'Hour';
507$lang['is_the_guest'] = 'guest';
508$lang['is_the_default'] = 'default values';
509$lang['High filesize'] = 'High filesize';
510// --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from version 1.7.1
511$lang['Guest cannot be deleted'] = 'Guest cannot be deleted';
512$lang['Default user cannot be deleted'] = 'Default user cannot be deleted';
513$lang['purge history detail'] = 'Purge history detail';
514$lang['purge history summary'] = 'Purge history summary';
515$lang['c13y_title'] = 'Check integrity';
516$lang['c13y_Anomaly'] = 'Anomaly';
517$lang['c13y_Correction'] = 'Correction';
518$lang['c13y_Automatic_correction'] = 'Automatic correction';
519$lang['c13y_Impossible_automatic_correction'] = 'Impossible automatic correction';
520$lang['c13y_Correction_applied_success'] = 'Correction applied with success';
521$lang['c13y_Correction_applied_error'] = 'Correction applied with error';
522$lang['c13y_anomaly_count'] = '%d anomaly has been detected.';
523$lang['c13y_anomalies_count'] = '%d anomalies have been detected.';
524$lang['c13y_anomaly_corrected_count'] = '%d anomaly has been corrected.';
525$lang['c13y_anomalies_corrected_count'] = '%d anomalies have been detected corrected.';
526$lang['c13y_anomaly_not_corrected_count'] = '%d anomaly has not been corrected.';
527$lang['c13y_anomalies_not_corrected_count'] = '%d anomalies have not been corrected.';
528$lang['c13y_more_info'] = 'Go to %s or %s for more informations';
529$lang['c13y_more_info_forum'] = 'the forum';
530$lang['c13y_more_info_wiki'] = 'the wiki';
531$lang['c13y_exif_anomaly'] = '%s value is not correct file because exif are not supported';
532$lang['c13y_exif_correction'] = '%s must be to set to false in your file';
533$lang['c13y_guest_non_existent'] = 'Main "guest" user does not exist';
534$lang['c13y_bad_guest_status'] = 'Main "guest" user status is incorrect';
535$lang['c13y_default_non_existent'] = 'Default user does not exist';
536$lang['c13y_webmaster_non_existent'] = 'Main "webmaster" user does not exist';
537$lang['c13y_bad_webmaster_status'] = 'Main "webmaster" user status is incorrect';
538$lang['c13y_user_created'] = 'User "%s" created with "%s" like password';
539$lang['c13y_user_status_updated'] = 'Status of user "%s" updated';
540$lang['add new elements to caddie'] = 'add new elements to caddie';
541// --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from Butterfly
542$lang['no_display_thumbnail'] = 'No display';
543$lang['display_thumbnail_classic'] = 'Classic display';
544$lang['display_thumbnail_hoverbox'] = 'Hoverbox display';
545$lang['Thumbnails'] = 'Thumbnails';
546$lang['obligatory_user_mail_address'] = 'Mail address is obligatory for all users';
547$lang['Minimum privacy level'] = 'Minimum privacy level';
548$lang['Privacy level'] = 'Privacy level';
549$lang['Level 0'] = '---';
550$lang['Level 1'] = 'Contacts';
551$lang['Level 2'] = 'Friends';
552$lang['Level 4'] = 'Family';
553$lang['Level 8'] = 'Admins';
554$lang['c13y_maintenance'] = 'Reinitialize check integrity';
555$lang['Check all'] = 'Check all';
556$lang['Uncheck all'] = 'Uncheck all';
557$lang['c13y_check_auto'] = 'Check automatic corrections';
558$lang['c13y_submit_correction'] = 'Apply selected corrections';
559$lang['c13y_submit_ignore'] = 'Ignore selected anomalies';
560$lang['c13y_submit_refresh'] = 'Refresh';
561$lang['c13y_ignore_msg1'] = 'The anomaly will be ignored until next application version';
562$lang['c13y_ignore_msg2'] = 'Correction the anomaly will cancel the fact that it\'s ignored';
563$lang['c13y_anomaly_ignored_count'] = '%d anomaly has been ignored.';
564$lang['c13y_anomalies_ignored_count'] = '%d anomalies have been ignored.';
565$lang['plugins_need_update'] = 'Plugins which need upgrade';
566$lang['plugins_dontneed_update'] = 'Plugins up to date';
567$lang['plugins_cant_check'] = 'Plugin versions can\'t be checked';
568$lang['plugins_actual_version'] = 'Current<br>version';
569$lang['plugins_new_version'] = 'Available<br>version';
570$lang['plugins_auto_update'] = 'Automatic upgrade';
571$lang['plugins_auto_install'] = 'Automatic installation';
572$lang['plugins_download'] = 'Download file';
573$lang['plugins_tab_list'] = 'Plugin list';
574$lang['plugins_tab_update'] = 'Check for updates';
575$lang['plugins_tab_new'] = 'Other plugins';
576$lang['plugins_revisions'] = 'Last revisions';
577$lang['plugins_delete'] = 'Delete';
578$lang['plugins_confirm_delete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this plugin?';
579$lang['plugins_confirm_install'] = 'Are you sure you want to install this plugin?';
580$lang['plugins_confirm_upgrade'] = 'Are you sure to install this upgrade? You must verify if this version does not need uninstallation.';
581$lang['plugins_upgrade_ok'] = '%s has been successfully upgraded.';
582$lang['plugins_install_ok'] = 'Plugin has been successfully copied';
583$lang['plugins_install_need_activate'] = 'You might go to plugin list to install and activate it.';
584$lang['plugins_temp_path_error'] = 'Can\'t create temporary file.';
