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[extensions] PersoFooter - add message update and access only webmaster

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3$lang['pft_h2'] = 'Personal Footer';
5//Tab gest
[11242]6$lang['pft_tab_gest'] = 'Management';
[14972]7$lang['pft_perso'] = 'footer personnel';
9//Tab help
10$lang['pft_tab_help'] = 'Help';
11$lang['pft_css'] = 'Customizing footer';
[14972]12$lang['pft_css_help'] = 'Your personnel block is in tag < span id="persofooter" >, you can use this ID in your theme or local file to customize this block';
[11216]13$lang['pft_ED'] = 'Plugin "ExtendedDescription"';
14$lang['pft_ED_help'] = 'You can use the tags [lang] of this plugin';
[24492]15$lang['Configuration update'] = 'Configuration update';
16$lang['This section is reserved for the webmaster'] = 'This section is reserved for the webmaster';
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