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2// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
3// | Piwigo - a PHP based photo gallery                                    |
4// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
5// | Copyright(C) 2008-2013 Piwigo Team         |
6// | Copyright(C) 2003-2008 PhpWebGallery Team |
7// | Copyright(C) 2002-2003 Pierrick LE GALL |
8// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
9// | This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  |
10// | it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  |
11// | the Free Software Foundation                                          |
12// |                                                                       |
13// | This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but   |
14// | WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of            |
16// | General Public License for more details.                              |
17// |                                                                       |
18// | You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License     |
19// | along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software           |
20// | Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, |
21// | USA.                                                                  |
22// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
26$lang['(this tag will be deleted)'] = '(this keyword will be deleted)';
27$lang['Add a criteria'] = 'Add a criterion';
28$lang['add new photos to caddie'] = "add new photos to collection";
29$lang['Add to caddie'] = "Add to collection";
30$lang['albums added in the database'] = "albums added to the database";
31$lang['Albums authorized thanks to group associations'] = "Albums authorised by group association";
32$lang['All optimizations have been successfully completed.'] = "All optimisations have been successfully completed.";
33$lang['Allow user customization'] = 'Allow user customisation';
34$lang['Are you sure to install this upgrade? You must verify if this version does not need uninstallation.'] = "Are you sure you want to install this upgrade? You must check if this version needs prior uninstallation.";
35$lang['Authorize users to add comments on selected albums'] = "Authorise users to add comments on selected albums";
36$lang['Authorized'] = "Authorised";
37$lang['Caddie management'] = "Collection management";
38$lang['Caddie'] = "Collection";
39$lang['Complementary mail content'] = "Extra mail content";
40$lang['Database synchronization with files'] = "Database synchronization with files";
41$lang['Does not represent'] = "Is not thumbnail for";
42$lang['Duplicate selected tags'] = 'Duplicate selected keywords';
43$lang['Edit selected tags'] = "Edit selected keywords";
44$lang['Edit tags'] = "Edit keyword";
45$lang['Errors caption'] = "Error legend";
46$lang['errors during synchronization'] = "errors during synchronisation";
47$lang['even already synchronized photos'] = "including already synchronised photos";
48$lang['Execution time is out, treatment must be continue [Estimated time: %d seconds].'] = "Permitted execution time exceeded, operation will continue [Estimated time: %d seconds].";
49$lang['Following plugins may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:'] = 'The following plugins may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:';
50$lang['Following themes may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:'] = 'The following themes may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:';
51$lang['FTP + Synchronization'] = 'FTP + Synchronisation';
52$lang['Group management'] = "Group management";
53$lang['I decide to update anyway'] = 'I choose to update anyway';
54$lang['Impossible to delete this theme. Other themes depends on it: %s'] = 'This theme cannot be deleted, because other themes depend on it: %s';
55$lang['Instructions to use Piwigo'] = "How to use Piwigo";
56$lang['Last hit'] = "Latest hit";
57$lang['Last import'] = 'Latest import';
58$lang['Last revisions'] = "Latest revisions";
59$lang['Last send'] = "Latest send";
60$lang['Link all album photos to some existing albums'] = "Link all album photos to some existing album";
61$lang['Manage tags'] = 'Manage keywords';
62$lang['Manage the members'] = 'Manage members';
63$lang['Merge selected tags'] = 'Merge selected keywords';
64$lang['Merge tags'] = 'Merge keywords';
65$lang['Metadata synchronization results'] = "Metadata synchronisation results";
66$lang['Metadata synchronized from file'] = "Metadata synchronised from file";
67$lang['only perform a simulation (no change in database will be made)'] = "perform a simulation only (nothing will be changed in the database)";
68$lang['Operation in progress'] = 'Operation in progress.';
69$lang['Optimizations have been completed with some errors.'] = "Optimisations have been completed with some errors.";
70$lang['Orphan tags deleted'] = 'Orphan keywords deleted';
71$lang['Photo informations updated'] = "Photo information updated";
72$lang['photos added in the database'] = "photos added to the database";
