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3//tab gest
4$lang['meta_onglet_gestion'] = 'Metadata';
5$lang['meta_desh3'] = 'Add meta to all the pages';
6$lang['meta_name'] = 'Name of metadata';
7$lang['meta_select'] = 'Select metadata to be edit';
8$lang['meta_choix'] = 'Edit metadata';
9$lang['meta_list'] = 'Metadata :';
10$lang['meta_select2'] = 'Select metadata';
11$lang['meta_description'] = 'description';
12$lang['meta_diff_val'] = 'Possible value';
13$lang['meta_comp'] = 'Metadata to be supplemented';
14$lang['meta_insmeta'] = 'insert the metadata';
17$lang['Metadata - Plugin meta'] = 'Metadata - Plugin meta';
18$lang['meta_compimg'] = 'Keywords of picture to be completed';
19$lang['meta_compimgdes'] = 'Image description to replace';
20$lang['meta_inscat'] = 'Insert Metadata';
21$lang['meta_compcatdeshelp'] = 'Will replace all description';
22$lang['meta_compcat'] = 'Keywords of category to be completed';
23$lang['meta_compcatdes'] = 'Category description to replace';
25//tab description
26$lang['meta_onglet_description'] = 'Description Metadata';
27$lang['meta_author'] = 'Description meta author';
28$lang['meta_author_help'] = 'Information on the author <br>
29Information on the author of the site ';
30$lang['meta_keywords'] = 'Description meta keywords';
31$lang['meta_keywords_help'] = '"Keyword, keyword, etc."<br>
32Keywords describing the web page. (Separated by a comma)';
33$lang['meta_Description'] = 'Description meta Description';
34$lang['meta_Description_help'] = 'Description of your site<br>
35Allows to give an information to post during the result of a search';
36$lang['meta_robots'] = 'Description meta robots';
37$lang['meta_robots_help'] = '
38all : Allows the robot to reference all the page (by default)<br>
39follow : Allows the robot to follow the links of the page<br>
40index : Allows the robot to index the page<br>
41nofollow : Forbidden the robot to follow the links<br>
42noindex : Forbidden the robot to index the page<br>
43none : Prevent the robot from pursuing the indexation of the site<br>
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