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main color (not grey) in config
header, elements of footer, elements of tittlebar and the menubar in "bubbles"
created 2 new classes : two_columns, one_column
width corrected

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1<div class="titrePage">
2  <h2>{'Stripped & Columns Theme Configuration'|@translate}</h2>
4<form method="post" class="properties" action="" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" name="form" class="properties">
5<div id="configContent">
6  <fieldset>
7    <legend>{'Displaying options'|@translate}</legend>
8    <ul>
9    <li>
10      <label for="color_main"><span class="property">{'color main'|@translate}</span>&nbsp;</label>
11      <input type="text" id="color_main" name="f_color_main" size="6" maxlength="6" value="{$options.color_main}" style="text-align:center;">
12      </li>
13    <li>
14    <li>
15      <label for="column_width"><span class="property">{'Width of columns'|@translate}</span>&nbsp;</label>
16      <input type="text" id="column_width" name="f_column_width" size="4" maxlength="4" value="{$options.column_width}" style="text-align:center;">
17      &nbsp;px</li>
18    <li>
19      <label for="column_width"><span class="property">{'Width of thumbnails'|@translate}</span>&nbsp;</label>
20      <input type="text" id="column_width" name="f_thumbnail_width" size="4" maxlength="4" value="{$options.thumbnail_width}" style="text-align:center;">
21      &nbsp;px&nbsp;{'it need to be inferior than the width of columns'|@translate}</li>
22    <li>
23      <label for="thumbnail">{'The thumbnails can be generated by the theme'|@translate}</label>
24      </p>
25      <label>
26        <input type="radio" name="f_thumbnail" id="thumbnail" value="generated"  {if $options.thumbnail=="generated"}checked{/if}>
27        &nbsp;{'option thumbnail generated'|@translate}</label>
28      <br>
29      <label>
30        <input type="radio" name="f_thumbnail" id="thumbnail" value="auto" {if $options.thumbnail=="auto"}checked{/if}>
31        &nbsp;{'option thumbnail auto'|@translate}</label>
32      <br>
33      <label>
34        <input type="radio" name="f_thumbnail" id="thumbnail" value="piwigo" {if $options.thumbnail=="piwigo"}checked{/if}>
35        &nbsp;{'option thumbnail piwigo'|@translate}</label>
36      <br>
37    </li>
38  </fieldset>
39  </ul>
42  <input class="submit" type="submit" value="{'Submit'|@translate}" name="submit_stripped_black_bloc" />
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