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Last change on this file since 11992 was 11992, checked in by plg, 9 years ago

feature 2027 implemented: the "lost password" feature was rewritten.

The algorithm is highly inspired from WordPress :

1) in a single field, you give a username or an email
2) Piwigo sends an email with the activation key
3) the user clicks on the link in the email (with the activation key) and is able to set a new password

The "lost password" feature is no longer limited to "classic" users:
administrators and webmasters can use it too (no need to tell webmasters
that they can only change their password in the database)

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7// | Copyright(C) 2002-2003 Pierrick LE GALL |
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16// | General Public License for more details.                              |
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19// | along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software           |
20// | Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, |
21// | USA.                                                                  |
22// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
24Language Name: Afrikaans [ZA]
25Version: 2.3.0
26Language URI:
27Author: Marius Loots and Mignon Smit
28Author URI:
31$lang_info['language_name'] = "Afrikaans";
32$lang_info['country'] = "Suid-Afrika";
33$lang_info['direction'] = "ltr";
34$lang_info['code'] = "af";
35$lang_info['zero_plural'] = "1";
37$lang['%d Kb'] = "%d Kb";
38$lang['%d album updated'] = "%d album opdateer";
39$lang['%d albums updated'] = "%d albums opdateer";
40$lang['%d comment to validate'] = "%d kommentaar om te verifieer";
41$lang['%d comments to validate'] = "%d kommentaar om te verifieer";
42$lang['%d new comment'] = "%d nuwe kommentaar";
43$lang['%d new comments'] = "%d nuwe kommentaar";
44$lang['%d comment'] = "%d kommentaar";
45$lang['%d comments'] = "%d kommentaar";
46$lang['%d hit'] = "%d besoeke";
47$lang['%d hits'] = "%d besoeke";
48$lang['%d new photo'] = "%d nuwe foto";
49$lang['%d new photos'] = "%d nuwe fotos";
50$lang['%d new user'] = "%d nuwe gebruiker";
51$lang['%d new users'] = "%d nuwe gebruikers";
52$lang['About'] = "Waaroor";
53$lang['All tags'] = "Alle sleutelwoorde";
54$lang['Any tag'] = "Enige sleutelwoorde";
55$lang['At least one listed rule must be satisfied.'] = "Ten minste een kriteria moet aan voldoen word.";
56$lang['At least one tag must match'] = "Ten minste een kriteria moet pas";
57$lang['Author'] = "Outeur";
58$lang['Albums'] = "Albums";
59$lang['Album'] = "Album";
60$lang['Close this window'] = "Maak die skerm toe";
61$lang['Complete RSS feed (photos, comments)'] = "Volledige RSS string (Fotos, kommentaar)";
62$lang['Confirm Password'] = "Bevestig wagwoord";
63$lang['Connection settings'] = "Verbinding stelling";
64$lang['Login'] = "Login";
65$lang['Contact webmaster'] = "Kontak Webwerf Admin";
66$lang['Create a new account'] = "Skep nuwe rekening";
67$lang['Created on'] = "Geskep op";
68$lang['Creation date'] = "Skep datum";
69$lang['Current password is wrong'] = "Huidige wagwoord is verkeerd";
70$lang['Dimensions'] = "Afmetings";
71$lang['Display'] = "Vertoon";
72$lang['Each listed rule must be satisfied.'] = "Elke gelyste kriteria moet aan voldoen word.";
73$lang['Email address'] = "Epos adres";
74$lang['Enter your personnal informations'] = "Sleutel persoonlike data in";
75$lang['Error sending email'] = "Fout wanneer epos gestuur word";
76$lang['File name'] = "Lêernaam";
77$lang['File'] = "Lêer";
78$lang['Filesize'] = "Lêer grootte";
79$lang['Filter and display'] = "Filtreer en vertoon";
80$lang['Filter'] = "Filtreer";
81$lang['Forgot your password?'] = "Wagwoord vergeet?";
82$lang['Go through the gallery as a visitor'] = "Navigeer deur die gallery as 'n besoeker";
83$lang['Help'] = "Hulp";
