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1<h2>Album options</h2>
3<p>Options management for several albums at once.</p>
7  <dt>Comments</dt>
8  <dd>Authorize users to add comments on selected albums.
9Selects the albums which are commentable.
10An photo is commentable if it belongs to at least one album that is commentable.</dd>
12  <dt>Lock</dt>
13  <dd>Selected albums will be temporaly disabled for maintenance. If
14  you lock a album, all its child albums become locked. If you unlock
15  a album, all its parent albums become unlocked.</dd>
17  <dt>Public / private</dt>
18  <dd>Authorizations exist for private albums only. When albums are
19  private, you will have to grant users and/or groups access to
20  them. If you make a album private, all its child albums becomes
21  private. If you make a album public, all its parent albums becomes
22  public</dd>
24  <dt>Representative</dt>
25  <dd>This option can be managed only if you set
26  <code>allow_random_representative</code> (see <span
27  class="filename">include/</span>) configuration parameter to
28  <em>true</em>. Each album can be represented by a random photo or by a photo chosen as unique representative.</dd>
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