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1  <fieldset>
2  <legend>{'Help'|@translate}</legend>
3  <ul>
4    <li><h3>{'Prerequisites'|@translate}</h3>
6        {'Please refer to information on the left.'|@translate}
7      </p></li>
9    <li><h3>{'Suggested Modules'|@translate}</h3>
10      <p>{'Optional plugins found to be usefull in everyday usage.'|@translate}</p>
11    </li>
13    <li><h3>{'General Settings'|@translate}</h3>
14      <p><b>{'Logo Image'|@translate}</b> - {'optional'|@translate} - {'Path to image used as gallery logo. Recommended logo height is 80px. If you need bigger space for your logo, CSS adjustments would have to be made'|@translate}<br>
15      <b>{'Header Text'|@translate}</b> - {'optional'|@translate} - {'Text to be added in header area next to Logo'|@translate}<br>
16      {'Supported macros'|@translate}:
17        <ul><li>%gallery_title% - {'Gallery title'|@translate}</li>
18        </ul>
19      <p>{'If neither Logo Image or Header Text are set, header region would collapse'|@translate}<br>
20      <b>{'Footer Text'|@translate}</b> {'allows adding content in the footer below menu links and Site\'s credits.'|@translate}</p>
21      <p><b>{'Color Pack'|@translate}</b> - {'Select color pack to be used with the theme. It allows changing colors, styles, theme for the pages. By default theme includes 4 color packs: blackhawk, greydragon, slateblue, and whitehawk, but you could extend the list by creating copy of one of the existing colorpack folders and adjusting managed styles.'|@translate}</p>
22    </li>
24    <li><h3>{'Advanced Options - Custom CSS'|@translate}</h3>
25      <p>{'This option allows fine tune Theme\'s styles to better suit your personal taste.'|@translate}</p>
26      <p>{'Few examples:'|@translate}</p>
27      <ul>
28        <li>{'Remove fixed width'|@translate}:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;body { width: auto; }</li>
29        <li>{'Remove fixed width but keep min-width'|@translate}:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;body { width: auto; min-width: 1270px; }</li>
30        <li>{'Add Thumb shadow for gdThumb: Set margin between thumbs to 10-14px. Modify shadow color to match your theme'|@translate}:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;.gdthumb { box-shadow: 6px 6px 3px #888888; }</li>
31        <li>{'Remove Root link in page\'s breadcrumbs: set $conf[\'level_separator\'] = \'\'; and apply CSS'|@translate}:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;.browsePath a:first-child { display: none; }<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;.browsePath a:after { content: " :: "; }</li>
32        <li>{'Change height of the footer to accomodate larger content of'|@translate} <b>{'Footer Text'|@translate}</b>:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;#g-footer { min-height: 5em !important; }</li>
33        <li>{'Center'|@translate} <b>{'Footer Text'|@translate}</b>:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;.g-footer-bottomleft { text-align: center; }</li>
34      </ul></li>
36    <li><h3>{'Favicon Tips'|@translate}</h3>
37      <p>{'For URLs please use absolute or relative path including filename'|@translate}</p>
38      <p>{'Additional Information'|@translate}</p>
39      <table>
40        <tr><th>{'Favicon Wiki'|@translate}</th><td><a href="" target="_blank">{'Wikipedia'|@translate}</a> - {'read more about Favicon types and sizes'|@translate}</td></tr>
41        <tr><th>{'Favicon Generator'|@translate}</th><td><a href="" target="_blank">{'HTML Kit'|@translate}</a> - {'Favicon Generator'|@translate}</td></tr>
42        <tr><th>{'Favicon CC editor'|@translate}</th><td><a href="" target="_blank">{'Favicon CC'|@translate}</a> - {'Simple Favicon editor'|@translate}</td></tr>
43        <tr><th>{'Favicon validator'|@translate}</th><td><a href="" target="_blank">{'HTML Kit'|@translate}</a> - {'Validate Favicon for browser compatiblity'|@translate}</td></tr>
44        <tr><th>{'Apple Touch Icon HowTo'|@translate}</th><td><a href="" target="_blank">{'Apple'|@translate}</a> - {'How-to on how to create a PNG to use as an Apple Touch Icon'|@translate}</td></tr>
45      </table>
46    </li>
47  </ul>
48  </fieldset>
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