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  • trunk/language/zh_TW/admin.lang.php

    r13047 r13509  
    298298$lang['registration date'] = '保存日期';
    299299$lang['clean'] = '清除';
    300 $lang['remove remote listing.xml file'] = '刪除遠端文件listing.xml';
    301 $lang['generate listing'] = '創建列表';
    302 $lang['generate file listing.xml on remote site'] = '創建遠端listing.xml文件';
    303300$lang['Create this site'] = '創建網站';
    304 $lang['A local listing.xml file has been found for'] = '發現本地文件listing.xml';
    305 $lang['read local listing.xml and update'] = '讀本地文件listing.xml並更新';
    306301$lang['test'] = '測試';
    307302$lang['test this remote site'] = '測試遠端站點';
    317312$lang['delete this site and all its attached elements'] = '刪除此站點和與其相關聯的所有信息';
    318313$lang['an error happened'] = '發生錯誤';
    319 $lang['file create_listing_file.php on remote site was not found'] = '在遠端站點中未發現create_listing_file.php文件';
    320314$lang['Local'] = '本地';
    321315$lang['Remote'] = '遠端';
    355349$lang['Choose an option'] = '選擇一個選項';
    356350$lang['display maximum informations (added albums and photos, deleted albums and photos)'] = '顯示最全的信息 (添加相冊和相片,刪除相冊和相片)';
    357 $lang['Piwigo version differs on the remote site'] = '與遠端站點的Piwigo版本不相同';
    358 $lang['Version of create_listing_file.php on the remote site and Piwigo must be the same'] = '與遠端站點文件create_listing_file.php版本和Piwigo版本必須相同';
    359 $lang['listing.xml file was not found'] = '沒有發現listing.xml文件';
    360 $lang['listing.xml file was not found on the remote site. This file is generated by choosing the "generate listing" command in the Site manager'] = '沒有發現遠端站點listing.xml文件. 可以通過命令"generer le listing" 來產生此文件';
    361351$lang['Error list'] = '錯誤清單';
    362352$lang['Errors caption'] = '錯誤說明';
    364354$lang['File/directory read error'] = '文件/文件夾打開錯誤';
    365355$lang['The file or directory cannot be accessed (either it does not exist or the access is denied)'] = '無法打開文件或文件夾(要麼根本不存在,要麼拒絕訪問)';
    366 $lang['a picture filetype requires a thumbnail. The thumbnail must be present in the sub-directory "thumbnail" of the album directory. The thumbnail filename must start with the configured thumbnail prefix and the extension must be among the following list :'] = '每個圖片文件需要一個縮略圖.縮略圖應該存在於類文件夾下的子文件夾"thumbnail"中. 縮略圖文件名應該以設置參數"prefix_thumbnail"開始, 擴展名為:';
    367 $lang['missing thumbnail'] = '缺少縮略圖';
    368356$lang['albums deleted in the database'] = '相冊已從數據庫刪除';
    369357$lang['photos deleted from the database'] = '圖片已從數據庫中刪除';
    410398$lang['Element'] = '圖片';
    411399$lang['Section'] = '區域';
    412 $lang['Save page visits by guests'] = '根據來賓來保存訪問頁面';
    413 $lang['Save page visits by users'] = '根據用戶來保存訪問頁面';
    414 $lang['Save page visits by administrators'] = '根據管理員來保存訪問頁面';
    415400$lang['An information email was sent to group "%s"'] = '已向組 "%s" 的所有成員發送了信息郵件';
    416401$lang['Send an information email to group members'] = '向組成員發送一份信息郵件';
    781766$lang['Height'] = '高度';
    782767$lang['hide details'] = '隱藏細節';
     768$lang['I decide to update anyway'] = '我決定要更新';
     769$lang['If no HD is available and if the current websize is bigger than resize dimensions, Piwigo will move it as HD and create a downsized websize photo from it.'] = '假如圖片非高畫質,但在網頁上圖片尺寸大於調整後尺寸,Piwigo仍會將圖片標為高畫質,並另存一張縮圖';
     770$lang['Ignore All'] = '忽略全部';
     771$lang['Ignore this update'] = '忽略此更新';
     772$lang['Include history data (Warning: server memory limit may be exceeded)'] = '包含歷史數據(警告:可能會超過伺服器儲存限制)';
     773$lang['Last import'] = '最後匯入';
     774$lang['Manage Permissions'] = '管理權限';
     775$lang['Maximum file size: %sB.'] = '最大尺寸: %sB';
     776$lang['Merge selected tags'] = '合併選定的標籤';
     777$lang['Merge tags'] = '合併標籤';
     778$lang['No destination tag selected'] = '未選擇目標標籤';
     779$lang['Photo %s of %s'] = '圖片 %s 中的圖片 %s';
     780$lang['Photo name'] = '圖片名稱';
     781$lang['Piwigo cannot retrieve upgrade file from server'] = 'Piwigo 無法從伺服器中取得升級檔 ';
     782$lang['Piwigo Update'] = 'Piwigo 更新';
     783$lang['Predefined filter'] = '預先定義的過濾器';
     784$lang['Reset ignored updates'] = '重置,忽略更新';
  • trunk/language/zh_TW/common.lang.php

    r13068 r13509  
    382382$lang['Username: %s'] = '用戶名稱: %s';
    383383$lang['If you think you\'ve received this email in error, please contact us at %s'] = ' 如您認為此電子郵件之發送為錯誤,請聯繫我們:%s';
     384$lang['Show oldest comments first'] = '顯示最舊的評論在最前面';
     385$lang['Show latest comments first'] = '顯示最新的評論在最前面';
     386$lang['Photo sizes'] = '圖片大小';
     387$lang['View in'] = '檢視';
     388$lang['Mobile'] = '移動';
     389$lang['Desktop'] = '桌面';
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