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-update menu when the temp collection is created
-update BatchDownloader confirmation message

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3$lang['Copied'] = 'Copied';
4$lang['Public collection'] = 'Public';
5$lang['Copy to clipboard'] = 'Copy to clipboard';
6$lang['Return to collections list'] = 'Return to list';
7$lang['This collection is empty'] = 'This collection is empty';
8$lang['Collection name:'] = 'Collection name:';
9$lang['Create a new collection'] = 'Create a new collection';
10$lang['Unsaved collections'] = 'Unsaved collections';
11$lang['save'] = 'save';
12$lang['set active'] = 'set active';
13$lang['Saved collections'] = 'Saved collections';
14$lang['See all my collections'] = 'See all my collections';
15$lang['Please give a name'] = 'Please give a name';
16$lang['Invalid collection'] = 'Invalid collection';
17$lang['by %s'] = 'by %s';
18$lang['Collections'] = 'Collections';
19$lang['Collection'] = 'Collection';
20$lang['Remove from collection'] = 'Remove from collection';
21$lang['Add to collection'] = 'Add to collection';
22$lang['Clear collection'] = 'Clear';
23$lang['You have %d collection'] = 'You have %d collection';
24$lang['You have no collection'] = 'You have no collection';
25$lang['You have %d collections'] = 'You have %d collections';
26$lang['active'] = 'active';
27$lang['Save'] = 'Save';
28$lang['%d more...'] = '%d more...';
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