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1=== Grey Dragon Theme ===
2Grey Dragon Theme - a custom theme for Piwigo 2
4Tags: HTML 5, Bootstrap, Open Sans
6This theme was designed and built by Serguei Dosyukov
8Copyright (C) 2009-2019 Serguei Dosyukov
10Compatible: PW 2.7, 2.8, 2.9
11Minimum requirement: PW 2.7.0
13This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
14Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
15WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more
16details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
1751 Franklin Street Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA.
19=== Changelog ===
20version 1.3.2
21+ Translation improvements: DK, RU
22- Fixed issue with some icons missing after migration to Font Awesome
23- Fixed issue with some dialog sizes in Picture mode
25version 1.3.1
26+ Verified for PHP 7.2
27+ Validated support for PIWIGO 2.9.4
28- Fixed issue with header.tpl check for custom css content in PHP 7.2
29+ Updated to use Bootstrap v4.1.3
30+ Updated to use FontAwesome 5.6.3
32version 1.3.0
33+ Validated support for PIWIGO 2.9
34+ Min Piwigo version required is set to 2.7.0
35+ CSS: Added FontAwesome support
36+ ADMIN: Layout changed to use FontAwesome
37+ Fixed issue with hower icons be too dark in some colorpacks
38+ LANG: Translation support has been reset. Lang string refresh added for EN
39- Fixed issue with download link in admin area
41version 1.2.28
42+ Translation improvements: CZ, LV, NL
43+ Bootstrap CSS updated to 3.3.7
44+ ADMIN: Small css improvements
45+ Fixed issues with menus in various modes
46+ CSS: Fixed issues with login page colors for controls
47+ Added ID for image download link
49version 1.2.27
50+ Validated support for PIWIGO 2.8
51+ Translation improvements: ES, DE, GR, EO, HU, KR, MN, PL, SI, TH, VN, CN, HK
52+ Bootstrap CSS updated to 3.3.6
54version 1.2.26
55+ ADMIN: New option - Include "Click to Enter" link for Root Page
56+ ADMIN: Small style improvements for styles and menu support
57+ CSS: Added theme-<colorpack> class to body element allowing individual styling with 3rd party plugins
58+ CSS: Small style improvements                                                   
59+ Translation support: Added he_IL, th_TH, el_GR, zh_CN language
60+ Added support for translation of Home Page Quote
61+ Bootstrap CSS updated to 3.3.5
63version 1.2.25
64+ ADMIN: Small style improvements
65+ ADMIN: New Main Menu Mode: Static Menu - Header Right
66+ Translation support: 46 languages added
67+ Bootstrap CSS updated to 3.3.4
69version 1.2.24
70+ CSS: min width of drop down menu in header bottom menu mode is increased to 20em for better content alignment
71- Fixed navigation arrows photo overlay when thumbnail navigation bar is enabled
73version 1.2.23
74+ Added Icon tooltips in Icon metadata tab mode. This would also cause title to be shown in metadata overlay window
75+ Added navigation arrows display when hover over photo. This is visual indicators to help with visualization of navigation. Use of image maps is still permitted
76+ "Auto Close Popup Menu on Refresh" is now "Auto Close Popup Menu" - menu would close as soon as mouse leaves the popup menu area
77+ Corrected PayPal link for "Donate" link in admin area
78- Further fixes for Picture Overlay mode - Tags' "edit" was missing for some browsers
80version 1.2.22 *
81+ Added Photo metadata tab targets in picture.tpl (see template for positioning): {*GD_META_ICO*}, {*GD_META_TXT*}, {*GD_META_CONTENT*}
82+ Picture tab "classic" content moved into external templates picture_tab_ico.tpl, picture_tab_txt.tpl, picture_tab_content.tpl
83+ Added support for gd_get_metadata content trigger
84  You can add custom content for picture meta tabs
85    Ex: add_event_handler('gd_get_metadata', 'my_get_tab_metadata');
86        function greydragon_get_tab_metadata($metadata) { return $metadata; }
87        where each array element represents the tab
88          $metadata[] = array(
89             "id"         => unique id of the tab
90             "icon_class" => class to be used to render icon tabs
91             "title"      => tab or menu block title
92             "content"    => block content
93             "target"     => optional, rendering target - "left", "top", "right", "bottom", not supported, reserved for future use
94             "combine"    => combine_css or combine_js reference block
95           );
96  Prior to rendering $metadata is processed and converted in appropriate construct to be used by the theme
97  See ShareThis plugin for more details
98+ Tab switch logic in Photo page optimized to allow management of dynamic tabs introduced by 3rd party plugins
99+ Improved presentation and content alignment of Tags tab in picture page
100+ Added support for auto-close of popup menu on navigation or refresh - Auto Close Popup Menu on Refresh
101+ Help improvements
102- Fixed issue with missing colorpack setting when theme is first installed and settings are not set yet
103- Fixed issue with number of undefined theme params (unused at this time)
104- Fixed issue with missing enumerator for $footer_elements in footer.tpl
106version 1.1.21
107- Another attempt to fix issue with root url associated with gallery logo was not referring to the sites root properly when installed as sub-folder
109version 1.1.20
110+ ADMIN: Added support for various Favicon types including Apple Touch
111+ Added versioning for Theme settings for easier maintenance
112+ Localization added for Admin Help area
113+ Added support for %gallery_title% in header text/page banner
114- Fixed issue with root url associated with gallery logo was not referring to the sites root properly when installed as sub-folder
116version 1.1.19
117+ custom.css location moved to local/greydragon/ to comply with PWG guidelines. File should be automatically created when theme is updated.
