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2// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
3// | Piwigo - a PHP based photo gallery                                    |
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5// | Copyright(C) 2008-2011 Piwigo Team         |
6// | Copyright(C) 2003-2008 PhpWebGallery Team |
7// | Copyright(C) 2002-2003 Pierrick LE GALL |
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9// | This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  |
10// | it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  |
11// | the Free Software Foundation                                          |
12// |                                                                       |
13// | This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but   |
14// | WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of            |
16// | General Public License for more details.                              |
17// |                                                                       |
18// | You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License     |
19// | along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software           |
20// | Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, |
21// | USA.                                                                  |
22// +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+
24$lang['%d association'] = '%d 相关';
25$lang['%d associations'] = '%d 相关';
26$lang['%d album including'] = '%d 相册包含中';
27$lang['%d albums including'] = '%d 相册包含中';
28$lang['%d physical'] = '物理 %d';
29$lang['%d physical'] = '物理 %d ';
30$lang[' and %d virtual'] = ' 和 虚拟 %d ';
31$lang[' and %d virtual'] = ' 和 虚拟 %d ';
32$lang['%d album moved'] = '%d 相册已移动';
33$lang['%d albums moved'] = '%d 相册已移动';
34$lang['%d group'] = '%d 组';
35$lang['%d groups'] = '%d 组';
36$lang['%d member'] = '%d 成员';
37$lang['%d members'] = '%d 成员';
38$lang['%d tag'] = '%d 标签';
39$lang['%d tags'] = '%d 标签';
40$lang['%d user comment rejected'] = '%d 用户评论被删除';
41$lang['%d user comments rejected'] = '%d 用户评论被删除';
42$lang['%d user comment validated'] = '%d 用户评论已确认有效';
43$lang['%d user comments validated'] = '%d 用户评论已确认有效';
44$lang['%d user deleted'] = '%d 用户已删除';
45$lang['%d users deleted'] = '%d 用户已删除';
46$lang['%d user'] = '%d 用户';
47$lang['%d users'] = '%d 用户';
48$lang['%d waiting for validation'] = '%d 等待确认有效';
49$lang['Actions'] = '实施';
50$lang['Activate'] = '激活';
51$lang['Add/delete a permalink'] = '增加/删除一个固定链接';
52$lang['Add a tag'] = '增加标签';
53$lang['Add a user'] = '增加用户';
54$lang['Add group'] = '增加组';
55$lang['Add'] = '增加';
56$lang['Allow user registration'] = '允许用户注册';
57$lang['Apply to sub-albums'] = '应用到子相册';
58$lang['Associated'] = '关联于';
59$lang['Batch management'] = '分批管理';
60$lang['Caddie management'] = '购物篮管理';
61$lang['Caddie'] = '购物篮';
62$lang['Albums authorized thanks to group associations'] = '相册组织授权感谢协会';
63$lang['Album manual order was saved'] = '相册手工排序已保存';
64$lang['Check for upgrade failed for unknown reasons.'] = '因未知原因导致更新检测失败.';
65$lang['Check for upgrade'] = '检测更新';
66$lang['Comments for all'] = '对所有成员进行评论';
67$lang['Current name'] = '现用名';
68$lang['Database'] = '数据库';
69$lang['Deactivate'] = '注销';
70$lang['Delete Representant'] = '删除代理人';
71$lang['Delete selected tags'] = '删除所选标签';
72$lang['Delete selected users'] = '删除所选用户';
73$lang['Deletions'] = '删除';
74$lang['Deny selected groups'] = '所选组禁止访问';
75$lang['Deny selected users'] = '所选用户禁止访问';
76$lang['Description'] = '描述';
77$lang['Display options'] = '显示选项';
78$lang['Dissociated'] = '取消联系';
79$lang['Does not represent'] = '不需描绘';
80$lang['Edit selected tags'] = '编辑所选标签';
81$lang['Edit tags'] = '编辑标签';
82$lang['Email admins when a new user registers'] = '一旦用户注册就通知管理员';
83$lang['Email admins when a valid comment is entered'] = '当用户发表评论时就通知管理员';
84$lang['Email admins when a comment requires validation'] = '当用户要求确认他的评论时通知管理员';
85$lang['Environment'] = '环境';
86$lang['Form'] = '表单';
87$lang['Gallery title'] = '图库标题';
88$lang['Grant selected groups'] = '对所选组授权';
89$lang['Grant selected users'] = '对所选用户授权';
90$lang['Group name'] = '组名';
91$lang['Groups'] = '组';
92$lang['Guests'] = '游客';
93$lang['History'] = '历史';
94$lang['Informations'] = '信息';
95$lang['Install'] = '安装';
96$lang['Link all album photos to a new album'] = '链接所有相册的相片到新的相册';
97$lang['Link all album photos to some existing albums'] = '链接所有相册的相片到现有的相册';
98$lang['Linked albums'] = '已链接相册';
99$lang['Lock gallery'] = '冻结图库';
100$lang['Maintenance'] = '维护';
101$lang['Edit album permissions'] = '管理相册的权限';
102$lang['Manage permissions for group "%s"'] = '对组 "%s" 进行权限管理';
103$lang['Manage permissions for user "%s"'] = '对用户 "%s" 进行权限管理';
104$lang['Manage tags'] = '标签管理';
105$lang['Members'] = '成员';
106$lang['Metadata synchronized from file'] = '对文件进行元数据同步';
107$lang['Move albums'] = '移动相册';
108$lang['Move'] = '移动';
109$lang['Name'] = '名字';
110$lang['New name'] = '新名';
111$lang['New parent album'] = '新的父相册';
112$lang['New tag'] = '新标签';
113$lang['Number of comments per page'] = '每页评论数';
114$lang['Number of rates'] = '投票数';
115$lang['Number of thumbnails to create'] = '缩略图数';
116$lang['Only private albums are listed'] = '只列出私有相册';
117$lang['Operating system'] = '操作系统';
118$lang['Options'] = '选项';
119$lang['Other private albums'] = '其他私有相册';
120$lang['Page banner'] = '页标语';
121$lang['Parent album'] = '父相册';
122$lang['Path'] = '路径';
123$lang['Permalink'] = '固定链接';
124$lang['Permalink %s has been previously used by album %s. Delete from the permalink history first'] = '固定链接 %s 已被 %s 相册使用了。请先从固定链接历史记录删除。';
