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[trunk] - language - update - zh_CN - 简体中文 - Chinese Thanks to winson - feature:2320

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  • trunk/language/zh_CN/admin.lang.php

    r11196 r11908  
    787787$lang['Type in a search term'] = '输入搜索关键字';
    788788$lang['display'] = '显示';
     789$lang['Average rate'] = "平均分";
     790$lang['Rate'] = "比率";
     791$lang['Activate icon "new" next to albums and pictures'] = '激活相册和图片旁边的"新建"图标';
     792$lang['Add a criteria'] = '添加一个条件';
     793$lang['Compact'] = '简洁';
     794$lang['Complete'] = '完整';
     795$lang['Deactivate all'] = '解除所有';
     796$lang['Default photos order'] = '默认相片排序';
     797$lang['Restore'] = '恢复';
     798$lang['Restore default configuration. You will lose your plugin settings!'] = '恢复默认的配置,你将失去插件的配置!';
     799$lang['You can\'t define a default photo order because you have a custom setting in your local configuration.'] = '你不能设置默认相片的排序,因为你已在本地配置文件里有自定义设置';
     800$lang['You have specified <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i> in your local configuration file, this parameter in deprecated, please remove it or rename it into <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i> !'] = '你已在本地配置文件里定义了 <i>$conf[\'order_by\']</i> , 此参数已不再使用了, 请在 <i>$conf[\'order_by_custom\']</i> 里移除或者改名 !';
     801$lang['Regenerate Thumbnails'] = '重新生成缩略图';
     802$lang['Regenerate Websize Photos'] = '重新生成网络相片尺寸';
     803$lang['Thumbnails generation in progress...'] = '正在生成缩略图...';
     804$lang['Photos generation in progress...'] = '正在生成相片...';
     805$lang['%s thumbnails have been regenerated'] = '%s 缩略图已被生成';
     806$lang['%s thumbnails can not be regenerated'] = '%s 缩略图不能被生成';
     807$lang['%s photos have been regenerated'] = '%s 相片已被生成';
     808$lang['%s photos can not be regenerated'] = '%s 相片不能被生成';
     809$lang['Only photos with HD can be regenerated!'] = '只有高清相片才可被生成!';
     810$lang['Update in progress... Please wait.'] = '正在更新... 请稍等.';
     811$lang['Ignore this update'] = '忽略此更新';
     812$lang['Reset ignored updates'] = '重置忽略更新';
     813$lang['Update All'] = '更新所有';
     814$lang['ERROR'] = '错误';
     815$lang['Update Complete'] = '更新完毕';
     816$lang['Piwigo Update'] = 'Piwigo 更新';
     817$lang['Extensions Update'] = '扩展更新';
     818$lang['All extensions are up to date.'] = '所有扩展已更新.';
     819$lang['Following plugins may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:'] = '以下插件可能与新版 Piwigo 不兼容:';
     820$lang['Following themes may not be compatible with the new version of Piwigo:'] = '以下主题可能与新版 Piwigo 不兼容:';
     821$lang['I decide to update anyway'] = '不管怎样,我决定更新';
     822$lang['Update to Piwigo %s'] = '更新到 Piwigo %s';
     823$lang['Two updates are available'] = '有2个可用更新';
     824$lang['This is a minor update, with only bug corrections.'] = '这是一个次要更新,只是对错误的修正.';
     825$lang['This is a major update, with <a href="%s">new exciting features</a>.'] = '这是一个重大更新, 和 <a href="%s">令人兴奋的新功能</a>.';
     826$lang['Some themes and plugins may be not available yet.'] = '一些主题和插件可能还不能使用.';
     827$lang['You can update to Piwigo %s directly, without upgrading to Piwigo %s (recommended).'] = '你可以直接更新到 Piwigo %s, 不需先更新到 Piwigo %s (推荐).';
     828$lang['Save Template Directory'] = '保存到模板目录';
     829$lang['Dump Database'] = '转存数据库';
     830$lang['Include history data (Warning: server memory limit may be exceeded)'] = '包括历史数据(注意:可能会超过服务器内存限制)';
     831$lang['Unable to write new local directory.'] = '不能写入本地目录.';
     832$lang['Unable to send template directory.'] = '不能发送模板目录.';
     833$lang['Unable to dump database.'] = '不能转存数据库.';
     834$lang['Some upgrades are available for extensions.'] = '一些可用的扩展更新.';
     835$lang['Ignore All'] = '忽略所有';
     836$lang['Width'] = '宽度';
     837$lang['Height'] = '高度';
     838$lang['Follow Orientation'] = '按照方向';
     839$lang['If you want to regenerate thumbnails, please go to the <a href="%s">Batch Manager</a>.'] = '如果你想重新生成缩略图,请到 <a href="%s">批量管理</a>.';
     840$lang['Graphics Library'] = '图形库';
  • trunk/language/zh_CN/common.lang.php

    r10869 r11908  
    39 $lang['%.2f (rated %d times)'] = "%.2f (已投票 %d 次)";
    4039$lang['%d Kb'] = "%d Kb";
    4140$lang['%d album updated'] = "%d 个相册已更新";
    5958$lang['At least one tag must match'] = "必须至少匹配一个标签。";
    6059$lang['Author'] = "作者";
    61 $lang['Average rate'] = "平均分";
    6260$lang['Albums'] = "相册";
    6361$lang['Album'] = "相册";
    106104$lang['Quick connect'] = "快速链接";
    107105$lang['RSS feed'] = 'RSS流';
    108 $lang['Rate'] = "比率";
    109106$lang['Register'] = "注册";
    110107$lang['Registration'] = "注册";
    357354$lang['validate this comment'] = '确认这个意见';
    358355$lang['html tags are not allowed in login'] = '登录名中不允许使用html标签';
     356$lang['%d rates'] = '%d 评分';
     357$lang['Rating score'] = '评价得分';
     358$lang['The number of photos per page must be a not null scalar'] = '每页相片数量必须大于0';
     359$lang['Number of photos per page'] = '每页相片数量';
     360$lang['display photos linked to this tag'] = '在此标签上显示相片链接';
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