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[extentions] Smilies Support

  • active for admin in the comments page
  • two new sets of smilies
  • help tip on admin page (needs translation)
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3$lang['smilies_dir'] = "İfadeler' dosya";
4$lang['nb_columns'] = "Numara Sütunü";
5$lang['representant'] = "Temsilcisi";
6$lang['All Smilies'] = "Tüm İfadeler";
7$lang['smilies_file_help'] = "By default when a user clicks on a smiley, Smilies Support adds a keyword matching the name of the file (smile.png -> :smile:).<br>
8        But here you can configure other strings to be replaced. Each smilies folder has its own <i>smilies.txt</i> file.";
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