125$lang['The permalink name must be composed of a-z, A-Z, 0-9, "-", "_" or "/". It must not be numeric or start with number followed by "-"'] = '固定链接中包含了非法字符("a-zA-Z0-9", "-", "_" ou "/"). 禁止使用数字和以"-"开头后面紧跟数字';
126$lang['Permalink %s is already used by album %s'] = '固定链接 %s 已被 %s 相册使用了';
127$lang['Permalink history'] = '固定链接历史记录';
128$lang['Permalinks'] = '固定链接';
129$lang['Permission denied'] = '禁止访问';
130$lang['Permission granted thanks to a group'] = '同组成员可以访问授权类';
131$lang['Permission granted'] = '允许访问';
132$lang['Photo informations updated'] = '图片更新信息';
133$lang['Plugins'] = '插件';
134$lang['Position'] = '位置';
135$lang['Preferences'] = '个人偏好';
136$lang['Properties'] = '属性';
137$lang['Random photo'] = '随机';
138$lang['Rate date'] = '投票日期';
139$lang['Rating by guests'] = '游客投票数';
140$lang['Rating'] = '投票';
141$lang['Reject'] = '取消';
142$lang['Representant'] = '代理人';
143$lang['Representation of albums'] = '相册代表';
144$lang['Representative'] = '代理人';
145$lang['Represents'] = '代理';
146$lang['Save order'] = '保存排序';
147$lang['Save to permalink history'] = '保存到固定链接的历史记录中';
148$lang['Select at least one album'] = '选择最后一个相册';
149$lang['Select at least one photo'] = '至少选中一张图片';
150$lang['Select at least one user'] = '至少选中一个用户';
151$lang['Show info'] = '显示所有信息';
152$lang['Site manager'] = '网管';
153$lang['Status'] = '状态';
154$lang['Statistics'] = '统计';
155$lang['Storage album'] = '存储相册';
156$lang['Sum of rates'] = '总投票分';
157$lang['Tag "%s" already exists'] = '标签 "%s" 已存在';
158$lang['Tag "%s" was added'] = '标签 "%s" 已加入';
159$lang['Tag selection'] = '标签选择';
160$lang['The %d following tags were deleted'] = '下面标签 %d 已删除';
161$lang['Unable to check for upgrade.'] = '不能检测更新.';
162$lang['Uninstall'] = '卸载';
163$lang['Use the default photo sort order (defined in the configuration file)']='使用默认图片排序(在配置文件中定义)';
164$lang['User comments validation'] = '确认用户评论';
165$lang['Users'] = '用户';
166$lang['Validate'] = '确认';
167$lang['Validation'] = '确认';
168$lang['Version'] = '版本';
169$lang['Virtual albums to move'] = '移动虚拟相册';
170$lang['Virtual album name'] = '虚拟相册名称';
171$lang['Webmaster cannot be deleted'] = '不能删除网管帐户';
172$lang['You are running on development sources, no check possible.'] = '你运行的是源码开发版本, 不能检测最新版.';
173$lang['You cannot delete your account'] = "你不能删除自己本身帐号";
174$lang['You cannot move an album in its own sub album'] = '您不能将一个相册移动到其子相册里';
175$lang['You need to confirm deletion'] = '你必须确认删除操作';
176$lang['add tags'] = '增加标签';
177$lang['Associate to album'] = '联合到相册';
178$lang['associate to group'] = '关联到组';
179$lang['Authorized'] = '授权';
180$lang['Add a virtual album'] = '添加一个虚拟相册';
181$lang['Authorize users to add comments on selected albums'] = '让用户可在所选相册里发表评论';
182$lang['The name of an album must not be empty'] = '相册名称不能为空';
183$lang['Lock albums'] = '锁定相册';
184$lang['Private'] = '私有相册';
185$lang['Public'] = '公共相册';
186$lang['Find a new representant by random'] = '随机寻找代理人';
187$lang['Public / Private'] = '公有 / 私有';
188$lang['Manage authorizations for selected albums'] = '管理所选相册的授权';
189$lang['Virtual album added'] = '虚拟相册已添加';
190$lang['Virtual album deleted'] = '虚拟相册已删除';
191$lang['Access type'] = '权限类型';
192$lang['Comments'] = '评论';
193$lang['Information data registered in database'] = '信息已保存到数据库中';
194$lang['Default display'] = '默认显示';
195$lang['The gallery URL is not valid.'] = '图库地址不合法.';
196$lang['Main'] = '主页';
197$lang['The number of comments a page must be between 5 and 50 included.'] = '每页用户评论数必须在5和50之间.';
198$lang['Configuration'] = '设置';
199$lang['confirm'] = '设置';
200$lang['Date'] = '日期';
201$lang['delete album'] = '删除相册';
202$lang['Dissociate from album'] = '从相册里分离';
203$lang['dissociate from group'] = '取消组关联';
204$lang['edit album permissions'] = '修改相册权限';
205$lang['Album updated successfully'] = '相册信息已上传成功.';
206$lang['photos per page'] = '每页图片';
207$lang['High definition enabled'] = '激活高清功能';
208$lang['File'] = '文件';
209$lang['Filesize'] = '大小';
210$lang['first photo added on %s'] = '于 %s 上传了第一幅图';
211$lang['Forbidden'] = '禁止';
212$lang['global mode'] = '全局模式';
213$lang['group "%s" added'] = '增加 "%s" 组';
214$lang['group "%s" deleted'] = '删除 "%s" 组';
215$lang['group "%s" updated'] = '更新 "%s" 组';
216$lang['group'] = '组';
217$lang['The name of a group must not contain " or \' or be empty.'] = '组名不能包含 " 或 \' 并不能为空.';
218$lang['This name is already used by another group.'] = '组名已存在.';
219$lang['High definition'] = '高清';
220$lang['jump to album'] = '跳到相册';
221$lang['jump to photo'] = '跳转到图';
222$lang['leave'] = '开锁';
223$lang['Lock'] = '上锁';
224$lang['Locked'] = '锁定';
225$lang['manage album photos'] = '管理相册里的相片';
226$lang['manage sub-albums'] = '管理子相册';
227$lang['Manage'] = '管理';
228$lang['maximum height'] = '最高高度';
229$lang['maximum width'] = '最长长度';
230$lang['Execution time is out, treatment must be continue [Estimated time: %d second].'] = '已超过执行时间, 处理还需时间[估计时间: %d 秒].';
231$lang['Execution time is out, treatment must be continue [Estimated time: %d seconds].'] = '已超过执行时间, 处理还需时间[估计时间: %d 秒].';
232$lang['Prepared time for list of users to send mail is limited. Others users are not listed.'] = '由于发送用户列表的准备时间受限制,其余用户将不被列出.';
233$lang['Time to send mail is limited. Others mails are skipped.'] = '发送邮件时间有限,其余邮件被忽略.';
234$lang['To send ?'] = '发送?';
235$lang['Last send'] = '最后一次发送';
236$lang['email'] = '邮件';
237$lang['User'] = '用户';
238$lang['Complementary mail content'] = '邮件附件';
239$lang['See you soon,'] = '再见,';
240$lang['Go to'] = '转至 ';
241$lang['Hello'] = '你好 ';
242$lang['New photos were added'] = '加入一些新图片';
243$lang['on'] = '时间: ';
244$lang['between'] = '时间: ';
245$lang['and'] = ' 至 ';
246$lang['The webmaster has subscribed you to receiving notifications by mail.'] = '网管开通了你的邮件通知功能.';
