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import theme Simple version 2.5.3

add an option and admin page to choose the layout for albums (with description under or next to the album thumbnail)

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1<div class="titrePage">
2  <h2>Simple Theme Configuration</h2>
5<form method="post" class="properties" action="" class="properties">
6  <div>
7    <fieldset>
8      <legend>{'Albums'|@translate}</legend>
9        <ul>
10          <li><label>
11            <span class="property">{'Album title and description'|@translate}</span>&nbsp;
12            <select name="albumDisplay" style="min-width:150px;">
13              <option value="column" {if ($options.albumDisplay=="line")}selected="selected"{/if}>{'under the album thumbnail'|@translate}</option>
14              <option value="line" {if ($options.albumDisplay=="line")}selected="selected"{/if}>{'next to the album thumbnail'|@translate}</option>
15            </select>
16          </label></li>
17        </ul>
18      </fieldset>
19  </div>
20  <p><input class="submit" type="submit" value="{'Save Settings'|@translate}" name="submit" /></p>
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