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[extensions] - UserAdvManage - bug encoding hu_HU

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  • extensions/UserAdvManager/trunk/language/hu_HU/plugin.lang.php

    r12128 r12129  
    264264            </li>
    265265          </ul>';
    266 B. In plugin PWG Stuffs :
    267               <ol>
    268                 <li>Go to tab "Add a new module"</li>
    269                 <li>Choose "UAM Module"</li>
    270                 <li>Configure the module, indicating the title (eg "Registration pending validation") and its description, and only check "Waiting" in the list of groups allowed</li>
    271                 <li>Complete content of the module with the message information to be displayed to users not validated. As UAM, languages markup may be used if the plugin is enabled Extended Description</li>
    272                 <li>Check "Display the module on the homepage of the site"</li>
    273                 <li>Validate the configuration of the module</li>
    274               </ol>
    275             </li>
    276           </ul>';
    277266$lang['UAM_Tips2'] = 'Information of non-validated registration with UAM and Additional Pages';
    278267$lang['UAM_Tips2_txt'] = '          <ul>
    390379              </ol>
    391380            </li>
    392           </ul>';
     381          </ul>
    393382            </li><br><br>
    394383            <li>
    402391            <li>
    404 A. In plugin UAM:
    405               <ol>
    406                 <li>Enable registration confirmation</li>
    407                 <li>Enter text for additional explanation which will be attached to mail registration confirmation. If the plugin Extended Description is activated, the language tags can be used</li>
    408                 <li>Select the "Waiting" group under "For users who have not validated their registration"</li>
    409                 <li>Select the "Validated" group under "For users who have validated their registration"</li>
    410                 <li>Save the plugin configuration</li>
    411               </ol>
    412 <br>
    413 B. In plugin Additional Pages:<br>
    414                 <b>NOTE : The management of access rights for groups on Additional Pages must be turned on (see plugin configuration settings).</b>
    415                 <br>
    416               <ol>
    417                 <li>Add a new page with at least the following parameters:</li>
    418                 <ul>
    419                   <li>Page name: The name you wish to give to the additional page (ie: Registration not validated)</li>
    420                   <li>Set as homepage checked</li>
    421                   <li>Groups allowed: Check the box corresponding to the group "Waiting" configured in UAM</li>
    422                   <li>Content: The text you want to use for visitors.</li>
    423                 </ul>
    424                 <br>
    425                 <li>And that\'s it! Only visitors registered and whose registration has not been validated will see this additional index page.</li>
    426               </ol>
    427             </li>
    428           </ul>';
    429394$lang['UAM_No_Ghosts'] = 'No ghosts visitors for the moment';
    430395$lang['UAM_No_Userlist'] = 'No visitors to list for the moment';
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