118  Please make sure that migration is successful as it may require adjustment of "local" Folder permissions in some cases
119- Fix issue when Static menu would cause misalignment of the content in 3rd party plugins
120- Adjust min height of the content with Static menu to better fit the screen
121- Fixed issue when using SEO friendly URLs would cause logo not being visible in sub pages
123version 1.0.18
124- Added check for custom.css being present on new installations to prevent SMARTY error
125- Added additional "special" pages not to display main menu
127version 1.0.17
128+ Added check for anonymous users when no comments present to show "No Comments allowed" in Picture page
129+ Added support for "Activate navigation thumbnails" option of the PWG in photo pages
130- Suppressed support for Exif metadata icon managed by general settings in Photo pages. This logic is managed by "Hide Exif Data" option of the theme
131- Fixed issue with content alignment in Calendar page when Static menu is used
133version 1.0.16
134+ Version information moved into greydragon.class.php for easier maintenance
135- Fixed issue with missing link to switchbox.js in photo pages which would prevent "photo sizes" drop down to work
137version 1.0.15
138+ ADMIN: Added "Image Size" option for Root Page
139+ ADMIN: Added "Hide EXIF" option for Photo Page
140+ ADMIN: Help content moved into standalone template file
141+ Added support for "User Tags" plugin
142+ Added support for PayPal Order Cart module - PayPal entry form now integrated as a Tab or Overlay
143+ PNG size optimization for theme elements
144+ Improved styles of Colorbox for overlays
145+ "Tags" picture data made optional - tab would be visible only if tags are present or "User Tags" plugin is enabled
146- Fixed issue with Colorbox not be referenced in some cases causing popup overlay dialogs functionlity not be supported when user is not logged in
147- Fixed issue of breadcrumb overlap with image toolbar
149version 1.0.14
150+ Hiding of photo counters extended to category menu
151+ Infos, Warnings and Errors message area moved into popup overlay. For Infos and Warnings message would be removed after 8 seconds. "Errors" is closed on click.
152+ ADMIN: Photo Metadata display mode can be switched between tabs with text/icon expanded or collapsed, text/icon with overlay, or hidden
153+ ADMIN: Added ChangeLog link in toolbar
154- ContactForm plugin: Fixed form styles to make page better aligned
155- ADMIN: Fixed issue when under some conditions config info could become corrupted
156- Deprecated events to populate page header - code moved into header template
157- Fixed missing div in photo page
158- Page layout HTML 5 validation of photo page
160version 1.0.13
161+ New colorpack - GreyDragon
162+ ADMIN: Added support for horizontal menu - "Static Menu - Header Bottom". When used with Additional Pages Plugin, pages except Root Page would be embeded into menu bar instead of drop down menu.
163+ ADMIN: Added option "Display navigation arrows" for Root page
164+ ADMIN: Added option "Display navigation controls" for Root page
165+ Added support for thumb shadow space - custom CSS is required (please refer to help section in admin area). Latest gdThumb is recomended.