247$lang['You have subscribed to receiving notifications by mail.'] = '你开通了邮件通知功能.';
248$lang['To subscribe'] = '注册新用户';
249$lang['If you encounter problems or have any question, please send a message to'] = '如有遇到故障或问题,请发邮件至 ';
250$lang['[NBM] Problems or questions'] = '[NBM] 故障或问题';
251$lang['The webmaster has unsubscribed you from receiving notifications by mail.'] = '网管取消了你的邮件通知功能.';
252$lang['You have unsubscribed from receiving notifications by mail.'] = '你取消了你的邮件通知功能.';
253$lang[', click on'] = ', 请点击 ';
254$lang['To unsubscribe'] = '注销';
255$lang['With blank value, gallery title will be used'] = '图库标题允许为空';
256$lang['Notification'] = '通知';
257$lang['Error when sending email to %s [%s].'] = '发送邮件 给 %s [%s] 是发生了错误.';
258$lang['Mail sent to %s [%s].'] = '已发送至 %s [%s].';
259$lang['%d mail was sent.'] = '%s 邮件已发送.';
260$lang['%d mails were sent.'] = '%s 邮件已发送.';
261$lang['%d mail was not sent.'] = '%s 邮件未被发送.';
262$lang['%d mails were not sent.'] = '%s 邮件未被发送.';
263$lang['No mail to send.'] = '没有邮件要发送.';
264$lang['There is no available subscribers to mail.'] = '没有用户需要邮件通知.';
265$lang['Subscribers could be listed (available) only if there is new elements to notify.'] = '只有当有新图片时,才能使用用户邮件通知功能.';
266$lang['Anyway only webmasters can see this tab and never administrators.'] = '任何人都不能使用此标签(网管除外).';
267$lang['No user to send notifications by mail.'] = '没有邮件通知用户.';
268$lang['New photos added'] = '新图片已加入';
269$lang['Subscribe to notification by mail'] = '注册邮件通知功能';
270$lang['Unsubscribe from notification by mail'] = '注销邮件通知功能';
271$lang['Parameter'] = '设置';
272$lang['Continue processing treatment'] = '正在继续处理中...';
273$lang['Complementary mail content'] = '邮件附加内容';
274$lang['Add detailed content'] = '增加细节内容';
275$lang['Send mail as'] = '发送邮件作为';
276$lang['Send mail to users'] = '给用户发送邮件';
277$lang['Send'] = '发送';
278$lang['Options'] = '选项';
279$lang['Subscribed'] = '已注册';
280$lang['Subscribe'] = '注册';
281$lang['Parameters'] = '设置参数';
282$lang['Select recipients'] = '选择接受邮件用户';
283$lang['Subscribe/unsubscribe users'] = '注册/注销用户';
284$lang['Unsubscribed'] = '已注销';
285$lang['%d parameter was updated.'] = '%d 参数已更新.';
286$lang['%d parameters were updated.'] = '%d 等参数已更新.';
287$lang['%d user was not updated.'] = '%d 用户没有被更新.';
288$lang['%d users were not updated.'] = '%d 等用户没有被更新.';
289$lang['User %s [%s] was removed from the subscription list.'] = '用户 %s [%s] 从注册名单中删除.';
290$lang['User %s [%s] was added to the subscription list.'] = '用户 %s [%s] 加入到注册名单中.';
291$lang['%d user was updated.'] = '%d 用户已更新.';
292$lang['%d users were updated.'] = '%d 等用户已更新.';
293$lang['User %s [%s] was not removed from the subscription list.'] = '用户 %s [%s] 没有从注册名单中删除.';
294$lang['User %s [%s] was not added to the subscription list.'] = '用户 %s [%s] 没有加到注册名当中.';
295$lang['User %s [%s] added.'] = '用户 %s [%s] 已加入.';
296$lang['Warning: subscribing or unsubscribing will send mails to users'] = '注意, 注册或注销都会给相关用户发送邮件';
297$lang['Send mail on HTML format'] = '以HTML格式发送邮件';
298$lang['Include display of recent photos grouped by dates'] = '包括显示最近按日期分组的图片';
299$lang['Available only with HTML format'] = '只能以HTML格式';
300$lang['no write access'] = '不能写入';
301$lang['Permissions'] = '权限';
302$lang['private'] = '私有';
303$lang['public'] = '公有';
304$lang['Purge never used notification feeds'] = '清除从没使用过的通知回馈';
305$lang['Purge sessions'] = '清除会话';
306$lang['randomly represented'] = '随机显示';
307$lang['registration date'] = '保存日期';
308$lang['clean'] = '清除';
309$lang['remove remote listing.xml file'] = '删除远端文件listing.xml';
310$lang['generate listing'] = '创建列表';
311$lang['generate file listing.xml on remote site'] = '创建远端listing.xml文件';
312$lang['Create this site'] = '创建网站';
313$lang['A local listing.xml file has been found for'] = '发现本地文件listing.xml';
314$lang['read local listing.xml and update'] = '读本地文件listing.xml并更新';
315$lang['test'] = '测试';
316$lang['test this remote site'] = '测试远端站点';
317$lang['remove tags'] = '删除所有标签';
318$lang['Repair and optimize database'] = '修复和优化数据库';
319$lang['selection'] = '选择';
320$lang['set to'] = '设置为';
321$lang['singly represented'] = '固定显示';
322$lang['This site already exists'] = '此站点已存在';
323$lang['Create a new site : (give its URL to create_listing_file.php)'] = '新建远端站点 : (在create_listing_file.php文件中给出url地址)';
324$lang['created'] = '已创建';
325$lang['delete'] = '删除';
326$lang['delete this site and all its attached elements'] = '删除此站点和与其相关联的所有信息';
327$lang['an error happened'] = '发生错误';
328$lang['file create_listing_file.php on remote site was not found'] = '在远端站点中未发现create_listing_file.php文件';
329$lang['Local'] = '本地';
330$lang['Remote'] = '远端';
331$lang['synchronize'] = '同步';
332$lang['update the database from files'] = '根据文件对数据库进行更新';
333$lang['status'] = '状态';
334$lang['Directory'] = '文件夹';
335$lang['sub-albums'] = '子相册';
336$lang['synchronize metadata'] = '同步元数据';
337$lang['target'] = '目标';
338$lang['Thumbnail'] = '缩略图';
339$lang['title'] = '标题';
340$lang['Album list management'] = '相册管理';
341$lang['Piwigo configuration'] = '配置Piwigo';
342$lang['Edit album'] = '修改一个相册';
343$lang['Group management'] = '组管理';
344$lang['User list'] = '用户名单';
345$lang['Edit photo information'] = '修改图片信息';
346$lang['Thumbnail creation'] = '创建缩略图';
347$lang['Database synchronization with files'] = '根据文件来同步数据库';
348$lang['all'] = '所有';
349$lang['photos without thumbnail (jpeg and png only)'] = '没有缩略图的图片 (只有jpeg和png)';
350$lang['height must be a number superior to'] = '图片高度必须超过(整数)';
351$lang['width must be a number superior to'] = '图片长度必须超过(整数)';
352$lang['for the file format'] = '对于文件格式';
353$lang['No missing thumbnail'] = '没有丢失缩略图';
354$lang['Photo unreachable or no support'] = '不支持图片格式或无法显示';
355$lang['GD version'] = 'GD版';
