Changeset 12238

Sep 26, 2011, 10:18:53 PM (9 years ago)

bug 2448 fixed: change term "album representative" into "album thumbnail"

2 edited


  • trunk/language/en_UK/admin.lang.php

    r12175 r12238  
    217217$lang['Delete orphan tags'] = 'Delete orphan tags';
    218218$lang['delete photo'] = 'delete photo';
    219 $lang['Delete Representant'] = "Delete Representant";
     219$lang['Delete Representant'] = "Delete album thumbnail";
    220220$lang['Delete selected photos'] = "Delete selected photos";
    221221$lang['Delete selected tags'] = "Delete selected tags";
    243243$lang['Dissociated'] = "Dissociated";
    244244$lang['Documentation'] = "Documentation";
    245 $lang['Does not represent'] = "Does not represent";
     245$lang['Does not represent'] = "Is not thumbnail for";
    246246$lang['Download'] = 'Download';
    247247$lang['Download,'] = 'Download,';
    286286$lang['File/directory read error'] = "File/directory read error";
    287287$lang['Filesize'] = "Filesize";
    288 $lang['Find a new representant by random'] = "Find a new random representant";
     288$lang['Find a new representant by random'] = "Find a new random album thumbnail";
    289289$lang['first photo added on %s'] = "first photo added on %s";
    290290$lang['for the file format'] = "for the file format";
    541541$lang['Quick Local Synchronization'] = "Quick Local Synchronization";
    542542$lang['Random photo'] = "Random photo";
    543 $lang['randomly represented'] = "random representative";
     543$lang['randomly represented'] = "random album thumbnail";
    544544$lang['ranks'] = "ranks";
    545545$lang['Rate'] = "Rate";
    568568$lang['Replacement of original templates by customized templates from template-extension subfolder'] = "Replacement of original templates by customized templates from the template-extension subfolder";
    569569$lang['Replacers (customized templates)'] = "Substitutes (customized templates)";
    570 $lang['Representant'] = "Representant";
    571 $lang['Representation of albums'] = "Representation of albums";
    572 $lang['Representative'] = "Representative";
    573 $lang['Represents'] = "Represents";
     570$lang['Representant'] = "Album Thumbnail";
     571$lang['Representation of albums'] = "Album thumbnail";
     572$lang['Representative'] = 'Album thumbnail';
     573$lang['Represents'] = 'Is thumbnail for';
    574574$lang['Resize'] = 'Resize';
    575575$lang['Restore'] = "Restore";
    611611$lang['Show menubar'] = "Show menubar";
    612612$lang['Simulation'] = "Simulation";
    613 $lang['singly represented'] = "fixed representative";
     613$lang['singly represented'] = 'fixed album thumbnail';
    614614$lang['Site manager'] = "Site manager";
    615615$lang['Specials'] = "Specials";
  • trunk/language/en_UK/common.lang.php

    r12131 r12238  
    258258$lang['Auto login'] = "Auto login";
    259259$lang['remove this tag from the list'] = "remove this tag from the list";
    260 $lang['representative'] = "representative";
     260$lang['representative'] = 'album thumbnail';
    261261$lang['Search for Author'] = "Search for an author";
    262262$lang['Search in albums'] = "Search in albums";
    274274$lang['searched words : %s'] = "searched words : %s";
    275275$lang['Contact'] = "Contact";
    276 $lang['set as album representative'] = "set as album representative";
     276$lang['set as album representative'] = "set as album thumbnail";
    277277$lang['Show number of comments'] = "Show number of comments";
    278278$lang['Show number of hits'] = "Show number of hits";
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