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2$lang['ac_title_menu'] = 'Warning';
3$lang['ac_text'] = 'This gallery contains images addressant to mature persons and\or adults.';
4$lang['ac_lien'] = 'remove this protection';
5$lang['ac_identif'] = 'or log-in';
6$lang['ac_fermer'] = 'or close';
8$lang['ac_title_fermer'] = 'content filtred';
10$lang['ac_user_text_18'] = 'You are more than 18 years old';
11$lang['ac_user_text_16'] = 'You are 16 or 17 years old';
12$lang['ac_logout'] = 'or otherwise click here';
14$lang['ac_user_no'] = "you did'nt wish to activate this kind of contents ";
15$lang['ac_user_no_s'] = "Content filtred";
16$lang['ac_statut'] ='Your statute  :';
18$lang['ac_button_activ_18'] = 'Activate the pornographic contents';
19$lang['ac_button_activ_16'] = 'Activate the erotic contents';
20$lang['ac_text_charte'] = "You enter on a site the visual contents of which with erotic and pornographic character are exclusively intended for a warned public and can present contents to erotic character. This site addresses the major and willing persons. This present site declines any responsibility as for the use which will be made by the contents and the services of this site by every minor or major person susceptible to be shocked by this one. Every person agreeing to enter within this site strictly reserved for a warned public unloads this present site of all the consequences of its consultation. </p>
21<p>If I violate one of these commitments or in case of false declaration, I can be in violation with the laws of my country, and<B> shall assume the whole responsibility of my acts</B>. I declare to have been completely informed about the proposed contents and give up any legal proceedings against the access provider and the admistrators of this site. I read attentively paragraphs above and sign electrically my agreement with what precedes by clicking the button corresponding to my age.";
22$lang['ac_text_activ_18'] = "  <u>... and I guarantee on the honor that </u>: <br>
23- <B>I am more than 18 years old and I am major </B> according to the law current in my country. <br>
24- I am warned that this site proposes images with pornographic and erotic character. <br>
25- The laws of my country authorize me to reach this site.";
26$lang['ac_text_activ_16'] = "<u> ... and I guarantee on the honor that </u>: <br>
27        - <B>I am 16 or 17 years old.</B> <br>
28- I am warned that this site proposes images with pornographic and erotic character. <br>
29- The laws of my country authorize me to reach this site.";
30$lang['ac_retour'] = 'I do not wish to activate this kind of contents and I return on the previous page';
31$lang['ac_retour_b'] = 'Je ne souhaite pas activer ce genre de contenu';
32$lang['ac_retour_c'] = 'Je retourne sur la page précédente';
34$lang['ac_charte_user_not'] = 'Please select your age!';
35$lang['ac_charte_user_def'] = 'change your statute';
36$lang['ac_not_def'] = 'This stage is essential but not will be asked to you anymore';
37$lang['ac_def'] = 'Do you want to change your status ?';
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