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  • extensions/Register_FluxBB/trunk/language/en_UK/plugin.lang.php

    r7982 r14925  
    104104$lang['Title_Tab'] = 'Register_FluxBB - Version: ';
    106 // --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.3.0
    107106$lang['No_Reg_advise'] = '
    108107  For better integration, it is advisable to make the following changes to your FluxBB forum (<b>Warning: These changes will disappear when updating the forum</b>):
    146145If you already use an earlier version of Register_FluxBB, Piwigo\'s accounts linked between your gallery and your FluxBB forum will not be impacted by the effects of the bridge. Only new registers will be impacted after activation of the bridge.<b><u>Accounts resynchronization function will be void.</u></b><br>
    147146Similarly, if you\'ve never used Register_FluxBB, the Piwigo\'s accounts migration phase from your gallery to your FluxBB forum will disregard the state validated or not for the accounts at the launch of the migration phase.';
    148 // --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.3.0
    150 // --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.3.3
    151148$lang['Admin'] = 'Piwigo\'s administrator username. <b style="color: red">The username of FluxBB\'s administrator account has to be the same!</b>';
    152149$lang['error_config_admin1'] = 'ERROR : Piwigo\'s admin username is wrong!';
    153150$lang['error_config_admin2'] = 'ERROR : The name of the FluxBB\'s administrator account is different from that of Piwigo ! Check the configuration of your FluxBB forum and rename the administrator account in the same name as that of Piwigo.';
    154151$lang['error_config_guest'] = 'ERROR : The name of the FluxBB\'s guest account is wrong!';
    155 // --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.3.3
    157 // --------- Starting below: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.3.5
    158153$lang['Disclaimer'] = '
    159154  *** To begin, follow this 2 steps ***<br>
    169164  By default, <b>Piwigo</b> works in reverse and is therefore case <u>sensitive</u> on logins ("test" will be a different user of "Test" or "TEST", etc. ...).<br>
    170165  To avoid problems (even if Piwigo\'s behavior can be easily changed - See configuration options), Register_FluxBB will link the two applications as FluxBB: Being case <u>insensitive</u> for logins.<br><br></div>';
    171 // --------- End: New or revised $lang ---- from version 2.3.5
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