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14<div class="pres">
15<p>Θέλετε να πουλήσετε προϊόντα αναπαραγόμενα από τις φωτογραφίες σας,
16θέλετε να πουλήσετε μερικές φωτογραφίες με διαφορετικά μεγέθη ή ποιότητα και να καθορίσει διαφορετικές τιμές για κάθε ένα;
17Θα πουλήσετε κάποια μπλουζάκια με τυπωμένη φωτογραφία, κούπες ή άλλα;
19This plugin add a form in image pages to propose for the selected image the products you create with it.
20Paypal is used for the transaction, you MUST have a paypal account. When order is completed, you've got the picture and product names, the selected options, name and address of the user directly from your paypal account.</p>
22<h4>Howto use ?</h4>
23  <h5>1 Côté administration du plugin dans l'onglet</h5>
24  <p style="font-weight:bold">1.1 _Configuration_</p>
25  <ul> 
26  <li>Enter your Paypal code or Paypal email.</li>
27  <li>The currency used.</li>
28  <li>Expedion costs if they are fix, else include them in the product price.</li>
29  <li>If needed, enter a short description of your products (ex: 100% Coton Tee-shirts made in China...).</li>
30  <li>If needed, enter a short description to presents part of your products (ex: Choose one product in the list).</li>
31  <li>If needde, enter your text to present a unique product (ex: available product).</li>
32  </ul>
34  <p style="font-weight:bold">1.2 _Products_</p>
35  <ul> 
36  <li>1.2.1 Add product
37  <p>Enter the product name</p>
38  <p>If needed, use additional information. This note is visible in administraion page of MyPiwiShop</p>
39  <p>Enter the price</p>
40  <p>Select or create an option (refer §3.1)<p>
41  <p>Then submit</p>
42  </li>
43  <li>1.2.2 Produst list
44  <p>Tick one or more products to remove them from the list</p>
45  <p>You can edit or duplicater products</p>
46  </li>
47  <li>1.2.3 Manage product order in form
48  <p>Products are displayed by creation date order by default. You chan change this using drag and drop on product item</p>
49  </li>
50  </ul>
52  <p style="font-weight:bold">1.3 _Options_</p>
53  <ul> 
54  <li>1.3.1 Add an option
55  <p>Enter the option name</p>
56  <p>Select the option type: select: combo box (ex: size s/l/xl/xxl); radio: radio button (ex:cadre yes/no); text: text field (ex: border width in cm); textarea: text erea (ex: Let's comment); Checkbox: check button (ex: I read and accept terms of use)</p>
57  <p>If field is required to validate order, tick the box</p>
58  <p>If needed, use additional information. This note is visible in administraion page of MyPiwiShop</p>
59  <p>You have to create some values depending the selected option type (select, radio and checkbox)</p>
60  <p>Then apply changes</p>
61  </li>
62  <li>1.3.2 Table of products
63  <p>Tick one or more options to delete</p>
64  <p>You can edit or duplicate an option</p>
65  </li>
66  <li>1.3.3 Manage options order in form
67  <p> Options are listed by creation date by default. You can change this order using drag'n drop</p>
68  </li>
71  <h5> 2 Piwigo administration side</h5>
72  <p>Now you have to link one or more products to photos. For this use the page "photos/batch manager".</p>
73  <br>
74  <li>2.1 Global mode</li>
75  <p>Select images you want to link to products.<p>
76  <p>In action menu, choose MyPiwiShop.<p>
77  <p>Select your products (You can also remove products already selected for theese pictures).</p>
78  <p>Then apply action</p>
79  <br>
80  <li>2.2 Single mode</li>
81  <p>For each photo you can use the link "see related products for this picture".<p>
82  <p>Products used for the picture are listed.</p>
83  <p>You can tick/untick products to link/unlink them to the photo.</p>
84  <p>Then validate the change</p>
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