84$lang['Identification'] = "Identifikasie";
85$lang['Photos only RSS feed'] = "Foto RSS string";
86$lang['Keyword'] = "Sleutelwoord";
87$lang['Links'] = "Skakels";
88$lang['N/A'] = "Nvt";
89$lang['New on %s'] = "Nuut op %s";
90$lang['New password confirmation does not correspond'] = "U wagwoord bevestiging stem nie ooreen nie";
91$lang['Notification'] = "Kennisgewing";
92$lang['Number of items'] = "Getal items";
93$lang['Original dimensions'] = "Oorspronklike afmetings";
94$lang['Password forgotten'] = "Wagwoord vergeet";
95$lang['Password'] = "Wagwoord";
96$lang['Post date'] = "Datum bygevoeg";
97$lang['Posted on'] = "Bygevoeg op";
98$lang['Profile'] = "Profiel";
99$lang['Quick connect'] = "Vinnig verbind";
100$lang['RSS feed'] = "RSS string";
101$lang['Register'] = "Registreer";
102$lang['Registration'] = "Registrasie";
103$lang['Related tags'] = "Verbandhoudende sleutelwoorde";
104$lang['Reset'] = "Herstel";
105$lang['Retrieve password'] = "Herwin wagwoord";
106$lang['Search rules'] = "Soek kriteria";
107$lang['Search tags'] = "Soek sleutelwoorde";
108$lang['Search'] = "Soek";
109$lang['display available tags'] = "Vertoon beskikbare sleutelwoorde";
110$lang['Since'] = "Sedert";
111$lang['Sort by'] = "Sorteer volgens";
112$lang['Sort order'] = "Sorteer orde";
113$lang['Tag'] = "Sleutelwoord";
114$lang['Tags'] = "Sleutelwoorde";
115$lang['The RSS notification feed provides notification on news from this website : new photos, updated albums, new comments. Use a RSS feed reader.'] = "Die RSS string gee kennis van nuwe gebeure op die webwerf: nuwe fotos, opdatering van albums en nuwe kommentaar. Gebruik saam met RSS stringleser.";
116$lang['Unknown feed identifier'] = "Onbekende string identifiseerder";
117$lang['User comments'] = "Gebruikerskommentaar";
118$lang['Username'] = "Gebruikersnaam";
119$lang['Visits'] = "Besoeke";
120$lang['Webmaster'] = "Webwerf admin";
121$lang['Week %d'] = "Weeks %d";
122$lang['About Piwigo'] = "Oor Piwigo";
123$lang['You are not authorized to access the requested page'] = "U is nie gemagtig om die blad te besoek nie";
124$lang['add to caddie'] = "plaas in mandjie";
125$lang['add this photo to your favorites'] = "plaas die foto by u gunstelinge";
126$lang['Administration'] = "Administrasie";
127$lang['all'] = "alles";
128$lang['ascending'] = "toenemend";
129$lang['author(s) : %s'] = "outeur(s) : %s";
130$lang['Expand all albums'] = "Vergroot alle albums";
131$lang['posted after %s (%s)'] = "bygevoeg na %s (%s)";
132$lang['posted before %s (%s)'] = "bygevoeg voor %s (%s)";
133$lang['posted between %s (%s) and %s (%s)'] = "bygevoeg tussen %s (%s) en %s (%s)";
134$lang['posted on %s'] = "bygevoeg op %s";
135$lang['Best rated'] = "Hoogste gradering";
136$lang['display best rated photos'] = "Vertoon gewildste fotos";
137$lang['caddie'] = "mandjie";
138$lang['Calendar'] = "Kalender";
139$lang['All'] = "Almal";
140$lang['display each day with photos, month per month'] = "Vertoon elke dag met nuwe fotos, maand per maand";
141$lang['View'] = "Besigtig";
142$lang['chronology_monthly_calendar'] = "Maandelikse kalender";
143$lang['chronology_monthly_list'] = "Maandelikse lys";
144$lang['chronology_weekly_list'] = "Weeklikse lys";
145$lang['Click here if your browser does not automatically forward you'] = "Kliek hier as die leser u nie automaties neem nie";
146$lang['comment date'] = "kommentaar datum";
147$lang['Comment'] = "Kommentaar";
148$lang['Your comment has been registered'] = "U kommentaar is geregistreer";
149$lang['Anti-flood system : please wait for a moment before trying to post another comment'] = "Gemorspos voorkoming : Was asb 'n oomblik voor u weer probeer";
150$lang['Your comment has NOT been registered because it did not pass the validation rules'] = "U kommentaar is in die asblik, dit het nie die verifikasie toets deurstaan nie";
