source: extensions/stripped_black_bloc/template/thumbnails.tpl @ 11709

Last change on this file since 11709 was 11709, checked in by flop25, 10 years ago

adding a round border
changed the way to recognize album : clear border
thumbnails caption = false compatible
bar removed
pwg stuff witdh restricted to 2width except for stuff_thumbnail
thumbnails generation based on file first

File size: 507 bytes
1{if !empty($thumbnails)}
2  {foreach from=$thumbnails item=thumbnail}
3  <div class="bloc">
4        <a href="{$thumbnail.URL}" style="background: url({$thumbnail.TN_SRC}) no-repeat scroll center center transparent; height: {$thumbnail.TN_HEIGHT}px; width: {$thumbnail.TN_WIDTH}px; opacity: 0.75;" >
5          {if isset($thumbnail.NAME)}{$thumbnail.NAME}{else}{$thumbnail.TN_TITLE}{/if}
6        </a>
7        <div class="title">{if isset($thumbnail.NAME)}{$thumbnail.NAME}{/if}</div>
8        </div>
9  {/foreach}
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