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[edit_gmaps] set conformity with rv_gmaps install.

File size: 653 bytes
[4547]3Plugin Name: Edit Maps&Earth
[9445]4Version: auto
[4558]5Description:  Editor for rv gmaps
[4557]6Plugin URI:
[4547]7Author: rvelices cljosse
[4558]8Author URI:
11if (!defined('PHPWG_ROOT_PATH')) die('Hacking attempt!');
[9412]12if (!defined('EDIT_CL_PATH')) 
13define(  'EDIT_CL_PATH',   PHPWG_PLUGINS_PATH.basename(dirname(__FILE__)).'/' );
14        include_once(EDIT_CL_PATH.'');
[9445]16$cl_edit_functions = new cl_edit_functions();
[9412]17$cl_edit_controler = new cl_edit_controler();
18add_event_handler('get_admin_plugin_menu_links', array(&$cl_edit_controler,'cl_edit_admin_menu')  );
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