356$lang['Miniaturization parameters'] = '缩略图参数';
357$lang['generated in'] = '产生于';
358$lang['Results of miniaturization'] = '缩略图结果';
359$lang['General statistics'] = '普通统计';
360$lang['max time'] = '最多时间';
361$lang['average time'] = '平均时间';
362$lang['min time'] = '最少时间';
363$lang['number of miniaturized photos'] = '创建的缩略图数';
364$lang['total time'] = '总共时间';
365$lang['for this file format'] = '对于此文件格式';
366$lang['unit mode'] = '单一模式';
367$lang['Unlocked'] = '解锁';
368$lang['unset'] = '清空';
369$lang['Update albums informations'] = '上传相册信息';
370$lang['Update photos information'] = '更新图信息';
371$lang['Synchronize'] = '同步';
372$lang['reduce to single existing albums'] = '减少现有的单独相册';
373$lang['Choose an option'] = '选择一个选项';
374$lang['display maximum informations (added albums and photos, deleted albums and photos)'] = '显示最全的信息 (添加相册和相片,删除相册和相片)';
375$lang['Piwigo version differs on the remote site'] = '与远端站点的Piwigo版本不相同';
376$lang['Version of create_listing_file.php on the remote site and Piwigo must be the same'] = '与远端站点文件create_listing_file.php版本和Piwigo版本必须相同';
377$lang['listing.xml file was not found'] = '没有发现listing.xml文件';
378$lang['listing.xml file was not found on the remote site. This file is generated by choosing the "generate listing" command in the Site manager'] = '没有发现远端站点listing.xml文件. 可以通过命令"générer le listing" 来产生此文件';
379$lang['Error list'] = '错误清单';
380$lang['Errors caption'] = '错误说明';
381$lang['Detailed informations'] = '详细信息';
382$lang['File/directory read error'] = '文件/文件夹打开错误';
383$lang['The file or directory cannot be accessed (either it does not exist or the access is denied)'] = '无法打开文件或文件夹(要么根本不存在,要么拒绝访问)';
384$lang['a picture filetype requires a thumbnail. The thumbnail must be present in the sub-directory "thumbnail" of the album directory. The thumbnail filename must start with the configured thumbnail prefix and the extension must be among the following list :'] = '每个图片文件需要一个缩略图.缩略图应该存在于类文件夹下的子文件夹"thumbnail"中. 缩略图文件名应该以设置参数"prefix_thumbnail"开始, 扩展名为:';
385$lang['missing thumbnail'] = '缺少缩略图';
386$lang['albums deleted in the database'] = '相册已从数据库删除';
387$lang['photos deleted from the database'] = '图片已从数据库中删除';
388$lang['photos candidates for metadata synchronization'] = '对应同步元数据的候选图片';
389$lang['photos informations synchronized with files metadata'] = '附有元数据的同步图片信息informations des images synchronisées avec les méta-données';
390$lang['errors during synchronization'] = '同步期间发生错误';
391$lang['albums added in the database'] = '相册已添加到数据库';
392$lang['photos added in the database'] = '增加图片到数据库';
393$lang['photos updated in the database'] = '更新数据库中的图片';
394$lang['Search for new images in the directories'] = '查询文件中的新图片';
395$lang['added'] = '已加入';
396$lang['deleted'] = '已删除';
397$lang['Metadata synchronization results'] = '元数据更新结果';
398$lang['only perform a simulation (no change in database will be made)'] = '只进行模拟操作(不会改变数据库中的任何内容)';
399$lang['[Simulation]'] = '[模拟]';
400$lang['Simulation'] = '模拟';
401$lang['directories + files'] = '文件夹 + 文件';
402$lang['only directories'] = '只对文件夹';
403$lang['synchronize files structure with database'] = '同步文件结构和数据库';
404$lang['synchronize files metadata with database photos informations'] = '根据文件元数据同步数据库中的图片信息';
405$lang['even already synchronized photos'] = '包括已经同步的图片';
406$lang['Used metadata'] = '已使用过的元数据';
407$lang['The name of directories and files must be composed of letters, numbers, "-", "_" or "."'] = '文件夹和文件名称只能包含字母, 数字, "-", "_" 和 "."';
408$lang['wrong filename'] = '文件名出错';
409$lang['Upload'] = '增加';
410$lang['user "%s" added'] = '用户 "%s" 已加入';
411$lang['User status'] = '用户状态';
412$lang['user_status_admin'] = '管理员';
413$lang['user_status_generic'] = '一般用户';
414$lang['user_status_guest'] = '来宾';
415$lang['user_status_normal'] = '游客';
416$lang['user_status_webmaster'] = '网管';
417$lang['Virtual album'] = '虚拟相册';
418$lang['Waiting'] = '等待';
419$lang['default'] = '默认';
420$lang['Toggle \'default group\' property'] = '赋予\'groupe par défaut\'默认组属性';
421$lang['Advanced features'] = '高级功能';
422$lang['Specials'] = '特殊';
423$lang['Overall'] = '全局视图';
424$lang['Year'] = '年';
425$lang['Month'] = '月';
426$lang['Day'] = '日';
427$lang['Pages seen'] = '已访问过的页面';
428$lang['Time'] = '时间';
429$lang['IP'] = 'IP';
430$lang['Element'] = '图片';
431$lang['Section'] = '区域';
432$lang['Tags'] = '标签';
433$lang['Save page visits by guests'] = '根据来宾来保存访问页面';
434$lang['Save page visits by users'] = '根据用户来保存访问页面';
435$lang['Save page visits by administrators'] = '根据管理员来保存访问页面';
436$lang['An information email was sent to group "%s"'] = '已向组 "%s" 的所有成员发送了信息邮件';
437$lang['Send an information email to group members'] = '向组成员发送一份信息邮件';
438$lang['Group'] = '组';
439$lang['[%s] Visit album %s'] = '[%s] 参观相册 %s';
440$lang['Hello,'] = '你好,';
441$lang['See you soon.'] = '再见.';
442$lang['Discover album:'] = '探索相册:';
443$lang['Mail content'] = '邮件内容';
444$lang['none'] = '没有任何人';
445$lang['high'] = '高';
446$lang['other'] = '另外';
447$lang['Element type'] = "内容类型";
448$lang['Image id'] = '图片标识符';
449$lang['Summary'] = '概述';
450$lang['%d line filtered'] = '%d 行被过滤';
451$lang['%d lines filtered'] = '%d 行被过滤';
452$lang['%d guest'] = '%d 来宾';
453$lang['%d guests'] = '%d 来宾';
454$lang['Hour'] = '小时';
455$lang['guest'] = '来宾';
456$lang['default values'] = '默认值';
457$lang['High filesize'] = '高清文件大小';
458// --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from version 1.7.1
459$lang['Guest cannot be deleted'] = '不能删除来宾';
460$lang['Default user cannot be deleted'] = '不能删除默认用户';
461$lang['Purge history detail'] = '清除历史记录';
462$lang['Purge history summary'] = '清除历史目录';
463$lang['Check integrity'] = '检测完整性';
464$lang['Anomaly'] = '异常';
