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2$lang['The parent-theme Stripped need to be enabled in order to use its parameters'] = 'The parent-theme Stripped must be enabled in order to use its parameters';
3$lang['Stripped & Columns Theme Configuration'] = 'Stripped & Columns, Configuration Page';
4$lang['Page'] = 'Page';
5$lang['color main'] = "Not grey color :";
6$lang['Displaying options'] = "Display options";
7$lang['Width of columns'] = "Width of columns";
8$lang['Width of thumbnails'] = "Width of thumbnails";
9$lang['Create a big thumbnail every'] = "Create a big thumbnail every";
10$lang['... starting to the position number'] = "... starting to the position number";
11$lang['(set 0 to disable)'] = "(set 0 to disable)";
12$lang['(it need to be inferior than the width of columns)'] = "(it needs to be strictly smaller than the width of columns)";
13$lang['About portrait/landscape pictures :'] = "About portrait/landscape pictures (Note that the plugin auto-manages the thumbnails of panoramas):";
14$lang['No Maximum Height and the width is the one set above'] = "No Maximum Height and the width is the one set above";
15$lang['Use the width parameter above as a maximum heigth'] = "Use the width parameter above as a maximum heigth";
16$lang['Display big thumbnails for landscape pictures'] = "Display big thumbnails for landscape pictures";
17$lang['About big thumbnails, for the albums :'] = "About big thumbnails, for the albums:";
18$lang['don\'t generate big thumbnails'] = "don't generate big thumbnails";
19$lang['use the same config as above'] = "use the same config as above";
20$lang['always generate big thumbnails'] = "always generate big thumbnails";
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