73$lang['photos candidates for metadata synchronization'] = "candidate photos for metadata synchronisation";
74$lang['photos informations synchronized with files metadata'] = "photo information synchronised with file metadata";
75$lang['Purge never used notification feeds'] = "Purge unused notification feeds";
76$lang['Quick Local Synchronization'] = "Quick Local Synchronisation";
77$lang['reduce to single existing albums'] = "reduce to single existing album";
78$lang['Reinitialize check integrity'] = "Reinitialise integrity check";
79$lang['Remove from caddie'] = 'Remove from collection';
80$lang['remove tags'] = 'Remove keywords';
81$lang['Repair and optimize database'] = "Repair and optimise database";
82$lang['Replacement of original templates by customized templates from template-extension subfolder'] = "Replacement of original templates by customised templates from the template-extension subfolder";
83$lang['Replacers (customized templates)'] = "Substitutes (customised templates)";
84$lang['Select at least two tags for merging'] = 'Select at least two keywords for merging';
85$lang['Subscribers could be listed (available) only if there is new elements to notify.'] = "Subscribers listed (available) only if there are new elements to notify.";
86$lang['synchronize files metadata with database photos informations'] = "synchronise database photos with file metadata";
87$lang['synchronize files structure with database'] = "synchronise file structure with database";
88$lang['Synchronize metadata'] = "Synchronise metadata";
89$lang['Synchronize'] = "Synchronise";
90$lang['Tag "%s" already exists'] = "Keyword \"%s\" already exists";
91$lang['Tag "%s" is now a duplicate of "%s"'] = "Keyword \"%s\" is now a duplicate of \"%s\"";
92$lang['Tag "%s" was added'] = "Keyword \"%s\" has been added";
93$lang['Tag selection'] = "Keyword selection";
94$lang['Tags <em>%s</em> merged into tag <em>%s</em>'] = 'Keywords <em>%s</em> merged into keyword <em>%s</em>';
95$lang['The %d following tags were deleted'] = "The following %d keywords have been deleted";
96$lang['The anomaly will be ignored until next application version'] = "The anomaly will be ignored until the next version of the application";
97$lang['The following tag was deleted'] = 'The following keyword was deleted';
98$lang['The number of comments a page must be between 5 and 50 included.'] = "The number of comments on a page must be between 5 and 50 inclusive.";
99$lang['The webmaster has subscribed you to receiving notifications by mail.'] = "The webmaster has added you to the mail notification list.";
100$lang['The webmaster has unsubscribed you from receiving notifications by mail.'] = "The webmaster has removed you from the list for receiving notifications by mail.";
101$lang['There is no available subscribers to mail.'] = "There are no subscribers to be notified by mail.";
102$lang['Thumbnails generation in progress...'] = 'Thumbnail generation in progress...';
103$lang['Time to send mail is limited. Others mails are skipped.'] = "The maximum time for sending mail has been exceeded. Remaining emails have been skipped.";
104$lang['Update albums informations'] = "Update album information";
105$lang['Update photos information'] = "Update photo information";
106$lang['User list'] = "User list";
107$lang['Virtual albums to move'] = "Virtual albums to be moved";
108$lang['With no tag'] = 'With no keyword';
109$lang['You are running on development sources, no check possible.'] = "You are running a development version, no check possible.";
110$lang['You have specified <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i> in your local configuration file, this parameter in deprecated, please remove it or rename it into <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i> !'] = 'You have specified <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i> in your local configuration file, this parameter is deprecated, please remove it or rename it to <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i> !';
111$lang['You need to upgrade your system to take full advantage of the application else the application will not work correctly, or not at all'] = "Please upgrade your system to take full advantage of the application, otherwise it might work improperly, or not at all";
113$lang['digiKam is designed for photographers who want to view, manage, edit, enhance, organize, tag, and share photographs.'] = 'digiKam is designed for photographers who want to view, manage, edit, enhance, organise, tag, and share photographs.';
114$lang['You have %d orphan tags: %s.'] = 'You have %d orphan keywords: %s.';
115$lang['Source tag'] = 'Source keyword';
116$lang['Select the destination tag'] = 'Select the destination keyword';
117$lang['Select at least one tag'] = 'Select at least one keyword';
118$lang['No destination tag selected'] = 'No destination keyword selected';
119$lang['New tag'] = 'New Keyword';
120$lang['Delete orphan tags'] = 'Delete orphan keywords';
121$lang['Delete selected tags'] = 'Deleted selected keywords';
122$lang['Add tags'] = 'Add keywords';
123$lang['Add a tag'] = 'Add a keyword';
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