465$lang['Correction'] = '修复';
466$lang['Automatic correction'] = '自动修复';
467$lang['Impossible automatic correction'] = '无法自动修复';
468$lang['Correction applied with success'] = '修复成功';
469$lang['Correction applied with error'] = '修复出错';
470$lang['%d anomaly has been detected.'] = '发现了 %d 异常.';
471$lang['%d anomalies have been detected.'] = '发现了 %d 个异常.';
472$lang['%d anomaly has been corrected.'] = '修正了 %d 异常.';
473$lang['%d anomalies have been detected corrected.'] = '修正了 %d 个异常.';
474$lang['%d anomaly has not been corrected.'] = '不能修正 %d 异常.';
475$lang['%d anomalies have not been corrected.'] = '不能修正 %d 个异常.';
476$lang['Go to %s or %s for more informations'] = '获取更多信息,请到 %s 或者 %s ';
477$lang['the forum'] = '论坛';
478$lang['the wiki'] = 'wiki';
479$lang['%s value is not correct file because exif are not supported'] = ' %s 值不是一个正确文件,因为我们不支持exif格式';
480$lang['%s must be to set to false in your local/config/ file'] = '在配置文件中 %s 应该设置为"false"';
481$lang['Main "guest" user does not exist'] = '主要"guest"用户不存在';
482$lang['Main "guest" user status is incorrect'] = '主要"guest"用户状态异常';
483$lang['Default user does not exist'] = '默认帐户不再存在';
484$lang['Main "webmaster" user does not exist'] = '主要网管帐户不再存在';
485$lang['Main "webmaster" user status is incorrect'] = '主要网管用户状态异常';
486$lang['User "%s" created with "%s" like password'] = '用户 "%s" 已创建,密码是"%s"';
487$lang['Status of user "%s" updated'] = '用户 "%s" 状态已更新';
488$lang['add new photos to caddie'] = '把所有新图片放到购物篮';
489// --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from Butterfly
490$lang['No display'] = '不显示缩略图';
491$lang['Classic display'] = '正常显示';
492$lang['Hoverbox display'] = '俯瞰显示';
493$lang['Mail address is obligatory for all users'] = '每个用户必须提供邮箱地址';
494$lang['Minimum privacy level'] = '最小隐私等级';
495$lang['Privacy level'] = '隐私等级';
496$lang['Level 0'] = '---';
497$lang['Level 1'] = '联系';
498$lang['Level 2'] = '朋友';
499$lang['Level 4'] = '家庭';
500$lang['Level 8'] = '管理者';
501$lang['Reinitialize check integrity'] = '重新完整性检测';
502$lang['Check all'] = '全选';
503$lang['Uncheck all'] = '取消全选';
504$lang['Check automatic corrections'] = '自动选择';
505$lang['Apply selected corrections'] = '应用自动选择';
506$lang['Ignore selected anomalies'] = '忽视选择异常';
507$lang['Refresh'] = '刷新';
508$lang['The anomaly will be ignored until next application version'] = '此异常将被忽略,待下次版本中解决';
509$lang['Correction the anomaly will cancel the fact that it\'s ignored'] = '异常更正将取消忽略事件';
510$lang['%d anomaly has been ignored.'] = '%d 异常被忽略.';
511$lang['%d anomalies have been ignored.'] = '%d 异常被忽略.';
512$lang['Plugins which need upgrade'] = '必须更新插件';
513$lang['Plugin list'] = '插件列表';
514$lang['Check for updates'] = '检查更新';
515$lang['Other plugins'] = '其他插件';
516$lang['Last revisions'] = '最新修订版';
517$lang['Delete'] = '删除';
518$lang['Are you sure you want to install this plugin?'] = '确定安装此插件吗?';
519$lang['Are you sure you want to delete this plugin?'] = '确定要删除此插件吗?';
520$lang['Are you sure to install this upgrade? You must verify if this version does not need uninstallation.'] = '确定安装此更新吗? 你必须核实无需卸载操作再进行安装此更新.';
521$lang['%s has been successfully upgraded.'] = '%s 成功更新.';
522$lang['Plugin has been successfully copied'] = '插件复制成功.';
523$lang['You might go to plugin list to install and activate it.'] = '在插件列表中安装和启动插件.';
524$lang['Can\'t create temporary file.'] = '无法创建临时文件.';
525$lang['Can\'t download archive.'] = '无法下载归档文件.';
526$lang['Can\'t read or extract archive.'] = '无法读取或解压归档文件.';
527$lang['An error occured during extraction (%s).'] = '在解压文件(%s) 发生错误.';
528$lang['Please check "plugins" folder and sub-folders permissions (CHMOD).'] = '请核实"plugins"文件夹及其子文件夹的权限(CHMOD).';
529$lang['Can\'t connect to server.'] = '无法连接到服务器.';
530$lang['Purge compiled templates'] = '清除编译模板';
531$lang['Support'] = '支持';
532$lang['Documentation'] = '文档';
533$lang['ACCESS_0'] = '自由存取';
534$lang['ACCESS_1'] = '对所有人开放';
535$lang['ACCESS_2'] = '只对注册用户开放';
536$lang['ACCESS_3'] = '只对管理员开放';
537$lang['ACCESS_4'] = '只对网管开放';
538$lang['ACCESS_5'] = '对任何人都不开放';
539$lang['A new version of Piwigo is available.'] = 'Piwigo新版发布.';
540$lang['Piwigo Administration'] = 'Piwigo管理';
541$lang['Piwigo version'] = 'Piwigo版本';
542$lang['You are running the latest version of Piwigo.'] = '你运行的是Piwigo最新版.';
543$lang['The version of %s [%s] installed is not compatible with the version required [%s]'] = '%s [%s]安装版本跟[%s]版本不兼容';
544$lang['You need to upgrade your system to take full advantage of the application else the application will not work correctly, or not at all'] = '为了获得全部功能,你应该更新系统,否则程序运行不正常。';
545$lang['Deleted on'] = '删除于';
546$lang['Last hit'] =  '最后一次查看';
547$lang['GD library is missing'] = '缺少GD库';
548$lang['Templates'] = '模板';
549$lang['Extend for templates'] = '扩展模板';
550$lang['Replacement of original templates by customized templates from template-extension subfolder'] = '用位于template-extension文件夹下的用户自定义模板更换原模板';
551$lang['Replacers (customized templates)'] = '自定义模板';
552$lang['Original templates'] = '原模板';
553$lang['Optional URL keyword'] = '可选URL关键字';
554$lang['Templates configuration has been recorded.'] = '模板设置已保存.';
555$lang['All optimizations have been successfully completed.'] = '优化成功.';
556$lang['Optimizations have been completed with some errors.'] = '有些优化发生错误.';
557$lang['Modify information'] = '修改信息';
558$lang['edit album'] = '修改此相册的信息';
559$lang['nothing'] = '没有内容';
560$lang['overrides existing values with empty ones'] = '用空数据来删除已存在的数据';
561$lang['manage photo ranks'] = '管理图片排序';
562$lang['Manage photo ranks'] = '管理图片排序';
563$lang['Edit ranks'] = '修改排序方式';
564$lang['No photo in this album'] = '没有相片在此相册里';
565$lang['Images manual order was saved'] = '图片手动排序已保存';
