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[extensions] - delete_rate - News feature delete rages for all pctures of a category

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3//onglet Purge Hit photo
4$lang['rate_onglet_all'] = 'Total Purge rate';
5$lang['rate_all'] = 'Purge all rate on all pictures gallery';
6$lang['rate_purgeall'] = 'Purge all the rate of the gallery';
7$lang['rate_totalok'] = 'Total Purge completed successfully';
9//onglet Purge Hit photo
10$lang['rate_onglet_photo'] = 'Purge rate of a photo';
11$lang['rate_select'] = 'Select a photo';
12$lang['rate_select_photo'] = 'Select photo';
13$lang['rate_photo'] = 'Choose the photo you want to purge the rate';
14$lang['rate_listphoto'] = 'Here is a list of your photos';
15$lang['rate_purgephoto'] = 'Purge rate of the picture select';
16$lang['rate_photook'] = 'Note purge completed successfully';
18//onglet purge les notes de toutes les images d'une categorie / d'un album
19$lang['rate_onglet_album'] = 'Purge rates of all the photos from one category';
20$lang['rate_onglet_categorie_info'] = 'Be careful rates of the photos are on several categories will purge in all categories';
21$lang['rate_select_cat'] = 'Select category';
22$lang['rate_cat'] = 'Choose the category when you want to purge';
23$lang['rate_listcat'] = 'Here is a list of your categories';
24$lang['rate_purgecat'] = 'Purge rates on all pictures select category';
25$lang['rate_albumok'] = 'Purge rates completed successfully from all category';
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