151$lang['An administrator must authorize your comment before it is visible.'] = "Die Administrateur moet u kommentaar goedkeur VOOR dit sal vertoon.";
152$lang['This login is already used by another user'] = "Die aanteken naam is ongelukkig reeds in gebruik";
153$lang['Comments'] = "Kommentaar";
154$lang['Add a comment'] = "Los kommentaar";
155$lang['created after %s (%s)'] = "geskep na %s (%s)";
156$lang['created before %s (%s)'] = "geskep voor %s (%s)";
157$lang['created between %s (%s) and %s (%s)'] = "geskep tussen %s (%s) en %s (%s)";
158$lang['created on %s'] = "geskep op %s";
159$lang['Customize'] = "Verander na smaak";
160$lang['Your Gallery Customization'] = "Verander U gallery na smaak";
161$lang['day'][0] = "Sondag";
162$lang['day'][1] = "Maandag";
163$lang['day'][2] = "Dinsdag";
164$lang['day'][3] = "Woensdag";
165$lang['day'][4] = "Donderdag";
166$lang['day'][5] = "Vrydag";
167$lang['day'][6] = "Saterdag";
168$lang['Default'] = "Verstek";
169$lang['delete this photo from your favorites'] = "Verwyder die foto onder u gunstelinge";
170$lang['Delete'] = "Verwyder";
171$lang['descending'] = "afnemend";
172$lang['download'] = "Laai af";
173$lang['download this file'] = "Laai die lêer af";
174$lang['edit'] = "verander";
175$lang['wrong date'] = "verkeerde datum";
176$lang['excluded'] = "uitgesluit";
177$lang['Your favorites'] = "U gunstelinge";
178$lang['display your favorites photos'] = "vertoon u gunsteling fotos";
179$lang['Favorites'] = "Gunstelinge";
180$lang['First'] = "Eerste";
181$lang['The gallery is locked for maintenance. Please, come back later.'] = "Die gallery is toe vir instandhouding. Kom besoek ons asb. later weer.";
182$lang['Page generated in'] = "Bladsy gegenereer in";
183$lang['guest'] = "gas";
184$lang['Hello'] = "Hallo";
185$lang['available for administrators only'] = "slegs vir administrateur beskikbaar";
186$lang['display this album'] = "vertoon hierdie album";
187$lang['display last user comments'] = "vertoon die laaste gebruiker se kommentaar";
188$lang['customize the appareance of the gallery'] = "Verander die voorkoms van die gallery";
189$lang['search'] = "soek";
190$lang['Home'] = "Tuis";
191$lang['in this album'] = "in hierdie album";
192$lang['in %d sub-album'] = "in %d sub-album";
193$lang['in %d sub-albums'] = "in %d sub-albums";
194$lang['included'] = "ingesluit";
195$lang['Invalid password!'] = "Ongeldige wagwoord!";
196$lang['Language'] = "Taal";
197$lang['last %d days'] = "laaste %d dae";
198$lang['Last'] = "Laaste";
199$lang['Logout'] = "Teken uit";
200$lang['E-mail address'] = "Epos adres";
201$lang['obligatory'] = "verplig";
202$lang['Maximum photo height'] = "Maksimum foto hoogte";
203$lang['Maximum height must be a number superior to 50'] = "Maksimum hoogte moet 'n getal groter as 50 wees";
204$lang['Maximum photo width'] = "Maksimum foto wydte";
205$lang['Maximum width must be a number superior to 50'] = "Maksimum wydte moet 'n getal groter as 50 wees";
206$lang['display a calendar by creation date'] = "vertoon 'n kalender volgens datum geskep";
207$lang['display all photos in all sub-albums'] = "vertoon alle fotos in alle sub-albums";
208$lang['return to normal view mode'] = "gaan terug na normale voorkoms";
209$lang['display a calendar by posted date'] = "vertoon die kalender volgens publikasie datum";
210$lang['month'][10] = "Oktober";
211$lang['month'][11] = "November";
212$lang['month'][12] = "Desember";
213$lang['month'][1] = "Januarie";
214$lang['month'][2] = "Februarie";
215$lang['month'][3] = "Maart";
216$lang['month'][4] = "April";
217$lang['month'][5] = "Mei";
218$lang['month'][6] = "Junie";
219$lang['month'][7] = "Julie";
220$lang['month'][8] = "Augustus";
221$lang['month'][9] = "September";
222$lang['Most visited'] = "Meeste besoek";
223$lang['display most visited photos'] = "vertoon gewildste fotos";
224$lang['Unknown identifier'] = "Onbekende identifiseerder";
225$lang['New password'] = "Nuwe wagwoord";
