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for panoramic images, add possibility to simulate presence of a high resolution image

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3$lang['gally_action_ok'] = 'The action was successful';
4$lang['gally_action_ko'] = 'The action failed';
6$lang['gally_save_local_conf'] = 'Saving settings';
8$lang['gally_img_high_res'] = 'Picture/High resolution';
9$lang['gally_img_interface'] = 'Picture/Interface';
10$lang['gally_img_other'] = 'Picture/Other';
12$lang['gally_img_high_res_desc'] = 'This page lets you define the properties of the user interface when viewing an image in high resolution';
13$lang['gally_img_interface_desc'] = 'This page lets you define the properties of the user interface when viewing an image';
14$lang['gally_img_other_desc'] = 'This page lets you define various properties of the user interface when viewing an image';
16$lang['gally_default_zoom_size'] = 'Default zoom size';
17$lang['gally_default_zoom_size_desc'] = 'This option sets the display type used by default when a high definition image is loaded';
18$lang['gally_defaultZoomSize_full'] = 'Actual size (if image doesn\'t fit on the screen, it\'s possible to scroll horizontally and vertically)';
19$lang['gally_defaultZoomSize_fit'] = 'The image is resized to be fully displayed on the screen';
20$lang['gally_display_high_res_icon'] = 'Icon in the toolbar';
21$lang['gally_display_high_res_icon_desc'] = 'This option, if the image has a version in high resolution, display an icon in the toolbar';
22$lang['gally_displayHighResIcon_yes'] = 'Show icon';
23$lang['gally_displayHighResIcon_no'] = 'Do not display the icon';
24$lang['gally_display_high_res_click_mode'] = 'Action associated with the high resolution image';
25$lang['gally_display_high_res_click_mode_desc'] = 'This option defines how the interface behaves when you click on the image in high resolution';
26$lang['gally_highResClickMode_zoom'] = 'Changing the type of zoom (Actual Size / resized)';
27$lang['gally_highResClickMode_close'] = 'Quit displaying the image in high resolution';
29$lang['gally_interface_on_image'] = 'Display hover';
30$lang['gally_interface_on_image_desc'] = 'This option defines when the mouse hovers over the image, whether to display interface';
31$lang['gally_interface_on_image_always'] = 'Always';
32$lang['gally_interface_on_image_noscroll'] = 'Only if the picture is not widescreen';
33$lang['gally_interface_on_image_never'] = 'Never';
35$lang['gally_image_interface_hidden'] = 'Display on loading page';
36$lang['gally_image_interface_hidden_desc'] = 'This option sets whether the interface should already be displayed when the page loads';
37$lang['gally_image_interface_hidden_no'] = 'The interface is visible at page load';
38$lang['gally_image_interface_hidden_yes'] = 'The interface is not visible on page load, it will be on the first trigger event';
40$lang['gally_interface_timer_delay'] = 'Timeout';
41$lang['gally_interface_timer_delay_desc'] = 'This option defines the idle time required before the interface is hidden';
43$lang['gally_meta_num_cols'] = 'Viewing metadata';
44$lang['gally_meta_num_cols_desc'] = 'This option sets the number of columns to use for displaying metadata';
45$lang['gally_columns'] = 'Number of columns';
47$lang['gally_display_banner'] = 'Display banner';
48$lang['gally_display_banner_desc'] = 'This option controls whether the banner of the site must be displayed when an image is viewed';
49$lang['gally_display_banner_yes'] = 'Show banner';
50$lang['gally_display_banner_no'] = 'Don\'t display banner';
53$lang['gally_image_auto_scroll'] = 'Management for panoramic images';
54$lang['gally_image_auto_scroll_desc'] = 'This option defines how to handle the display of wide images';
55$lang['gally_image_auto_scroll_yes'] = 'Automatic scrolling of the picture under the cursor';
56$lang['gally_image_auto_scroll_no'] = 'Manual scrolling of the picture';
57$lang['gally_image_auto_scroll_warning'] = 'This function is automatically disabled with MS Internet Explorer version of which is prior to 8';
59// v1.3.1
60$lang['gally_image_simulate_high_res'] = 'Simulate the presence of a high resolution image for panoramic images';
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