566$lang['ranks'] = '顺序';
567$lang['Drag to re-order'] = '拖放进行排序';
568$lang['Quick Local Synchronization'] = '快速同步';
569$lang['No photo can be deleted'] = '没有图片可以删除';
570$lang['Delete selected photos'] = '删除图片';
571$lang['%d photo was deleted'] = '%d 图片被删除';
572$lang['%d photos were deleted'] = '%d 图片被删除';
573$lang['Downloads'] = '下载';
574$lang['Released on'] = '发布于';
575$lang['Number of downloads'] = '下载次数';
576$lang['Operation in progress'] = '正在处理.';
577$lang['Please wait...'] = '请稍后...';
578$lang['Keep in touch with Piwigo project, subscribe to Piwigo Announcement Newsletter. You will receive emails when a new release is available (sometimes including a security bug fix, it\'s important to know and upgrade) and when major events happen to the project. Only a few emails a year.'] = '订阅 Piwigo 最新消息,与 Piwigo 项目保持联系。当有新版本发布时,您将会收到邮件通知(有时也包括安全漏洞的修复,这对于升级是很重要的)和项目里一些重要事情的发生。一年里也只有几封邮件。';
579$lang['Password is missing. Please enter the password.'] = '密码没有输入,请输入密码。';
580$lang['Password confirmation is missing. Please confirm the chosen password.'] = '密码确认未完成,请确认所选定的密码。';
581$lang['Password confirmation error.'] = '请确认错误。';
582$lang['Allow users to edit their own comments'] = '允许用户修改自己的评论';
583$lang['Allow users to delete their own comments'] = '允许用户删除自己的评论';
584$lang['Email administrators when a comment is modified'] = '当评论被修改后,发邮件通知管理员';
585$lang['Email administrators when a comment is deleted'] = '当评论被删除后,发邮件通知管理员';
586$lang['Cannot delete the old permalink !'] = '旧的固定链接不能被删除!';
587$lang['Hit'] = '点击';
588$lang['Tools'] = '工具';
589$lang['Photos'] = '相片';
590$lang['Themes'] = '主题';
591$lang['Instructions to use Piwigo'] = 'Piwigo 使用指南';
592$lang['Installed Themes'] = '安装主题';
593$lang['Add New Theme'] = '添加一个新主题';
594$lang['Forbid this theme to users'] = '禁用此主题';
595$lang['Set as default theme for unregistered and new users'] = '设置为未注册者和新用户的默认主题';
596$lang['unknown'] = '未知';
597$lang['Upload Photos'] = '上传相片';
598$lang['Drop into album'] = '拖进相册';
599$lang['+ Add an upload box'] = '+ 添加一个上传框';
600$lang['Create the "%s" directory at the root of your Piwigo installation'] = '在您的根目录下创建 "%s" 目录以完成 Piwigo 的安装';
601$lang['Give write access (chmod 777) to "%s" directory at the root of your Piwigo installation'] = '给予根目录下的 "%s" 目录写权限 (chmod 777) 以完成 Piwigo 的安装';
602$lang['existing album'] = '现有的相册';
603$lang['create a new album'] = '创建一个新相册';
604$lang['Album name'] = '相册名称';
605$lang['Album "%s" has been added'] = '类别 "%s" 已添加';
606$lang['Uploaded Photos'] = '相片已上传';
607$lang['%d photos uploaded'] = '%d 相片已上传';
608$lang['Privacy level set to "%s"'] = '私有级别设置为 "%s"';
609$lang['Album "%s" now contains %d photos'] = '类别 "%s" 现已包含了 %d 相片';
610$lang['Manage this set of %d photos'] = '管理此设置的 %d 张照片 ';
611$lang['Select files'] = '选择文件';
612$lang['Everybody'] = '每个人';
613$lang['Who can see these photos?'] = '哪些人可以看到这些相片?';
614$lang['The websize maximum width must be a number between %d and %d'] = '最大宽度的网页尺寸必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
615$lang['The websize maximum height must be a number between %d and %d'] = '最大高度的网页尺寸必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
616$lang['The websize image quality must be a number between %d and %d'] = '图片质量的网页尺寸必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
617$lang['The thumbnail maximum width must be a number between %d and %d'] = '缩略图的最大宽度必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
618$lang['The thumbnail maximum height must be a number between %d and %d'] = '缩略图的最大高度必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
619$lang['The thumbnail image quality must be a number between %d and %d'] = '缩略图的质量必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
620$lang['Settings'] = '设置';
621$lang['Web size photo'] = '相片的网页尺寸';
622$lang['Resize'] = '重置大小';
623$lang['Maximum Width'] = '最大宽度';
624$lang['pixels'] = '像素';
625$lang['Maximum Height'] = '最大高度';
626$lang['Image Quality'] = '图片质量';
627$lang['Save Settings'] = '保存设置';
628$lang['Your configuration settings are saved'] = '你的设置已保存';
629$lang['Active Themes'] = '已激活的主题';
630$lang['Add write access to the "%s" directory'] = '为 "%s" 目录添加写权限';
631$lang['Administration Home'] = '管理员首页';
632$lang['Change Admin Colors'] = '更改管理员后台颜色';
633$lang['Delete this theme'] = '删除此主题';
634$lang['Directory does not exist'] = '目录不存在';
635$lang['Download,'] = '下载,';
636$lang['FTP + Synchronization'] = 'FTP + 同步';
637$lang['Get Support on Piwigo Forum'] = '在 Piwigo 论坛上获取帮助';
638$lang['Help Me'] = '帮助我';
639$lang['Impossible to activate this theme, the parent theme is missing: %s'] = '父主题  %s 丢失,此主题不能被激。';
640$lang['Impossible to delete this theme. Other themes depends on it: %s'] = '此主题不能删除,因为其他主题还有依赖与它: %s';
641$lang['Inactive Themes'] = '停用主题';
642$lang['Install on your computer,'] = '安装到您的电脑,';
643$lang['Make this theme available to users'] = '让用户可使用此主题';
644$lang['Page end'] = '页尾';
645$lang['Piwigo Uploader'] = 'Piwigo 上传者';
646$lang['Read Piwigo Documentation'] = '阅读 Piwigo 文档';
647$lang['Start pLoader and add your photos.'] = '开始使用 pLoader 并添加您的相片.';
648$lang['Switch to clear or dark colors for administration'] = '更改管理员后台为清爽或者黑暗的颜色';
649$lang['Theme has been successfully installed'] = '主题已成功安装';
650$lang['Visit Gallery'] = '浏览画廊';
651$lang['Visit Piwigo project website'] = '浏览 Piwigo 项目网站';
652$lang['pLoader stands for <em>Piwigo Uploader</em>. From your computer, pLoader prepares your photos and transfer them to your Piwigo photo gallery.'] = 'pLoader 是 <em>Piwigo 上传者</em> 的官方标准软件。pLoader 可将您电脑里的相片传送到 Piwigo 的相片画廊里。';
653$lang['Guest Settings'] = '游客设置';
654$lang['Main Page'] = '主页';
655$lang['Photo Page'] = '相片页';
