source: extensions/PaysonsPlaces/template/menubar.tpl @ 11309

Last change on this file since 11309 was 11309, checked in by tearran, 9 years ago

Changed The menu to a horizontal placement in the header.tpl
added some css id's for the menu.

File size: 889 bytes
1{if !empty($blocks) }
2<ul id="navigation-1"><li id="search_box">
3        <form action="{$ROOT_URL}qsearch.php" method="get" id="quicksearch" onsubmit="return this.q.value!='' && this.q.value!=qsearch_prompt;">
4                <p style="margin:0;padding:0"{*this <p> is for html validation only - does not affect positioning*}>
5                        <input type="text" name="q" id="qsearchInput" onfocus="if (value==qsearch_prompt) value='';" onblur="if (value=='') value=qsearch_prompt;" style="width:90%">
6                </p>
7        </form>
8        <script type="text/javascript">var qsearch_prompt="{'Quick search'|@translate|@escape:'javascript'}"; document.getElementById('qsearchInput').value=qsearch_prompt;</script>
10        {foreach from=$blocks key=id item=block}
11        <li>
12                {if not empty($block->template)}
13                {include file=$block->template|@get_extent:$id }
14                {else}
15                {$block->raw_content}
16                {/if}
17        </li>
18        {/foreach}
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