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2  <li>Go to <a href="">Flickr website</a> and connect to your account</li>
3  <li>Go to the <a href="">API keys page</a></li>
4  <li>Click <b>Get another key</b></li>
5  <li>Choose <b>Apply for a non-commercial key</b></li>
6  <li>Enter a name and a description and check the two checkboxes before submit</li>
7  <li>Now copy the <b>Key</b> and the <b>Secret</b> to Flickr2Piwigo configuration</li>
8  <li>Click <b>Edit auth flow for this app</b></li>
9  <li>Enter a desciption again, past in <b>Callback URL</b> the above URL and click <b>Save changes</b></li>
10  <li>You're done!</li>
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