585$lang['plugins_dl_archive_error'] = 'Can\'t download archive.';
586$lang['plugins_archive_error'] = 'Can\'t read or extract archive.';
587$lang['plugins_extract_error'] = 'An error occured during extraction (%s).';
588$lang['plugins_check_chmod'] = 'Please check "plugins" folder and sub-folders permissions (CHMOD).';
589$lang['plugins_server_error'] = 'Can\'t connect to server.';
590$lang['Purge compiled templates'] = 'Purge compiled templates';
591$lang['Caddie is currently empty'] = 'Caddie is currently empty';
592$lang['conf_upload_title'] = 'Upload';
593$lang['Show upload link every time'] = 'Show upload link every time';
594$lang['User access level to upload'] = 'User access level to upload';
595$lang['ACCESS_0'] = 'Free access';
596$lang['ACCESS_1'] = 'Access to all';
597$lang['ACCESS_2'] = 'Access to subscribed';
598$lang['ACCESS_3'] = 'Access to administrators';
599$lang['ACCESS_4'] = 'Access to webmasters';
600$lang['ACCESS_5'] = 'No access';
601$lang['DEMO'] = 'Demo';
602$lang['HOME'] = 'Piwigo home';
603$lang['FORUM'] = 'Support';
604$lang['BUGS'] = 'Bugs';
605$lang['EXTENSIONS'] = 'Extensions';
606$lang['WIKI / DOC'] = 'Documentation';
607$lang['A new version of Piwigo is available.'] = 'A new version of Piwigo is available.';
608$lang['Piwigo Administration'] = 'Piwigo Administration';
609$lang['Piwigo version'] = 'Piwigo version';
610$lang['You are running the latest version of Piwigo.'] = 'You are running the latest version of Piwigo.';
611$lang['c13y_version_anomaly'] = 'The version of %s [%s] installed is not compatible with the version required [%s]';
612$lang['c13y_version_correction'] = 'You need to upgrade your system to take full advantage of the application else the application will not work correctly, or not at all';
613$lang['Deleted on'] = 'Deleted on';
614$lang['Last hit'] =  'Last hit';
615$lang['Hits'] = 'Hits';
616$lang['GD library is missing'] = 'GD library is missing';
617$lang['conf_extents'] = 'Templates';
618$lang['extend_for_templates'] = 'Extend for templates';
619$lang['Replacement of original templates'] =
620 'Replacement of original templates by customized templates from template-extension subfolder';
621$lang['Replacers'] = 'Replacers (customized templates)';
622$lang['Original templates'] = 'Original templates';
623$lang['Optional URL keyword'] = 'Optional URL keyword';
624$lang['Templates recorded.'] = 'Templates configuration has been recorded.';
625$lang['Optimizations completed'] = 'All optimizations have been successfully completed.';
626$lang['Optimizations errors'] = 'Optimizations have been completed with some errors.';
627$lang['delete this comment'] = 'delete this comment';
628$lang['link_info_image'] = 'Modify information';
629$lang['edit category informations'] = 'edit category informations';
630$lang['nothing'] = 'nothing';
631$lang['overrides existing values with empty ones'] = 'overrides existing values with empty ones';
632$lang['manage image ranks'] = 'manage image ranks';
633$lang['Manage image ranks'] = 'Manage image ranks';
634$lang['Edit ranks'] = 'Edit ranks';
635$lang['No element in this category'] = 'No element in this category';
636$lang['Images manual order was saved'] = 'Images manual order was saved';
637$lang['ranks'] = 'ranks';
638$lang['Drag to re-order'] = 'Drag to re-order';
639$lang['Unable to retrieve server informations since allow_url_fopen is disabled.'] = 'Unable to retrieve server informations since allow_url_fopen is disabled.';
640$lang['Quick Local Synchronization'] = 'Quick Local Synchronization';
641$lang['No photo can be deleted'] = 'No photo can be deleted';
642$lang['Note: Only deletes photos added with pLoader'] = 'Note: Only deletes photos added with pLoader';
643$lang['Delete selected photos'] = 'Delete selected photos';
644$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d photo was deleted';
645$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d photos were deleted';
646$lang['Bound template'] = 'Bound template';
647$lang['Downloads'] = 'Downloads';
648$lang['Released on'] = 'Released on';
649$lang['Number of downloads'] = 'Number of downloads';
650// --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from Colibri
651$lang['Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = 'Piwigo Announcements Newsletter';
652$lang['Subscribe to Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = 'Keep in touch with Piwigo project, subscribe to Piwigo Announcement Newsletter. You will receive emails when a new release is available (sometimes including a security bug fix, it\'s important to know and upgrade) and when major events happen to the project. Only a few emails a year.';
653$lang['Subscribe %s'] = 'Subscribe %s';
654$lang['Subscribe %s to Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = 'Subscribe %s to Piwigo Announcements Newsletter';
655$lang['Purge search history'] = 'Purge search history';
656$lang['Hide'] = 'Hide';
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