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import theme Simple version 2.3

  • if cl_conflit is used, don't add jQuery.noConflict
  • fix the possibility to toggle visibility of image informations
  • show logout link when connected - thanks to gbo
  • update jquery to 1.4.4
  • backport commit from piwigo: r6244, r6430 & r6438
  • add gitignore
  • update javascripts + add script to combine/minify
  • apply r6594 from piwigo's trunk
  • move jquery in the header, using known_script
  • translation for the menu title
  • add 1px icon start_filter.png to avoid loading error with rvtree plugin
  • margin for error & info divs
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3$lang['Show/hide menu'] = 'Show/hide menu';
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