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  • trunk/language/zh_CN/admin.lang.php

    r12879 r12912  
    173173$lang['You cannot move an album in its own sub album'] = '您不能将一个相册移动到其子相册里';
    174174$lang['You need to confirm deletion'] = '您必须确认删除操作';
    175 $lang['add tags'] = '增加标签';
    176175$lang['Associate to album'] = '关联到相册';
    177176$lang['associate to group'] = '关联到组';
    412411$lang['Toggle \'default group\' property'] = '赋予\'groupe par défaut\'默认组属性';
    413412$lang['Advanced features'] = '高级功能';
    414 $lang['Specials'] = '功能';
    415413$lang['Overall'] = '全局视图';
    416414$lang['Year'] = '年';
    509507$lang['Are you sure you want to delete this plugin?'] = '确定要删除此插件吗?';
    510508$lang['Are you sure to install this upgrade? You must verify if this version does not need uninstallation.'] = '确定安装此更新吗? 您必须核实无需卸载操作再进行安装此更新.';
    511 $lang['%s has been successfully upgraded.'] = '%s 成功更新.';
    512509$lang['Plugin has been successfully copied'] = '插件复制成功.';
    513510$lang['You might go to plugin list to install and activate it.'] = '在插件列表中安装和启动插件.';
    637634$lang['Activate Navigation Thumbnails'] = '激活缩略图导航';
    638635$lang['Activate icon "%s"'] = '激活图标 "%s"';
    639 $lang['Activate field "%s"'] = '激活字段 "%s"';
    640636$lang['Photo Properties'] = '图片属性';
    641637$lang['Allow user customization'] = '允许用户自定义';
    656652$lang['Missing Plugins'] = '丢失的插件';
    657653$lang['Uninstalled Plugins'] = '未安装的插件';
    658 $lang['By %s'] = '按 %s';
     654$lang['By %s'] = '由%s开发';
    659655$lang['Visit plugin site'] = '浏览插件网站';
    660656$lang['Active Languages'] = '激活语言';
    712708$lang['Duplicates'] = '重复';
    713709$lang['include child albums'] = '包含子相册';
    714 $lang['last import'] = '最后导入';
    715710$lang['manual order'] = '手工排序';
    716711$lang['No photo in the current set.'] = '当前集合没有图片.';
    719714$lang['on the %d selected photos'] = '在 %d 张已选图片上';
    720715$lang['Orphan tags deleted'] = '无关联标签已被删除';
    721 $lang['predefined filter'] = '预定义的过滤器';
    722716$lang['Refresh photo set'] = '刷新图片集';
    723717$lang['Remove all filters'] = '删除所有过滤器';
    735729$lang['Type here the title'] = '在此输入标题';
    736730$lang['Week starts on'] = '星期起始于';
    737 $lang['with no album'] = '没有相册';
    738 $lang['with no tag'] = '没有标签';
    739 $lang['with no virtual album'] = '没有虚拟相册';
    740731$lang['You have %d orphan tags: %s.'] = '您有 %d 个无关联标签: %s.';
    741732$lang['Remove from caddie'] = '从购物蓝里移除';
    841832$lang['An error has occured during extract. Please check files permissions of your piwigo installation.<br><a href="%s">Click here to show log error</a>.'] = '在解压程序时出现了一个错误。请检查您 piwigo 安装文件的读写权限.<br><a href="%s">点击此查看错误日志</a>.';
    842833$lang['Piwigo cannot retrieve upgrade file from server'] = 'Piwigo 不能从服务器中获取升级文件';
     834$lang['%s has been successfully updated.'] = '成功更新了%s';
     835$lang['Activate comments'] = '激活评论';
     836$lang['Add tags'] = '添加标签';
     837$lang['Add to caddie'] = '添加';
     838$lang['Default comments order'] = '默认评论顺序';
     839$lang['High dimensions'] = '高尺寸';
     840$lang['Last import'] = '最后导入';
     841$lang['Original Size'] = '源大小';
     842$lang['Photo name'] = '图片名称';
     843$lang['Photo Sizes'] = '图片大小';
     844$lang['Predefined filter'] = '预定义过滤器';
     845$lang['Resize after upload'] = '上传后修改尺寸';
     846$lang['Send connection settings by email'] = '发送注册信息到邮箱';
     847$lang['The original image quality must be a number between %d and %d'] = '源图片质量必须是在%d和%d之间的数字';
     848$lang['The original maximum height must be a number between %d and %d'] = '源图片最大高度必须是在%d和%d之间的数字';
     849$lang['The original maximum width must be a number between %d and %d'] = '源图片最大宽度必须是在%d和%d之间的数字';
     850$lang['With no album'] = '没有相册';
     851$lang['With no tag'] = '没有标签';
     852$lang['With no virtual album'] = '没有虚拟相册';
     853$lang['Zoom'] = '缩放';
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