166+ CSS: cleanup
167- Removed hardcoded height for root page slideshow to accomodate navigation controls
168- Fixed issues with Categories List overlapping when Static menu is enabled
169- In Phote page, hide overflow photo when huge size is used
171version 1.0.12
172+ ADMIN: JS is moved out page source into dedicated admin.js for better reusability
173- Fixed issue with active menu header not being highlighted in PWG 2.7
175version 1.0.11
176+ Full support for themeconf[colorscheme] implemented
177+ Removed use of background images in admin area to improve performance
178+ CSS: Enforce min width for admin area - 1270px to allow proper display of help section
179+ Admin: added help section for Advanced Options - Custom CSS with few samples
180+ Admin: new option for Root page - Adapt slideshow size to each photo, i.e. elastic mode
181- CSS: Removed overflow: visible for #theImage causing scroll bar to appear in some cases for image in photo page
182- CSS: Removed min-width for footer
184version 1.0.10
185+ Piwigo 2.7 compatible
186+ Removed use of local_head.tpl
187+ Added support for themeconf[colorscheme]
188- CSS: adjust background for image thumbs to match respective color packs when gdThumb is not installed
189- Admin: added auto-hide for Info messages (10 seconds)
191version 1.0.9 - official release
192+ Admin: "Admin Tools" plugin added as recommended
193+ Admin: "gdThumb" plugin added as recommended
194+ Admin: Recommended plugins are now linked to associated Piwigo Extensions pages
195+ Admin: New option - Hide About Link
196+ Admin: New option - Animate Menu
197+ Admin: If Header Text is not used, then global "Page banner" would be taken in consideration
198+ Admin: Site credits can be shown as text/icon or hidden
199+ Admin: New option - Include Contact Webmaster Email in the Footer for Members
200+ Admin: New option - Remove photo counter in breadcrumbs
201+ New colorpack - blackhawk
202+ CSS: If footer text is not used, footer would "collapse" into 1 line
203+ CSS: If neiter header text or logo is set, header would collapse
204+ CSS: Added box style for additional info box in albums and photo pages
205+ CSS: Info/Warning/Error message boxes are now take only space needed
206+ CSS: Pages impose min height for mid section to prevent layout "collapse" on load
207+ "My profile" link moved to the first position and would shows user's name instead
208+ Improvements to menu presentation and state handling
209+ Hide "administration" link in the footer if "Admin Tools" plugin is enabled
210+ Adds "Theme Config" option under "Administration" menu if "Admin Tools" plugin is enabled
211+ Major redesign of Menu handling. Static Menu is not allowed in Picture pages
212+ Added support for tab view for metadata and comments in Photo page. New Admin option: Default tab to be displayed
213- JS reorganizing
214- CSS clean up
215- Fixed issue when change to root page content was not detected causing misleading message in Admin area on Save
216- Fixed capitalization of "contact" link in footer.tpl
217- Fixed issue in IE when Admin Tools menu closes while trying to navigate
218- Fixed thumb positioning to center thumb image
219- Fixed issue when empty strings in settings would not be recognized as empty value
221version 1.0 build alpha 6
222+ CSS cleanup
223+ If Gallery Description left empty, space would not be allocated in the Root Page causing image to be centered
224+ New colorpack: whitehawk - White theme
226version 1.0 build alpha 5
227- Fixed issue with uninitialized variable when neither favicon or "no generator" are selected
229version 1.0 build alpha 4
230+ Admin: New option "Remove Piwigo Generator Meta Tag" which can be used along with "Show Site Credits"
231+ Admin: Added support to allow "lower case text" be optional
232+ Use of custom.css file is extended to take advantage of its flexibility and prevent dynamic inline CSS where applicable
233+ Changes to Info/Warning/Error messages colors to better match the theme
234+ Admin: More translation support added for theme options
235- Admin: Fixed issue when some default settings were not properly persisted causing improper application
236- Admin: Fixed issue with Smarty cache not being purged when some settings are applied.
237- During conversion to Bootstrap I broke use of font-based icons, it is now fixed (ex: comment collapse area)
239version 1.0 build alpha 3
240+ Major theme code refactoring. Theme logic is now "classified"
241+ Bootstrap CSS support introduced to alleviate browser dependencies.
242+ Theme's CSS is moved out of theme.css to ensure proper application
243+ Admin: Added option to enable debug mode
244+ Admin: Added option to reset theme settings
245+ Admin: Added check for required PW version and plugins
246+ Admin: Theme styling is extended to Theme's admin area
247- Admin: Removed option to suppress noindex for Robots (managed from PW
248- Admin: Fixed issue with quotes not stored properly in various fields
250version 1.0 build alpha 2
251+ Added support for Root Page settings. Requires Additional Pages Module
253version 1.0 build alpha 1
254+ initial release
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