226$lang['Rate this photo'] = "Gradeer die foto";
227$lang['Next'] = "Volgende";
228$lang['no rate'] = "geen gradering";
229$lang['Photos posted within the last %d day.'] = "Slegs fotos wat binne die laaste %d dae gepos is.";
230$lang['Photos posted within the last %d days.'] = "Slegs fotos wat die laaste %d dae gepos is.";
231$lang['password updated'] = "wagwoord opgedateer";
232$lang['Recent period must be a positive integer value'] = "Onlangse periode moet 'n positiewe waarde wees";
233$lang['photo'] = "foto";
234$lang['Click on the photo to see it in high definition'] = "Kliek om die foto in hoë definisie te sien";
235$lang['Show file metadata'] = "Wys lêer metadata";
236$lang['Powered by'] = "Aangedryf deur";
237$lang['Preferences'] = "Voorkeure";
238$lang['Previous'] = "Vorige";
239$lang['Random photos'] = "Lukraak fotos";
240$lang['display a set of random photos'] = "vertoon 'n stel lukraak fotos";
241$lang['Recent albums'] = "Onlangse albums";
242$lang['display recently updated albums'] = "Vertoon albums wat onlangs opgedateer is";
243$lang['Recent period'] = "Onlangs periode";
244$lang['Recent photos'] = "Onlangse fotos";
245$lang['display most recent photos'] = "Vertoon mees onlangse fotos";
246$lang['Redirection...'] = "Verwysing...";
247$lang['Please, enter a login'] = "Vul 'n aanteken naam in";
248$lang['login mustn\'t end with a space character'] = "Aanteken naam mag nie op 'n spasie eindig nie";
249$lang['login mustn\'t start with a space character'] = "Aanteken naam kan nie met 'n spasie begin nie";
250$lang['this login is already used'] = "die aanteken naam is reeds in gebruik";
251$lang['mail address must be like xxx@yyy.eee (example :'] = "epos adres moet wees soos (voorbeeld :";
252$lang['please enter your password again'] = "Sleutel jou wagwoord weer in";
253$lang['Auto login'] = "Auto login";
254$lang['remove this tag from the list'] = "haal die sleutelwoord uit die lys uit";
255$lang['representative'] = "verteenwoordiger";
256$lang['Search for Author'] = "Soek vir 'n outeur";
257$lang['Search in albums'] = "Soek in albums";
258$lang['Search by Date'] = "Soek volgens datum";
259$lang['Date'] = "Datum";
260$lang['End-Date'] = "Eind datum";
261$lang['Kind of date'] = "Tipe datum";
262$lang['Search for words'] = "Soek vir woorde";
263$lang['Search for all terms'] = "Soek vir alle terme";
264$lang['Search for any terms'] = "Soek vir enige term";
265$lang['Empty query. No criteria has been entered.'] = "Soektog leeg. Geen kriteria is ingevul nie.";
266$lang['Search Options'] = "Soektog opsies";
267$lang['Search results'] = "Soektog resultate";
268$lang['Search in sub-albums'] = "Soek in sub-albums";
269$lang['searched words : %s'] = "Soek woorde : %s";
270$lang['Contact'] = "Kontak";
271$lang['set as album representative'] = "Stel as album verteenwoordiger";
272$lang['Show number of comments'] = "Toon aantal kommentare";
273$lang['Show number of hits'] = "Wys aantal besoeke";
274$lang['slideshow'] = "skyfiereeks";
275$lang['stop the slideshow'] = "stop die skyfiereeks";
276$lang['Specials'] = "Treffers";
277$lang['SQL queries in'] = "SQL navrae in";
278$lang['display only recently posted photos'] = "Vertoon slegs fotos wat onlangs gepos is";
279$lang['return to the display of all photos'] = "gaan terug na vertoning van alle fotos";
280$lang['the beginning'] = "die begin";
281$lang['Interface theme'] = "Koppelvlak tema";
282$lang['Thumbnails'] = "Duimnale";
283$lang['Menu'] = "Keusepaneel";
284$lang['A comment on your site'] = "Kommentaar op u werf";
285$lang['today'] = "vandag";
286$lang['Update your rating'] = "Dateer u gradering op";
287$lang['wrong filename'] = "Verkeerde lêernaam";
288$lang['the username must be given'] = "die gebruikersnaam word vereis";
289$lang['useful when password forgotten'] = "handig indien wagwoord vergeet is";
290$lang['Quick search'] = "Vinnige soek";
