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[media_icon] Update nl_NL, thanks to : EdwinKort

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  • extensions/Media_Icon/language/nl_NL/plugin.lang.php

    r20811 r20886  
    3434$lang['Files supported: xls, xlsx and ods'] = 'Ondersteunde formaten: xls, xlsx en ods';
    3535$lang['Folder'] = 'Map';
     36$lang['Top right corner'] = 'Rechts boven';
     37$lang['Video'] = 'Video';
     38$lang['Videos'] = 'Videos';
     39$lang['Vimeo'] = 'Vimeo';
     40$lang['Vimeo videos'] = 'Vimeo videos';
     41$lang['Wat'] = 'Wat';
     42$lang['Wat videos'] = 'Wat videos';
     43$lang['Wideo'] = 'Wideo';
     44$lang['Wideo videos'] = 'Wideo videos';
     45$lang['Youtube'] = 'Youtube';
     46$lang['Youtube videos'] = 'Youtube videos';
     47$lang['pdf'] = 'pdf';
     48$lang['pdf files'] = 'pdf bestanden';
     49$lang['Part of the DelliOS System icon pack by Wendell Fernandes.'] = 'Onderdeel van DelliOS System icon door Wendell Fernandes';
     50$lang['Part of the RRZE icon set.'] = 'Onderdeel van de RRZE icoon set';
     51$lang['Part of the iSuite Revoked pack by Prax-08.'] = 'Onderdeel van de iSuite Revoked icoon set door Prax-08';
     52$lang['Piwigo is a free software (opensource software), you can use it for free and this is not going to change. Donations are collected by the Piwigo Foundation (non profit organization) to cover project fees.'] = 'Piwigo is een gratis software (open source software), u kunt het gratis gebruiken. Dit zal niet veranderen. Donaties aan de Piwigo Foundation (non-profit organisatie) worden gebruikt om de kosten te deken.';
     53$lang['Position'] = 'Positie';
     54$lang['Presentation'] = 'Presentatie';
     55$lang['Presentations'] = 'Presentaties';
     56$lang['Result'] = 'Resultaat';
     57$lang['Spreadsheet'] = 'Spreadsheet';
     58$lang['Spreadsheets'] = 'Spreadsheets';
     59$lang['Style'] = 'Stijl';
     60$lang['The corner of the thumbnail in which the icon will be displayed.'] = 'De hoek waar de afbeelding geplaatst wordt.';
     61$lang['The icons are brought to you thanks to:'] = 'Deze iconen worden u gebracht door: ';
     62$lang['The opacity have to be a number between 0 and 100'] = 'De opaciteit moet tussen 0 en 100 liggen';
     63$lang['The opacity of the icon.'] = 'De opaciteit van de icoon';
     64$lang['Top left corner'] = 'Links boven';
     65$lang['Bottom left corner'] = 'Links onder';
     66$lang['Bottom right corner'] = 'Rechts onder';
     67$lang['Credits'] = 'Credits';
     68$lang['Dailymotion'] = 'Dailymotion';
     69$lang['Dailymotion videos'] = 'Dailymotion video';
     70$lang['Document'] = 'Document';
     71$lang['Folder color'] = 'Folder kleur';
     72$lang['Folder picture'] = 'Folder afbeelding';
     73$lang['General'] = 'Algemeen';
     74$lang['Icon style:'] = 'Icoon stijl:';
     75$lang['Information data registered in database'] = 'informatie opgeslagen in database';
     76$lang['Logo'] = 'Logo';
     77$lang['Media Icon Plugin'] = 'Media Icoon Plugin';
     78$lang['Music'] = 'Muziek';
     79$lang['Musics'] = 'Muziek';
     80$lang['Not displayed'] = 'Niet getoond';
     81$lang['Official logos or Wikipedia:'] = 'Officiele logo\'s Wikipedia';
     82$lang['Opacity'] = 'Doorzichtbaarheid';
     83$lang['Page'] = 'Pagina';
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