656$lang['Activate Navigation Bar'] = '激活导航条';
657$lang['Activate Navigation Thumbnails'] = '激活缩略图导航';
658$lang['Activate icon "%s"'] = '激活图标 "%s"';
659$lang['Activate field "%s"'] = '激活字段 "%s"';
660$lang['Photo Properties'] = '相片属性';
661$lang['Allow user customization'] = '允许用户自定义';
662$lang['Languages'] = '语言';
663$lang['Installed Languages'] = '安装语言';
664$lang['Add New Language'] = '添加新语言';
665$lang['Language has been successfully installed'] = '语言已成功安装';
666$lang['Select:'] = '选择:';
667$lang['None'] = '没有';
668$lang['Invert'] = '反转';
669$lang['Impossible to deactivate this theme, you need at least one theme.'] = '不能停用此主题,您至少需要使用一个主题.';
670$lang['Webmaster status is required.'] = '必须设置网站管理员.';
671$lang['Bound Theme'] = '绑定主题';
672$lang['Allow rating'] = '允许投票';
673$lang['Select at least one comment'] = '选择最新一个评论';
674$lang['Active Plugins'] = '激活插件';
675$lang['Inactive Plugins'] = '停用插件';
676$lang['Missing Plugins'] = '丢失的插件';
677$lang['Uninstalled Plugins'] = '未安装的插件';
678$lang['By %s'] = '按 %s';
679$lang['Visit plugin site'] = '浏览插件网站';
680$lang['Active Languages'] = '激活语言';
681$lang['Delete this language'] = '删除此语言';
682$lang['Forbid this language to users'] = '禁止用户使用此语言';
683$lang['Impossible to deactivate this language, first set another language as default.'] = '不能停用此语言,请先设置一个默认语言.';
684$lang['Impossible to deactivate this language, you need at least one language.'] = '不能停用此语言,您必须至少使用一个语言.';
685$lang['Inactive Languages'] = '停用语言';
686$lang['Make this language available to users'] = '让用户可使用此语言';
687$lang['Set as default language for unregistered and new users'] = '设置为游客和新用户的默认语言';
688$lang['Add Photos'] = '添加相片';
689$lang['Download'] = '下载';
690$lang['The following tag was deleted'] = '以下标签已删除';
691$lang['Miscellaneous'] = '杂项';
692$lang['Virtual Links'] = '虚拟链接';
693$lang['There is no other language available.'] = '没有其他可用的语言.';
694$lang['There is no other plugin available.'] = '没有其他可用的插件.';
695$lang['There is no other theme available.'] = '没有其他可用的主题.';
696$lang['Add another set of photos'] = '添加另一组相片';
697$lang['By rank'] = '按等级';
698$lang['Manual order'] = '手工排序';
699$lang['Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = 'Piwigo最新消息公告';
700$lang['Subscribe %s'] = '订阅%s';
701$lang['Subscribe %s to Piwigo Announcements Newsletter'] = '订阅%s Piwigo中国最新消息公告';
702$lang['Purge search history'] = '清除查寻历史记录';
703$lang['Hide'] = '隐藏';
704$lang['Order of menubar items has been updated successfully.'] = '所有项目已被更新.';
705$lang['This theme was not designed to be directly activated'] = '此主题并未设计为直接激活';
706$lang['Who can see this photo?'] = '有哪些人能看这些相片?';
707$lang['Pending Comments'] = '待批的评论';
708$lang['Menu Management'] = '菜单';
709$lang['In your php.ini file, the upload_max_filesize (%sB) is bigger than post_max_size (%sB), you should change this setting'] = '在你的 php.ini 文件, 如果 upload_max_filesize (%sB) 大于 post_max_size (%sB), 那么你需要修改此项';
710$lang['Exif extension not available, admin should disable exif use'] = 'Exif 扩展不能使用,管理员应该禁用 exif 功能。';
711$lang['The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini: %sB'] = '上传文件超过了在 php.ini 文件里的 upload_max_filesize 限制: %sB';
712$lang['The uploaded files exceed the post_max_size directive in php.ini: %sB'] = '上传文件超过了在 php.ini 文件里的 post_max_size 限制: %sB';
713$lang['The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form'] = '上传文件超过了在 HTML 表单指定的 MAX_FILE_SIZE 的限制';
714$lang['The uploaded file was only partially uploaded'] = '上传文件只上传了一部分';
715$lang['No file was uploaded'] = '没有文件被上传';
716$lang['Missing a temporary folder'] = '缺少临时文件目录';
717$lang['Failed to write file to disk'] = '文件写入失败';
718$lang['File upload stopped by extension'] = '扩展使文件上传停止';
719$lang['Unknown upload error'] = '未知上传错误';
720$lang['Error on file "%s" : %s'] = '文件上的错误 "%s" : %s';
721$lang['%d of %d photos selected'] = '%d 张/总 %d 相片被选中';
722$lang['Action'] = '动作';
723$lang['Add a filter'] = '添加一个过滤器';
724$lang['Album photos associated to the following albums: %s'] = '相片已关联到以下相册: %s';
725$lang['Albums automatically sorted'] = '相册已自动排序';
726$lang['All %d photos are selected'] = '全部 %d 张相片已选中';
727$lang['Apply action'] = '应用动作';
728$lang['automatic order'] = '自动排序';
729$lang['Batch Manager'] = '批量管理';
730$lang['Choose an action'] = '选择一个动作';
731$lang['Delete orphan tags'] = '删除没被关联的标签';
732$lang['delete photo'] = '删除相片';
733$lang['duplicates'] = '重复';
734$lang['include child albums'] = '包含子相册';
735$lang['Keep high definition'] = '保留高清晰度';
736$lang['last import'] = '最后导入';
737$lang['manual order'] = '手工排序';
738$lang['No photo in the current set.'] = '当前集合没有相片.';
739$lang['No photo selected, %d photos in current set'] = '没有选择相片, 当前集合有 %d 张相片';
740$lang['No photo selected, no action possible.'] = '没有选择相片,不会有动作执行.';
741$lang['on the %d selected photos'] = '在 %d 张已选相片上';
742$lang['Orphan tags deleted'] = '无关联标签已被删除';
743$lang['predefined filter'] = '预定义的过滤器';
744$lang['Refresh photo set'] = '刷新相片集';
745$lang['Remove all filters'] = '删除所有过滤器';
746$lang['remove author'] = '删除作者';
747$lang['remove creation date'] = '删除创建日期';
748$lang['remove this filter'] = '删除此过滤器';
749$lang['remove title'] = '删除标题';
750$lang['Selection'] = '选择';
751$lang['Set author'] = '设置作者';
752$lang['Set creation date'] = '设置创建日期';
753$lang['Set title'] = '设置标题';
754$lang['The high definition image quality must be a number between %d and %d'] = '高清晰度相片质量必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
755$lang['The high definition maximum height must be a number between %d and %d'] = '高清晰度相片最大高度必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
756$lang['The high definition maximum width must be a number between %d and %d'] = '高清晰度相片最大宽度必须在 %d 和 %d 之间';
757$lang['The whole page'] = '整张相片';
