source: extensions/stripped_black_bloc/template/navigation_bar.tpl

Last change on this file was 21516, checked in by flop25, 8 years ago

bug correction
-no custom color on picture page
-the number of total pages was wrong in the navigation bar (will be improved on 2.5.1 piwigo update)

navigation bar for thumbs slightly improved

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1<div class="navigationBar bloc twocol">
2        <span class="nav_bulle">{'Page'|@translate} {$navbar.CURRENT_PAGE}{if isset($navbar.NB_PAGE)}/ {$navbar.NB_PAGE}{/if}</span>
3  {if isset($navbar.URL_FIRST)}
4  <a href="{$navbar.URL_FIRST}" rel="first" class="first nav_bulle">{'First'|@translate}</a>
5  <a href="{$navbar.URL_PREV}" rel="prev" class="newer nav_bulle">«</a>
6  {/if}
8  {assign var='prev_page' value=0}
9  {foreach from=$navbar.pages key=page item=url}
10    {if $page > $prev_page+1}...{/if}
11    {if $page == $navbar.CURRENT_PAGE}
12    <span class="current nav_bulle">{$page}</span>
13    {else}
14    <a href="{$url}" class="nav_bulle" >{$page}</a>
15    {/if}
16    {assign var='prev_page' value=$page}
17  {/foreach}
19  {if isset($navbar.URL_NEXT)}
20   <a href="{$navbar.URL_NEXT}" rel="next" class="older nav_bulle">»</a>
21   <a href="{$navbar.URL_LAST}" rel="last" class="last nav_bulle">{'Last'|@translate}</a>
22  {/if}
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