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feature 1583: replace add_tag.png icon by a simple "+" character in the
"related tags" block. Only keep one link for each tag in the "related tags"

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1<dt>{'Related tags'|@translate}</dt>
3        <div id="menuTagCloud">
4                {foreach from=$block->data item=tag}
5                <span style="margin-right:5px;">
6                        <a class="tagLevel{$tag.level}" href="{$tag.U_ADD}"
7                                title="{$pwg->l10n_dec('%d image is also linked to current tags', '%d images are also linked to current tags', $tag.counter)}"
8                                rel="nofollow">
9                                +{$}
10                        </a>
11                </span>
12                {/foreach}
13        </div>
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