758$lang['The whole set'] = '整个集合';
759$lang['Type here the author name'] = '在此输入作者名称';
760$lang['Type here the title'] = '在此输入标题';
761$lang['Week starts on'] = '星期起始于';
762$lang['with no album'] = '没有相册';
763$lang['with no tag'] = '没有标签';
764$lang['with no virtual album'] = '没有虚拟相册';
765$lang['You have %d orphan tags: %s.'] = '您已 %d 无关联标签: %s.';
766$lang['Remove from caddie'] = '从购物蓝里移除';
767$lang['Themes which need upgrade'] = '需更新的主题';
768$lang['Languages which need upgrade'] = '需要更新的语言';
769$lang['All themes are up to date.'] = '所有主题已更新了.';
770$lang['All plugins are up to date.'] = '所有插件已更新了.';
771$lang['All languages are up to date.'] = '所有语言已更新了.';
772$lang['Visit theme site'] = '浏览主题网站';
773$lang['Visit language site'] = '浏览语言网站';
774$lang['New Version'] = '新版本';
775$lang['Obsolete Plugins'] = '过期插件';
776$lang['WARNING! This plugin does not seem to be compatible with this version of Piwigo.'] = '警告,此插件并不适用于这个版本的Piwigo。';
777$lang['Do you want to activate anyway?'] = '你还是想激活吗?';
778$lang['THIS PLUGIN IS NOW PART OF PIWIGO CORE! DELETE IT NOW.'] = '这个插件现在已经是Piwigo核心的一部分,请马上删除它。';
779$lang['ERROR: THIS PLUGIN IS MISSING BUT IT IS INSTALLED! UNINSTALL IT NOW.'] = '错误:这个插件的实际内容已丢失但记录中它已被安装,请马上卸载它。';
780$lang['new'] = '新的';
781$lang['No results'] = '没有结果';
782$lang['Searching...'] = '搜索中...';
783$lang['Type in a search term'] = '输入搜索关键字';
784$lang['display'] = '显示';
785$lang['Average rate'] = "平均分";
786$lang['Rate'] = "比率";
787$lang['Activate icon "new" next to albums and pictures'] = '激活相册和图片旁边的"新建"图标';
788$lang['Add a criteria'] = '添加一个条件';
789$lang['Deactivate all'] = '解除所有';
790$lang['Default photos order'] = '默认相片排序';
791$lang['Restore'] = '恢复';
792$lang['Restore default configuration. You will lose your plugin settings!'] = '恢复默认的配置,你将失去插件的配置!';
793$lang['You can\'t define a default photo order because you have a custom setting in your local configuration.'] = '你不能设置默认相片的排序,因为你已在本地配置文件里有自定义设置';
794$lang['You have specified <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i> in your local configuration file, this parameter in deprecated, please remove it or rename it into <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i> !'] = '你已在本地配置文件里定义了 <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i> , 此参数已不再使用了, 请在 <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i> 里移除或者改名 !';
795$lang['Regenerate Thumbnails'] = '重新生成缩略图';
796$lang['Regenerate Websize Photos'] = '重新生成网络相片尺寸';
797$lang['Thumbnails generation in progress...'] = '正在生成缩略图...';
798$lang['Photos generation in progress...'] = '正在生成相片...';
799$lang['%s thumbnails have been regenerated'] = '%s 缩略图已被生成';
800$lang['%s thumbnails can not be regenerated'] = '%s 缩略图不能被生成';
801$lang['%s photos have been regenerated'] = '%s 相片已被生成';
802$lang['%s photos can not be regenerated'] = '%s 相片不能被生成';
803$lang['Update in progress... Please wait.'] = '正在更新... 请稍等.';
804$lang['Ignore this update'] = '忽略此更新';
805$lang['Reset ignored updates'] = '重置忽略更新';
806$lang['Update All'] = '更新所有';
807$lang['ERROR'] = '错误';
808$lang['Update Complete'] = '更新完毕';
809$lang['Piwigo Update'] = 'Piwigo 更新';
810$lang['Extensions Update'] = '扩展更新';
811$lang['All extensions are up to date.'] = '所有扩展已更新.';
812$lang['Following plugins may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:'] = '以下插件可能与新版 Piwigo 不兼容:';
813$lang['Following themes may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:'] = '以下主题可能与新版 Piwigo 不兼容:';
814$lang['I decide to update anyway'] = '不管怎样,我决定更新';
815$lang['Update to Piwigo %s'] = '更新到 Piwigo %s';
816$lang['Two updates are available'] = '有2个可用更新';
817$lang['This is a minor update, with only bug corrections.'] = '这是一个次要更新,只是对错误的修正.';
818$lang['This is a major update, with <a href="%s">new exciting features</a>.'] = '这是一个重大更新, 和 <a href="%s">令人兴奋的新功能</a>.';
819$lang['Some themes and plugins may be not available yet.'] = '一些主题和插件可能还不能使用.';
820$lang['You can update to Piwigo %s directly, without upgrading to Piwigo %s (recommended).'] = '你可以直接更新到 Piwigo %s, 不需先更新到 Piwigo %s (推荐).';
821$lang['Save Template Directory'] = '保存到模板目录';
822$lang['Dump Database'] = '转存数据库';
823$lang['Include history data (Warning: server memory limit may be exceeded)'] = '包括历史数据(注意:可能会超过服务器内存限制)';
824$lang['Unable to write new local directory.'] = '不能写入本地目录.';
825$lang['Unable to send template directory.'] = '不能发送模板目录.';
826$lang['Unable to dump database.'] = '不能转存数据库.';
827$lang['Some upgrades are available for extensions.'] = '一些可用的扩展更新.';
828$lang['Ignore All'] = '忽略所有';
829$lang['Width'] = '宽度';
830$lang['Height'] = '高度';
831$lang['Follow Orientation'] = '按照方向';
832$lang['If you want to regenerate thumbnails, please go to the <a href="%s">Batch Manager</a>.'] = '如果你想重新生成缩略图,请到 <a href="%s">批量管理</a>.';
833$lang['Graphics Library'] = '图形库';
834$lang['Show menubar'] = '显示菜单栏';
835$lang['Updates'] = '更新';
836$lang['Crop'] = '修剪';
837$lang['... or '] = '...或 ';
838$lang['Create'] = '创建';
839$lang['Start Upload'] = '开始上传';
840$lang['You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the <a href="%s">Browser uploader</a> instead.'] = '您在使用Flash上传工具,出问题了?请尝试<a href="%s">网页上传</a>。';
841$lang['You are using the Browser uploader. Try the <a href="%s">Flash uploader</a> instead.'] = '您在使用网页上传方式,出问题了?请尝试<a href="%s">Flash上传工具</a>。';
842$lang['Maximum file size: %sB.'] = '文件最大尺寸: %sB.';
843$lang['Allowed file types: %s.'] = '可上传的文件类型: %s.';
844$lang['Approximate maximum resolution: %dM pixels (that\'s %dx%d pixels).'] = '近乎最大的分辨率: %dM 像素 (that\'s %dx%d pixels).';
845$lang['Manage Permissions'] = '管理证书';
846$lang['Learn more'] = '了解更多';
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