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1<dt>{'Related tags'|@translate}</dt>
3        <div id="menuTagCloud">
4                {foreach from=$block->data item=tag}
5                <span>
6                        {if !empty($tag.U_ADD) }
7                        <a href="{$tag.U_ADD}"
8                                title="{$pwg->l10n_dec('%d image is also linked to current tags', '%d images are also linked to current tags', $tag.counter)}"
9                                rel="nofollow">
10                                <img src="{$ROOT_URL}{$themeconf.icon_dir}/add_tag.png" alt="+">
11                        </a>
12                        {/if}
13                        <a href="{$tag.URL}" class="tagLevel{$tag.level}" title="{'See images linked to this tag only'|@translate}">{$}</a>{* there should be no space between end of a and span elements to avoid IE8 bug *}</span>
14                {/foreach}
15        </div>
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