Aug 24, 2011, 10:03:53 PM (9 years ago)

feature 2027 implemented: the "lost password" feature was rewritten.

The algorithm is highly inspired from WordPress :

1) in a single field, you give a username or an email
2) Piwigo sends an email with the activation key
3) the user clicks on the link in the email (with the activation key) and is able to set a new password

The "lost password" feature is no longer limited to "classic" users:
administrators and webmasters can use it too (no need to tell webmasters
that they can only change their password in the database)

1 edited


  • trunk/language/es_ES/common.lang.php

    r10351 r11992  
    9393$lang['New on %s'] = 'Nuevo el %s';
    9494$lang['New password confirmation does not correspond'] = 'Los valores de la contraseña no coinciden';
    95 $lang['New password sent by email'] = 'Nueva contraseña enviada por correo electrónico';
    96 $lang['No email address'] = 'Ninguna dirección electrónica';
    97 $lang['No classic user matches this email address'] = 'Falta cumplimentar la direccíon electrónica no corresponde a ningún usuario';
    9895$lang['Notification'] = 'Notificación RSS';
    9996$lang['Number of items'] = 'Número de artículos';
    116113$lang['Search'] = 'Búsqueda';
    117114$lang['display available tags'] = 'Ver las etiquetas disponibles';
    118 $lang['Send new password'] = 'Enviar una nueva contraseña';
    119115$lang['Since'] = 'Desde';
    120116$lang['Sort by'] = 'Clasificar según';
    312308$lang['Album: %s'] = 'Album : %s';
    313309$lang['Bad status for user "guest", using default status. Please notify the webmaster.'] = 'El estatus del usuario "guest" no es conforme, se utilizará el estatus por defecto. Por favor, informe al administrador del sitio.';
    314 $lang['Administrator, webmaster and special user cannot use this method'] = 'El Administrador, el administrador del sitio y el usuario especial no pueden utilizar este método';
    315310$lang['this email address is already in use'] = 'Otro usuario ya utiliza esta dirección e-mail';
    316311$lang['Album results for'] = 'Résultados de los  àlbumes por';
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