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I deleted a string which should not

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3$lang['Add a video'] = 'Add a video';
4$lang['Video URL'] = 'Video URL';
5$lang['Change'] = 'Change'; 
6$lang['Video size'] = 'Video size';
7$lang['Use common setting'] = 'Use common setting';
8$lang['Autoplay'] = 'Autoplay';
9$lang['Supported services'] = 'Supported services';
10$lang['Common configuration'] = 'Common configuration';
11$lang['Color'] = 'Color';
12$lang['Author portrait'] = 'Author portrait';
13$lang['Author name'] = 'Author name';
14$lang['Logo'] = 'Logo';
15$lang['Please fill the video URL'] = 'Please fill the video URL';
16$lang['Unable to contact host server'] = 'Unable to contact host server';
17$lang['Video successfully added. <a href="%s">View</a>'] = 'Video successfully added. <a href="%s">View</a>';
18$lang['This element is a video added with "Embedded Video"'] = 'This element is a video added with "Embedded Video"';
19$lang['Add film effect'] = 'Add film effect';
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