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3$lang['Contests'] = 'Contests';
4$lang['CR_edit_tab'] = 'Edit contest';
5$lang['CR_delete'] = 'Delete contest';
6$lang['CR_delete_result'] = 'Delete element';
7$lang['CR_manage_tab'] = 'Contests management';
8$lang['CR_new_tab'] = 'Add a new contest';
9$lang['CR_results_tab'] = 'Contest results';
10$lang['CR_pending_title'] = 'Pending contests';
11$lang['CR_finished_title'] = 'Finished contest';
12$lang['CR_results'] = 'Results';
13$lang['CR_go'] = 'Go to the contest page';
14$lang['CR_title'] = 'Title';
15$lang['CR_status'] = 'Status';
16$lang['CR_dateB'] = 'Bagin date';
17$lang['CR_dateE'] = 'Edn date';
18$lang['CR_logo'] = 'Logo';
19$lang['CR_banner'] = 'Banner';
20$lang['CR_pending'] = 'Pending';
21$lang['CR_finished'] = 'Finished';
22$lang['CR_presentation'] = 'Presentation';
23$lang['CR_rules'] = 'Rules';
24$lang['CR_prices'] = 'Prices';
25$lang['CR_final'] = 'Ending';
26$lang['CR_summary'] = 'Summary';
27$lang['CR_visibility'] = 'Visible if the contest is';
28$lang['CR_textareas'] = 'Contest description';
29$lang['CR_new'] = 'New contest';
30$lang['CR_addfield'] = 'Add an element';
31$lang['CR_no_result'] = 'No element registered';
32$lang['CR_no_contest'] = 'No contest registered';
33$lang['CR_image_no'] = 'Image n°';
34$lang['CR_author'] = 'Author';
35$lang['CR_comment'] = 'Comment';
36$lang['CR_rank'] = 'Rank';
37$lang['CR_period'] = 'Period';
38$lang['CR_visible'] = 'Visible';
39$lang['CR_nopublic'] = 'This page is not available for the public !';
40$lang['CR_notavailable'] = 'This contest is not available';
42$lang['CR_order_1'] = '1<sup>st</sup>';
43$lang['CR_order_2'] = '2<sup>nd</sup>';
44$lang['CR_order_3'] = '3<sup>rd</sup>';
45$lang['CR_order_sup'] = '<sup>th</sup>';
47$lang['CR_menubar_mode'] = 'Add ContestResults to the menu';
48$lang['CR_menubar_link'] = 'Add a link to a existing menu-block';
49$lang['CR_menubar_link_display'] = 'Display the link in the following blocks';
50$lang['CR_menubar_block'] = 'New menu block';
51$lang['CR_menubar_block_number'] = 'Quantity of contests to display in the block';
53$lang['CR_help_lang'] = "<b>You can use HTML and multilanguage descriptions :</b>
54        <span style='font-size:0.8em;'><br/><br/>
55        Multilanguage descriptions are placed between [lang=xx] and [/lang] tags, where xx is the language code (for example en, es, fr). There is also 2 special languages : [lang=default] and [lang=all].
56        <br/><br/>
57        Special language <i>default</i> : the default description will be used if the description is not available in the connected user selected language. If [lang=default] does not exists, anything outside the [lang] tags will be considered as the default description.
58        <br/><br/>
59        Special language <i>all</i> : anything inside [lang=all] will be included in the description, anywhat the connected user defined language is. This is mainly useful to include HTML/JavaScript code inside a description.";
61$lang['CR_help_title'] = "";
62$lang['CR_help_status'] = "When the contest is <i>Finished</i> the results are displayed on the contest page and the marker <span style='color:#a00;'>(Finished)</span> is activated.
63        <br/><b>Caution :</b> the contest doesn't switch automaticaly to the status 'finished' when the end date is reached !";
64$lang['CR_help_visible'] = "If the contest is 'unvisible' only <b>administrators</b> can see it.";
65$lang['CR_help_summary'] = "The summary is only displayed in the general contest page.<br/><br/>";
66$lang['CR_help_textareas'] = "These four areas allow you to describe the contest.
67        <br/>For each area you can choose the displaying according to the contest status.<br/><br/>";
68$lang['CR_help_results'] = "Descriptions are displayed on each pictures pages and on the contest page for the first three.
69        <br/>Sort elements by drag-and-drop them.<br/><br/>";
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