291$lang['Connected user: %s'] = "Gebruikers aanlyn: %s";
292$lang['IP: %s'] = "IP: %s";
293$lang['Browser: %s'] = "Leser: %s";
294$lang['Author: %s'] = "Outeur: %s";
295$lang['Comment: %s'] = "Kommentaar: %s";
296$lang['Comment by %s'] = "Kommentaar deur %s";
297$lang['User: %s'] = "Gebruiker: %s";
298$lang['Email: %s'] = "Epos: %s";
299$lang['Admin: %s'] = "Admin: %s";
300$lang['Registration of %s'] = "Registrasie van %s";
301$lang['Album: %s'] = "Album: %s";
302$lang['Bad status for user "guest", using default status. Please notify the webmaster.'] = "Swak status vir gebruiker \"gas\", verstek status sal gebruik word. Kontak die webwerf adminisrateur.";
303$lang['this email address is already in use'] = "die epos is reeds in gebruik";
304$lang['Album results for'] = "Album resultate vir";
305$lang['Tag results for'] = "Sleutelwoord resultate vir";
306$lang['from %s to %s'] = "van %s na %s";
307$lang['Play of slideshow'] = "Speel skyfiereeks";
308$lang['Pause of slideshow'] = "Halt skyfiereeks";
309$lang['Repeat the slideshow'] = "Herhaal skyfiereeks";
310$lang['Not repeat the slideshow'] = "Moenie skyfiereeks herhaal nie";
311$lang['Reduce diaporama speed'] = "Verminder skyfiereeks spoed";
312$lang['Accelerate diaporama speed'] = "Verhoog skyfiereeks spoed";
313$lang['Submit'] = "Stuur";
314$lang['Yes'] = "Ja";
315$lang['No'] = "Nee";
316$lang['%d photo'] = "%d foto";
317$lang['%d photos'] = "%d fotos";
318$lang['%d photo is also linked to current tags'] = "%d foto is gekoppel aan huidige sleutelwoorde";
319$lang['%d photos are also linked to current tags'] = "%d fotos is gekoppel aan huidige sleutelwoorde";
320$lang['display photos linked to this tag'] = "vertoon fotos gekoppel aan die sleutelwoorde";
321$lang['photos posted during the last %d days'] = "fotos gepos die laaste %d dae";
322$lang['Piwigo Help'] = "Piwigo hulp";
323$lang['Rank'] = "Orde";
324$lang['group by letters'] = "groepeer volgens letters";
325$lang['letters'] = "letters";
326$lang['show tag cloud'] = "wys sleutelwoorde in sleutelwolk";
327$lang['cloud'] = "wolk";
328$lang['Reset to default values'] = "Herstel na verstek waardes";
329$lang['delete all photos from your favorites'] = "verwyder alle fotos vanuit gunstelinge";
330$lang['Sent by'] = "Gestuur deur";
331$lang['Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to connect.'] = "Koekblik is toe, of word nie deur u leser ondersteun nie. U moet koekies ontvang om te kan aanteken.";
332$lang['edit this comment'] = "wysig die kommentaar";
333$lang['Edit a comment'] = "Wysig kommentaar";
334$lang['Are you sure?'] = "Is jy seker?";
335$lang['(!) This comment requires validation'] = '(!) Die kommentaar vereis validasie';
336$lang['Welcome'] = 'Welkom';
337$lang['Welcome to your Piwigo photo gallery!'] = 'Welkom by u Piwigo foto gallery!';
338$lang['... or browse your empty gallery'] = '... of kyk deur die spook gallery';
339$lang['... or please deactivate this message, I will find my way by myself'] = '... of haal die boodskap af, ek sal my eie pad vind';
340$lang['Hello %s, your Piwigo photo gallery is empty!'] = 'Hallo %s, jou Piwigo foto gallery is leeg!';
341$lang['I want to add photos'] = 'Ek wil fotos bylas';
342$lang['Manage this user comment: %s'] = 'bestuur die gebruiker se kommentaar: %s';
343$lang['Email address is missing. Please specify an email address.'] = "Epos adres word vermis. Spesifiseer asb. epos adres.";
344$lang['This author modified following comment:'] = 'Die outeur het die volgende kommentaar verander:';
345$lang['This author removed the comment with id %d'] = 'Die outeur het die kommentaar met id %d verwyder';
346$lang['delete this comment'] = "verwyder die kommentaar";
347$lang['validate this comment'] = 'keur die kommentaar goed';
348$lang['html tags are not allowed in login'] = 'html mag nie in aantekening gebruik word nie';
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